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Biographical Information

Yridia IX

Date of Birth:

17 ABY

Date of Death:


Physical Description





1.9 meters


160 lbs


Deep brown

Personal Information

Anyone against Tarentum

Lightsaber Color(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Undercover agent

Known masters:

Archean Erinos Tarentae



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Saronyx was born on Yridia IX to Twi’lek spies. She immediately started training as an undercover agent herself and joined the Yridian Kratocracy early in her life, working for them until they rebelled; she soon saw the right path and joined Tarentum.


Saronyx had lived on Yridia IX most of her life. Since birth, the government has seen her to be a superb undercover agent, going on her own missions since she was five years old. At eighteen, when the Kratocracy began their revolt against Tarentum, she turned her back on them and joined the people that were once her enemies.


Saronyx was born on the third day of the Festival of Stars, a Festival Week between the ninth and tenth months of the year, according to the Galactic Standard Calendar. The year was 17 ABY. It was a typical day in the metropolis of Eden City, very busy, when Saronyx was born. Her parents served the Yridian Kratocracy as undercover agents themselves at the time; they immediately started raising their baby girl to follow in their footsteps.

Early life

The Yridian Kratocracy didn’t hear about Saronyx until she was five. That’s when they asked her parents about taking the little girl on her first mission: to find a man and question him, drawing attention to them so everybody knows what happened. Saronyx did, of course, have backup; it was a good thing, too. As Saronyx walked into the Mirage, she noticed a man, dressed in all black, matching the description. She began asking him a few questions, such as name and background, before moving on to what he had done. The man withdrew his blaster and shot at the girl, but she dodged the attack, and the man was shot on the spot. That’s when she knew that she had special abilities. Her mission was deemed successful, and from then until she joined Tarentum, she lived under the tutelage of the Kratocracy.

Soon after she arrived at her new home, she asked about the strange powers, but was told not to use “the Force” anymore. A strange concept to her, she studied about it as much as she can. She secretly trained herself in the Dark Side of the Force while she wasn’t on any missions, keeping her special abilities a secret while out of her room. She soon figured out how to find traps using the Force, and carefully used it to her advantage.

Teen Years

Her teen years were nothing special to her. She went on quite a few missions for the Kratocracy and lived a good life for the most part. Being alone almost all of her life since leaving her parents, Saronyx began to want to interact with her peers, though she was brushed off most of the time. It seemed as though everyone was busy all the time.

It didn’t seem too long to her when the Kratocracy began rebelling against their own leaders, House Tarentum. Saronyx went on several missions to find out what Tarentum was planning, although she didn’t get very far at all. She gathered little evidence, even when using the Force to search the minds of the people she interrogated. At first, she saw the rebellion as a good thing for her and the Kratocracy, but she soon realized that all they wanted was power. She heard about one of Tarentum’s leaders’ deaths before she was sent out to find other enemies.

The one enemy she found was a human female that went by the name of Syrna Valkiss. The human appeared angry, vowing her master’s revenge. As Saronyx did what she thought she had to, she became puzzled. The woman was angry because her master, her friend, was executed. Saronyx started to regret what she did and stayed in her room until she was called on a special mission: to infiltrate Castle Tarentum and wipe out all of the other leaders. Saronyx was taken in to Castle Tarentum as a wounded person, waking up in the medical wing. She soon found the strength to get up and make her way out the door, to seek out the main leader of Tarentum, Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae. After easily navigating the hallways, she found him in a room. Scared, she ducked by the doorway as to not be seen from the window. The door suddenly opened, and she landed on her back, surprised, and let her guard down. She was questioned by the Quaestor, but answered all of them by transferring her thoughts to his mind. She soon revealed her true intentions to Bloodfyre before running to the door to stop other Syndicate members from barging in. At first, the leaders didn’t believe her and contained her for the few moments as the other Syndicates appeared. The syndicates contained and put into holding cells, Saronyx apologized for doubting Tarentum and was soon on her way to Antei to start her studies as a newly recruited Tarenti.

Rebirth: Into Darkness

Saronyx studied hard, but not long. She passed her Test of Lore before heading back to Yridia II to assist her new allies in defeating her new enemies. As soon as the battle was over, however, she went back to the Shadow Academy to learn about Tarentum, and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in general. Her studies granted her the knowledge to match her skills in the Force, bumping her up to Guardian in seemingly no time.

Her experience on Yridia II has been enjoyable from the start as she had made friends already. She personally apologized to Arturis Schulen, who had somehow survived a brutal extermination witnessed by several people, for what she did to his former apprentice. It wasn’t long before Arturis transferred into a different house, though. Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae, Archean Erinos Tarentae, and Maxamillian von Oberst Tarentae were the first three people from Tarentum, other than Syrna Valkiss, that she encountered. Although Bloodfyre became a friend, Saronyx really connected with Archean, who accompanied her to and from Antei, as a guide and to make sure Saronyx wasn’t tricking them. Saronyx soon proved herself, however, and was accepted into Tarentum with open arms… and slight skepticism.

Personality and Traits


Saronyx is a purple Twi’lek, average in height, (at 6’3”) weight, (160 lbs.) lekku length, (the tips slightly below her waist) and just about everything else. Her brown eyes can be piercing, sympathetic, compassionate, or anywhere in between depending on the situation and the persons involved. When she goes on missions, she typically wears skin-tight pants, long-sleeved shirt, gloves and boots without heels, all black, leaving only her head showing. Casually, she wears looser pants, a short-sleeved shirt showing her stomach, and heeled boots. She rarely leaves her room without her headdress on.


Saronyx is a playful character when she’s not on missions or training. She’s also nervous around new people while not on a mission. She’s generally in a good mood and loves hanging out with her newfound friends.

When she’s on a mission, however, Saronyx is completely different. She gets serious and doesn’t lose focus of her task at hand. She confronts anyone she feels the need to confront without fear.

DJB Facts

As Saronyx was once a Syndicate, she feels like she owes Tarentum her life. She refuses to do anything that might hurt her House or its members, and she follows every order to the letter.


  • Though she is a Twi’lek, Saronyx doesn’t flirt very often and refuses to sleep with anyone, unless she is given an order to by her superiors.
  • Takes most missions personally, though she has only failed one mission given to her: to kill Tarentum leaders. Her personal mission was to instead join Tarentum.