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I'm going to need a bit more for the brief description for your opening Featured Article paragraph. --Tron 10:43, 7 April 2007 (MDT)

Ive padded out the intro a bit more. --Jonaleth 18:00, 7 April 2007 (GMT)

I just felt like mentioning, Jonaleth was not AED or QUA of Gladius. I've emailed him about this. I'm not going to change his Wiki, since it's not that big of an issue to me, but he was never a Summit of the House. -Bloodfyre

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Non Canon

Much of your early history does not read like anything Star Wars related, but instead feels like an amalgam of other fictional universes. While having your own planet is fine, due to the history revolving the Isradia, it should still conform to SW norms and not be something wholly different. Much of the actions and powers conferred upon this character seem widly out of step with Star Wars and the DB in general, so a rewrite would be needed in this regard. --Halcyon 20:17, 7 December 2011 (UTC)