Ruluk Okoth

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Ruluk Okoth
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.77 m / 5.8 ft


79 Kg / 152 lbs


Black, short




Right Tritanium Leg and Left Tritanium Forearm

Personal Information
Lightsaber Form(s):

Form II: Makashi

Chronology & Political Information

Retired Soldier / Retired Bounty Hunter




Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Arcona, Corellian Bounty Hunters



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"Then I went underground... literally. I knew their locations, so I could strategically plant bombs where needed. Who would suspect of bombs from below? I arranged everything, then... BOOM! I lost my leg due to a miscalculation."
―Ruluk Okoth

Ruluk Okoth was a human male from the planet Corellia. He lived as a soldier and a bounty hunter during the first half of his life, then he became a Dark Jedi. Although he was a methodical, vanglorious, efficient, silent and blood-thirsty being on the outside, inside him there was doubt and the great need to find out the location of his lost family.

Character History

Ruluk Okoth was born as a simple human. His life changed once he lost every contact with his family. Still thinking that his family was alive, and to find out the place where his family was, he went on a journey that changed his way of thinking. Going through the soldier ranks to become a bounty hunter and end as a Dark Jedi, he laid his own life at the border of risk just to sense again the feeling that he completely lost in one day: love.

Early years

A mere human being born in Corellia, inside a noble family, didn't have the uttermost importance for the galaxy, for sure. Ruluk was born in 3 BBY, son of two respected nobles outside of the cities. Living away from the common stops was good for the businesses that the family constantly did, as they could have been punished if discovered.

Even with such small danger, Ruluk had its education at a wealthy school in Tyrena. He usually had very good grades, and that made him go cocky. Eventually, he developed a clever thought of dealing with things, so he started persuading people around him to do what he wanted. He never became a bully, but he had his classroom under his fair control.

Aside from school, Ruluk was a very disciplined boy. He had personalized classes of the martial art Hapan with a teacher from the family. Hapan was the martial style that everyone in the family learned.

Teen years: Turning upside down

A few months after Ruluk reached 17, he returned from the school just to notice that his family and any possible trace of it had vanished. After looking deeper into the house, he got surrounded quickly by several bounty hunters waiting for him. He was taken prisoner with his family, now including his younger sister, and they were taken to the highly industrialized capital of Coronet. There, the family was separed. Ruluk couldn't understand where the other members of his family were being taken to, but he was moved to Corulag, thus separated from his family, and there he was set "free" and given to the army. Then, he trained at a military academy of the New Republic Army.


Since 14 ABY until 19 ABY, Ruluk was under the command and training of the New Republic Army. There, he practiced his fighting skills, specially speed and the Hapan style. Alongside that, he had to fight in full-scale battles against the Imperial Remnant. He fought in various battles during the Black Fleet Crisis as well. In 19 ABY, he fought his last battle at Bothawui. Not long after that battle, the truce between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant was signed and the Galactic Civil War was finally over.

Once the war was over, the 22-years-old Ruluk was released, having finished his mandatory training.

Back Home

When Ruluk was left in front of his house, all he saw was an abandoned building. Apparently, it was also robbed. Therefore, the money and most of the valuable possessions of the family were gone. Ruluk, who had come from a wealthy social class, had dropped absolutely.

Details about the events in his life after returning to Corellia are few. It is known, however, that he entered into a state of desperation and unhappiness. He had very big problems finding any job to perform. That way, he started saving money and he began training with the Battlestaff of the family, which was one of the few things still left in the house. Using his knowledge and some writings scattered around his home, he mastered the style of pole weapons, very related to Hapan.

Tritanium / The Quest Begins

Records indicate that Ruluk may have become part of a small terrorist gang in Tyrena. They attacked the city eventually, robbed and placed bombs. It is believed that Ruluk was planting a bomb close to a police station and it exploded before Ruluk could escape. However, there is no proof that links Ruluk to this gang, and all accusations found are always unsourced. Therefore, this information can't be trusted so far.

