Solace (yacht)

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Production information

Pleasure Yacht

Technical specifications

50 Meters

Max speed (space):


Max speed (atmosphere):


Hyperdrive rating:

x1 (Backup x15)


50 SBD


150 RU


1 to 2

Minimum crew:


Cargo capacity:

200 Tons


Plagueis vessel

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The Solace was found adrift on the edge of the Aranna system. Ship’s logs indicated that the yacht suffered critical engine failure after entering hyperspace, leaving it some twenty years from the nearest inhabited system. Unable to make repairs themselves, the crew activated an emergency beacon, and its passengers entered cryogenic sleep in a successful effort to endure the voyage. They awoke in shackles.

It was a foregone conclusion that the interlopers could never be allowed to escape and report Satal Keto’s presence to the New Republic. The passengers, possessing few technical skills, were simply executed or forced into a life of labor. The crew underwent reeducation and, being allowed to keep their posts, came to serve those Dark Jedi who pursue their business in comfort. Like Pacifica the ship became part of the Plagueian Navy with the merger, and was stationed on Kapsina as a general transport for all Summits, the now disbanded Council of the Wise, and other dignitaries.

It was transferred to Aerun with a contingent of troops from Kapsina in the days before the Battle of Antei. These were to bolster the defenses of Ash Citadel while the majority of House Exar Kun was away, as a precaution against a possible attempt on the facility by the Aerunian Rebels. Enemy ground forces obliterated the troops, along with Solace, during their ensuing invasion.