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Balis Umada
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

23 BBY(57 Years)

Physical Description












Personal Information

Taela Umada


Unknown(Presumed Deceased)


Empire(Formerly), First Order

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):




Fighting Style(s):

Teras Kasi, Echani

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi




Dark Jedi, Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Plagueis

Personal Ship:

Sheathipede-class Transport Shuttle



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Early Life

Utapau Balis' Homeworld

Balis was born on the planet Utapau 3 years before the establishment of the Empire, 23 years before the Battle of Yavin to a family of Tradesmen in the capital of Pau City, though his mother never told him what happened to his father it is assumed he is dead. For most of his life his mother tried to hide his Force-Sensitivity worrying that it would attract the attention of the Jedi and Separatists during the Clone War and later the Empire after the fall of the Republic. His childhood was hard as it became almost impossible to have any real friends and conceal his power at the same time, eventually he simply cut himself off from the rest of his people and became home schooled. As Balis grew it became easier to control and hide his powers, though every now and again he would use it in secret. When he became old enough Balis left Utapau and traveled the galaxy, learning about the Force, unafraid of the risks. For many years he walked the worlds strong in the Force, places where his presence could be hidden from the Empire.

Time in the Brotherhood

Shadow Academy

Balis obtained knowledge of the Brotherhood through hearsay, he saw this group as an opportunity to expand his powers. Spending most of his time in the Shadow Academy he has accumulated 4 degrees and a vast understanding of alchemy and exotic biology. In addition to his interest in the mystical secrets of the force, during his studies he has also gathered a vast understanding of many different species and their cultures based on information at the Shadow Academy. During his time in the Brotherhood, Balis also gained 2 Dark Crosses, 4 Crescents, 5 Cluster of Fire, 25 Cluster of Earth and has obtained 4 Seals. After he had accumulated enough power Balis decided to assist his clan in the assault on Ziost. His time among people of other paths have given him much to think on about the subject of moral perception. Even though he is a Dark Jedi in truth, he considers himself spectrum aware and acknowledges that there are infinite sides of the Force.

Personality Traits

Balis likes to engage in detailed discussions and think through situations carefully, often collaborating with others to seek their opinions before deciding on the best course of action. While this often ensures Balis is more fair and well-respected amongst his peers, sometimes others do not have time to discuss this in a committee. Balis tells it like he sees it, when he thinks it; and he doesn't try to sugar coat what he says. When Balis does things, he makes sure everything is done correctly, no matter how long it takes. This means there are frequent delays in Balis' work, but it's usually done right, at least.

Combat Aspects

Balis doesn't like to kill people; instead he chooses to injure his opponent until that person is unable to fight back or is otherwise incapacitated. Balis seems to get his thrills, perhaps sadistic ones at that, from toying with his opponents. Some are content with simply striking down or injuring their opponent, but that is not enough for Balis. No, he wishes to see his enemy descend into madness or kneel before him as a blathering mess; or even better, as a fresh new servant with a muddled mind. The Puppeteer usually forsakes outrightly hurting and maiming his opponent and focuses on illusions, mind tricks, and other wicked means of destroying a person.


Balis possesses a cold and completely uncaring demeanor. This will manifest itself in the fact that when push comes to shove, Balis will just as soon leave a struggling ally behind rather than put themselves in danger. While this may ensure his survival, it often leaves him as an outcast amongst his peers.

Physical Appearance

Balis is a Pau'an male who stands a 1.95 meters and has a gaunt form, he has light gray skin. His face has many vertical skin furrows, a trait unique to his species, and he has red tattoos that adorn the areas around and above his eyes. On both sides of his head are his hearing organs that resemble disks, which are highly sensitive. Like the rest of his kind he has a semi-elongated cranium, which grows no hair long limbs and sharp nails. He has two eyes, both irises which are almost an iridescent silver against the black spheres are seem to change to a sort of glowing purple from time to time for reasons similar to why the eyes of a Sith turn yellow, though it seems to happen when he is exposed to Dark Side energy rather than a permanent effect. His lips are white and the inside of his mouth is lined with jagged sharp teeth. He walks gracefully with his long legs, often with a stoic expression and uninterested eyes. He has a very regal way of speaking which is common to his people, there is also an unnatural echo in his speech that seem to follow the words, and in the rare instances where he raises his voice he becomes nothing less than terrifying. He also occasionally involuntarily uses his long arms and fingers for emphasis while speaking. His artier consists of various robes, many of which come from Utapau, along with a self made talisman around his neck.


"What do you get when you put a Sullustian a Gungan a Toydarian and a Dug together? The most annoying group of creatures you will ever encounter."

"The Force is constituted by an infinite array of realities, not just Light and Dark"

"One fool is enough but the unfortunate truth is the universe is comprised of them."

"By far the worst saying ever is 'A wise man knows he knows nothing' because there is no wisdom without knowledge and a true wiseman should know that there is a vast difference between knowledge and wisdom."

"Immortality leads to insanity"

"Love is a weapon few know how to wield with skill... or glee for that matter."