Whether or not that happened, in 21 ABY, Ruluk re-appeared in Coronet City with a Tritanium leg and a Tritanium forearm. There, he went to a famous bar and looked for Bounty Hunters who could give a clue of the location of Ruluk's family. In the end, he didn't find anything, and eventually he decided to go Bounty Hunter himself to earn money and at the same time look for his family wherever he went to. He joined a few Corellian Bounty Hunter clans and waited. His first job arrived in no time.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter life was much more busy than what Ruluk had thought and it was very difficult to try to get away from it. Being trapped in his new life, he had to complete lots of bounties. This left him little to no time to ask for his family, and whenever he found a possible clue, time running out or a new bounty made him lose the trace.

However, interestingly, he did a good job as bounty hunter, and he had an almost perfect winning rate. This made him more popular among the societies. This also gave him some bounty hunter friends.

One day, he was in the polluted world of Centares, looking for an engineer that owed some money to a minor gangster. The task looked easy, and one friend hunter was with him. The engineer, however, had created defense perimeters and specialized machinery. Taking both by surprise, they had little time to defend and not let the engineer escape. Ruluk reached him, and the man let out a word about the Okoth family. Ruluk thought that he finally had found what he was looking for, but after seeing his friend getting crushed by the defenses, he entered in a state of pure rage, his eyes went to a bloody green, and he annihilated the engineer. There, he lost his only real clue to his family so far, but he discovered the good side of fury.

After this event, he became more and more corrupted. He growed ambitious and blood-thirsty. He transformed into a real bounty hunter.

The Mandalorians

Ruluk had the chance to follow a Mandalorian spotted in Coruscant to his homeworld of Mandalore. Ruluk had been seen by the Mandalorian from the start, so he was held captive. After a few weeks, the Mandalorians noticed the fighting capabilities inside Ruluk, so they offered training to the Bounty Hunter. Ruluk, without any doubt, accepted.

His training didn't even last a full year. Ruluk could learn some of the fiercest and fastest techniques in the Mandalorian fighting style: Shadow Fist. Coupled with that, he learned some tricks to use a blaster pistol more adequately. However, his training was never completed. Thus, he never became a true Mandalorian.

Yuuzhan Vong

In late 24 ABY, a few months prior to the beginning of the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong, the best Mandalorians, leaded by Boba Fett, went on a mission with someone called Udelen. When Ruluk received news of the event, and discovered that they were aiding in beginning a large scale war, by clearing the path for the new invaders to enter the planet Birgis, he simply retreated and left the Mandalorians on their own. He was blood-thirsty, but he wasn't ready to go to into a full-scale war again.

Ruluk never knew that the Mandalorians actually were planning to aid the New Republic as well with samples and intel, but they were disguised as Vong mercs. However, Ruluk had already left the Mandalorians, and he was again wandering around the galaxy.


After the events with the Yuuzhan Vong, and a war having just started, Ruluk tried to get away from trouble into outerrim planets with no special meaning, trying to avoid important planets, and with them, avoid the war with the Yuuzhan Vong themselves.

During one of those journeys, in 26 ABY, he arrived to the outerrim world of Antei. Being a planet almost in a corner of the galaxy, Ruluk found it by accident. When arriving, he was treated like an intruder. He faced threats of execution.

Not wanting to die, Ruluk proposed to join to the cult he arrived in, whichever it was. Both he and the people living in Antei discovered at the same time that he had a connection with the force, and this connection was already used in minor terms. Discovering the key to his success, Ruluk asked to learn more. Clearly, getting to master the force would have made him find his lost family, so he didn't think it twice.

The Brotherhood

Adapting to the Brotherhood

Ruluk in his Bounty Hunter outfit

His next step in his quest was to adapt to that new Brotherhood he had arrived to. What he didn't expect was that he had arrived, trying to avoid one war, to see the preparation of another one. Having been less than a year in the Brotherhood, he had to prove his skills in a Great Jedi War. Contrary to popular belief, he could survive the war, and he got rewarded and promoted very quickly.

