Sovereign Phoenix

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Sovereign Phoenix
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards


VT-49 Decimator


Assault Ship


198,000 credits

Possession Item:

ID 48146

Technical specifications

38 meters

Max speed (atmosphere):

975 km/h

Hyperdrive rating:



FC-20 Speeder Bike (1)


1 month

Known owner(s):

Xen’Mordin Vismorsus

Known crewmembers:

Joker (Droid Pilot)


34 ABY

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The Sovereign Phoenix is a VT-49 assault vessel purchased in 34 ABY by Xen’Mordin as his personal ship. It has been highly modified to function more as a yacht than assault vessel.

Top View of the Sovereign Phoenix


The Sovereign Phoenix is a 38 meter long VT-49 Decimator assault ship, originally constructed by Kuat Drive Yards. It was selected and ordered by Xen’Mordin as an instantly recognizable Imperial vessel.

The exterior of the ship has been meticulously maintained. A traditional Imperial gray semi-gloss paint has been kept in a clean and perfect condition. Xen’Mordin has had accent coloring done on the exterior, with a highly reflected deep purple, a color commonly associated with his clan, and the Cocytus Empire’s high status. Primary doors to the ship also bear Xen’s personal sigil, a stylized phoenix emblazoned on it in the same deep purple paint.

The interior of the ship has been massively reworked. Most of its offensive capabilities have been stripped, as well as the traditional floor plan as a small crewed assault vessel. A new floor plan has been placed, turning the once intimidating space ship into a personal yacht for Xen’Mordin, complete with large living quarters, fully stocked bar, entertainment area. Xen’Mordin utilizes it as his home away from home wherever he travels.

Xen’Mordin has several droids that help manage and maintain the ship, including a RX-series pilot droid called Joker.


Xen’Mordin took ownership of the Sovereign Phoenix following its construction in 34 ABY.

Behind the Scenes

The VT-49 Decimator was originally designed to be an “evil” version of the Millennium Falcon. Due to Xen’s continued Imperial rhetoric, this was an ideal choice. It was turned into a personal yacht because Xen never has much need to conduct space combat himself, relying on others to fill that need.

The name Sovereign Phoenix comes from several inspirations. Sovereign is two fold, first being a word for a high level leader, which Xen has been in CSP for years. The second is that it was the name of the evil and very badass Reaper in the first Mass Effect game. The Mass Effect tie-in is also part of why the pilot droid is called “Joker”.

The phoenix has been Xen’s sigil for years, stretching back to when he lifted the stylized art for it from one of his favorite shows, Battlestar Galactica. Xen’s own character history is full of “death” and “rebirth” making it a fitting creature.