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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Talrish Draash
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1.8 meters




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House Revan

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Decades of hiding in the shadows grew tedious on the Omwati and against the wishes of both her parents, Talrish joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood to further the training her parents wished not to teach. Still new to her, she has much to learn from the organization. So her studies begin.

Character History


10 BBY - present

Tamblyn Draash father and Marista Draash mother were Dark Side Acolytes who carried on their use of the Force in secret ways. Self-employed assassins having said this life but resist passing it on to their children, although one very strong in the Force. Daughter Talrish Draash and younger brother/son Sirn Draash make work helping their parents at their respective fields in the town of Mactius.

The High Skilled Engineer

The secret identity of Tamblyn Draash was not only to gain money for the family but to covertly catch conversations amidst the comings and goings of the aristocratic travelers visiting and leaving the city. He was hired based on his major and unique skills with all space craft engines and electronics, specially those with superior high standard vessels. Many others in the field are usually are truncated from the higher end jobs.

The Dress Maker to the Kings and Queens

The secret identity of Marista Draash was to attain a reputation amongst the nobles of their city and to overhear the inner workings of all most commoners did not know. The baron of Mactius really liked Marista's work and styles that he commissioned a studio to be built with the Draash family name above it. Unknown to him, the basement is used for a major aspect of their "undercover" operations.

Life as Dark Side Assassins

When Marista became pregnant with their first child, both her and Tamblyn agreed it was best for the family to depart the conclave (?). Their Master (name here) argued with the husband and wife team, but when they both ignited their sabers, he knew he wasn't in a position to quarrel. Especially with a pregnant Force user. He demanded that their children must be taught in the ways of the Dark side, if not, he will hunt them down and kill them.

Deciding to move back to their home world of Omwat, they quickly established a home and an undercover professions which helped pay for their semi-luxurious home. The plan to move back wasn't to completely give up their Dark ways of life. They decided to become Assassins .... (tbc)

Early life

5 BBY - 10 ABY

Born into a life of sem-luxury .... (tbc)

Pre-Teen Years

10 ABY - 15 ABY

Draash eventually helped out her mother in the Draash Dress shop. Cutting out the patterns in fabric .... (tbc)

Teenage Years

15 ABY - 20 ABY

Practicing on Rodents and Vermin

20 ABY - 30 ABY

Stealing her father's old training saber, Draash went out into the woods and practiced using it on anything that moved. Having no training with the device, it became painfully clear why it was necessary, at least at the beginning. Her parents wondered why she came home with bruises and burns. They figured it was just playing with the other school kids.

Almost Arrested

20 ABY

The Secret Job

20 ABY - 23 ABY

As was common by her parents, they usually left for long periods of time. Perfect opportunity for the young

Dark Jedi Brotherhood


35 ABY

Welcomed by Guinevere Deschain of House Odan-Urr and James Roberts-Brannigan, the Aedile of House Revan, she began her studies to further her knowledge of the Force.

After receiving a welcoming letter given by the Aedile of House Revan, upon her arrival, it instructed her on the steps needed to elevate.

Miscellaneous Descriptions


Abnormally tall and strong for a female Omwati, still constitution much to be desired.


  • Basic
  • Omwatese


  • Clever and a bit of a trickster.
  • Dislikes other species but can tolerate them more than the rest of her kind.


  • Training Saber (slightly damaged): Stolen from her Father
  • Training Saber: Issued by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Initiate: Transferred, August 1, 2011
  • Apprentice: Promoted, August 1, 2011
  • Novice: Promoted, August 2, 2011
  • Acolyte: Promoted, August 3, 2011
  • Protector:
  • Guardian:
  • Jedi Hunter:
  • Dark Jedi Knight:

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