He was recognized by many, despite his short time around until then. Nevertheless, he was trying to avoid wars, and with that in mind, he took a break. During that time, he could finish his pending bounties and wait for the wars to finish.


His life as Bounty Hunter, however, never felt the same again. Knowing about his Force connection surely had to change something inside him. Then, in 31 ABY, bored with his life as Bounty Hunter, he retired from his previous occupation and decided to go and live in one of the clans of the Brotherhood.

Due to his semi-mastery in shadow stealth, partly given by the Mandalorians and partly given by his way to survive, he chose the Shadow Clan as his best option. Inside there, he chose Shadow Gate as the best bet for a Battleteam, since it involved smuggling, something he was very close to.

Shadow Gate

Under Shadow Gate's lead, commanded by Driftan Housan at the time, he showed his abilities to the Brotherhood. He was the one who helped in most of the missions. And, with his natural persuading techniques, he helped a lot in negotiations, especially when they got tight.

One day, in 33 ABY, Ruluk followed a fake clue to his family, leaving the Brotherhood for half a year. When he returned, Commander Driftan had prepared for him his new job... Then, Ruluk was to command the Battleteam that he had served not long ago. Shadow Gate was his to control and maneuver. Buring this time, most of the rules and duties of the team changed. Some due to the commander with bounty-hunter roots, others due to the important series of events that unfolded during the next cycles. The battleteam became much more brutal underground, much more persuasive in trades and missions and much more front-lined after the dissolution of Wolf Guard. That was, at least until the battleteam had to be dissolved when all the clans were demoted to houses, one by one.

After that, Ruluk had to move on his own, with no team, almost as rogue, but inside the newfound House Arcona.I--zzff---zzzoommmffhgg---zzcrkzzfshhhzzz----...


["Records of Ruluk's history are corrupted and heavily damaged from this point forward. Repair processes are currently in progress to slowly recover information about Ruluk's story" (i.e. This is present day :P)]

Psychological Characteristics

Ruluk had gone through various changes in his way of thinking, making his perspective of the truth very different every time.

Ruluk, when interacting with the Brotherhood, took a vanglorious persona. He was very proud of his own job there. He was also a man of few words, preferring action over dialogues. The loss of his family made him a cold and sincere man (sincere up to the point of imprudence sometimes). When he needed to persuade someone, he usually used rethorics and put the other one in a very hard choice that would ultimately lead to the decision that Ruluk wanted.

He felt fearless, and whenever he was in fear, he could control his own frightened body to look stronger. During battle, he liked to plan his next moves by the fastest yet effective path. This made him someone methodical and efficient in a fight. Even with those feats, he was someone who disliked wars, especially when they were of large scale.

He also had a curious thirst for blood that appeared first during his bounty hunter years. Nevertheless, it was both controlled and satisfied very easily. Therefore, Ruluk could hide it very well. However, he was also someone who got angry easily when provoqued, and channeled that anger into power increase. When enraged, he was even more lethal than when relaxed. In that state, Ruluk became much more violent and his thirst for blood was almost uncontrolable.

However, deep inside of him, he knew that he wasn't that strong and there was doubt within him. Doubt of what he was doing, of the life that he had chosen. Even deeper, he knew that there was a lack, a lack of the love and gifts that he received from his family. His ultimate objective in life was to find his family, but he never revealed the why to anyone.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Below, you can find the positions held by Ruluk Okoth so far:

Preceded by:

Driftan Housan

Commander of Shadow Gate

33 ABY (07/Apr/10) - 33 ABY (22/July/10)

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Magistrate to the Fist

33 ABY (04/Jun/10) - 33 ABY (09/July/10)

Succeeded by:


Outstanding Achievements

Nothing that you would call outstanding... yet...