Romm Shai

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Romm Shai
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Yuuzhan Vong

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Yammka's Sword

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Romm Shai was a Yuuzhan Vong from the Warrior caste who held the rank of commander at the conclusion of the Yuuzhan Vong War. He was the captain of Yammka's Sword, the Uro-ik v'alh battleship which served as the command ship of the Slayer Varesh Shai. When Varesh withdrew to deep space in defiance of Warmaster Nas Choka's order for all forces to stand down, Romm followed the Slayer instead, pledging his loyalty when Varesh denounced Nas and proclaimed himself Warmaster.

For the following two years, Romm continued to serve as captain of the new Warmaster's flagship, helping direct Varesh's raids along the Hydian Way and into Orian Space as warleader of Domain Shai's forces. After the new Warmaster's fleet grew, allying with other remnants such as those of Domain Amnan, Romm was escalated to full Supreme Commander, having all but become Varesh's de facto second-in-command and given command of the joint task force of the numerous domains who had sworn allegiance to the new Warmaster.

Romm's loyalty was unflinching, though he mostly kept out of the politics between Varesh and the other domain's leaders. Nevertheless, Romm had no trust in Eckla Muyel, Tolok Amnan's partner, and was in agreement with Varesh's condemntation of the attendant's idea to install Jeedai converted to the True Way on Domain Amnan's ships.