Sauni Demai

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Sauni Demai
Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

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1.85 Meters






Sapphire Blue

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Kalak Ragnose


Ood Bnar


Tayha Orman(deceased)

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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Character History


Sauni Demai

Sauni was born on the cruel world of Nar Shadaa. His parents were killed by the Hutts when he was ten years of age. He was spared and eventually was taken under the wing of a minor Force Adept Twi'lek who instructed him in the value of credits, artifacts and contacts.

Above all, he was taught the phrase "knowledge is power." The Twi'lek trained him in a variety of weapons but eventually was betrayed and killed by Sauni, who took his credits and a valuable map. With the credits from the twi'lek Sauni managed to pay for himself to go to a university on tattoine,where he met what he believed to be the love of his life, Tayha Orman.

They were in the same classes, computing and Physics, every morning Sauni would see her watching him train his markmanship and sword skills,he trained as he knew his strongest bond to the force was with his weapons.

One day, he took her around Tatooine, on there way back, a female Zabrak, walked in front of Sauni's speeder,he swerved, the speeder hitting a rock and flying off, Sauni managed to grab Tayha as the speeder exploded, getting up and brushing themselves off, Sauni looked at the Zabrak it was a previous " friend" of Sauni's, one night, when he had had to many drinks at the cantina, Delis Faroc was her name, she said something about his woman being meat for the krayts, Sauni was confused, the next second he reacted,as the Zabraki pulled out a scatter pistol, Sauni moved, grabbing the Zabrak's arm, moving it so fast that the bone came out of the flesh, a shriek came from the Zabrak,then she fired,spraying Tayha with molten metal clusters across her chest, the Zabrak laughed,Sauni broke the zabraks neck.

All because of this, when he returned, the university believed him a murderer of both pupils from the university, he was kicked out with only the notice of him passing his computing exam.

He decided to go to Korriban, there he discovered a frigate already in orbit. He was captured and taken aboard, where he met Kalak Ragnose. Kalak was looking for various records,and it just so happened that Sauni had a map for many different relics.. In the end they did not obtain many useful relics, but for his help Kalak gave Sauni two rewards, a crystal and a fighter called the GHOST(a Star Saber XC-01). They kept in contact and on Kalak's last call he told Sauni about the Brotherhood. Sauni Demai decided it would be in his best interests to join.
Sauni Demai ready for war.
For those who now him well enough (good friends and loved ones) would know of his previous occupation as a bounty hunter.

Discovering his ability with the force

"Nice to meet you Sauni"
―Nokkon upon first meeting and second to say its was nice to meet him

Sauni discovered his most powerful ability with the Force when traveling with Kalak, they had landed on Bespin as the ship had been damaged, they needed repairs. Kalak ordered a Advozse to begin repairing the ship. Sauni and Kalak went to get a drink. A week later they were told that the ship was ready. When they got to the ship, they found the Advozse and a group of his friends there with minor pistols, Kalak and Sauni agreed to both work together to kill them, Kalak lifted their pistols from them with the force and Sauni cut them down. The final one left was behind Kalak with his gun to his back, Sauni (less adept with the force than Kalak) tried to lift him in the air ,he had to use both hands, he held the man over the edge of the landing pad, a few squirms and gargling noises came from the creature, Sauni closed his hand expecting the Advozse to drop, but instead it looked as if he had been crushed from the inside, and then he dropped to what would have been his death if he hadn't already died.
Sauni Demai


Sauni for along time looked for master when his attention was brought to the twi'lek female Impetus, she seemed the perfect master for him. Along the travels impetus took on another apprentice, Nokkon wud Sauni and Nokkon got on well with each other and soon Nokkon, Sauni and Impetus formed the Trio "sin".

Character Profile


Sauni is of average height and is very handsome. When you look into his Shiny Sapphire Blue eyes you can see the anger and the pain from the loss of his family. When he drops his hood he reveals Dark Blonde hair(not too short and not too long).

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Student of Impetus

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100% in IRC basics.