Rath Draken

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Rath Draken
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6' 5"


240 Lbs


Golden Brown


Gold Yellow

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Atra Ventus

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Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing

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Atra Ventus



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Rath Draken is a member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He is a physically large member of the Cathar species. He served as a Cathar Warrior during the Yuuzhan Vong war and later as second in command of the Para-Military Mercenary group known as the Draconian Raiders. He is currently a Protector of the Obelisk Order in the Naga Sadow Clan, House Marka Ragnos, in the Scepter of Ragnos Battle Team.

Character History

Pre-Brotherhood History

Rath was born to the Draken clan, one of the more prominent warrior clans on his homeplanet of Cathar. From birth it was quickly realized that he would be a rather large specimen of the Cathar species. He size made him the most dominant member of his litter and the future "Crathhraw" battle leader of their clan. Rath's bloodlines show that he is a pure blood Cathar and not a subspecies of their race which have much less feline characteristics.

He was constantly being training in the ways of the Cathar warrior and eventually a young Rath Draken passed his rights as a warrior in what is known as a "blood hunt." The blood hunt individually pitted a Chathar warrior against entire nests of Kiltik, large territorial beetles, to test their bravery, courage, and purge them of any darkness. Rath descended into the large Kiltik nest below the surface of their planet, a Large cavern that was joined by endless tunnels. The Huge Kitlik beetles were especially active in defending their nest as they attacked the young Cathar warrior. Rath fought on for hours against these pathetic creatures and in the last moments of the battle he thought he would be overtaken by the nest. His hate boiled against the creatures and his fear was like a cold stream running through his stomach. He couldn't let himself be defeated by these "bugs". In a flash of rage he felt the dark side running through his body allowing him to overtake his opponents. Slashing and cutting his way through he left the nest destroyed.

He had always knew he had a connection to the force but never realized how he could tap into it or control it. He remembered hearing stories of great Cathar heroes that used the force such as Sylvar and Crado, but also knew the tragic ends to these tales. But these abilities could be used to become one of the greatest Crathhraw in history, a glory he yearned to taste.

In 27 ABY the Yuuzhan Vong War came to Cathar and Rath, the appointed Cathhraw, quickly organized his troops for the battle. Months before the invasion Cathar pleaded for assistance for Jedi protection from the senate. The Yuuzhan Vong were making quick strides towards Cathar and they knew that the attack was imminent. Outside assistance was ignored since Cathar was just a stepping stone for the Yuuzhan Vong to arrive to Coruscant. Most of the Jedi forces were being rerouted to other more "important" battle zones. Rath, outraged by the lack of support from the New Republic, rallied his troops and joined with the other clans in preparing for the battle. The Yuuzhan Vong arrived and the ground battle raged on nearly 2 days. Rath and his brigade fought valiantly but their armies fell to the Yuuzhan Vong quickly. Rath sent the word to the remaining Cathar warriors to retreat. The Yuuzhan Vong left Cathar in a wake of destruction as they moved on to Coruscant. Rath's family was completely killed and most of the planet was razed by the invading Yuuzhan Vong armies.

With little left and a deep sense of guilt for failing his planet, Rath found a fleeing transport and left off world to complete a self-imposed exile.

Rath in Draconis Gear

Rath became a nomad wandering from port to port and planet to planet usually hitching rides from different transport captains. He paid off some of these voyages by doing general mechanical or maintenance work on various transports. With no set destination he eventually arrived to Nar Shadda. Around 30 ABY, on Nar Shadda, he was scouted up by the leader of a group called the Draconian Raiders. They were a paramilitary ground of around 140 soldiers that specialized in infiltration of large facilities and space stations. Their operations were usually contracted by corporations and smaller governments that didn't want to get their hands dirty with high-risk military operations. The Draconian Raiders were in need in of a new member and the Cathar's size and battle experience made him a logical choice.

During his stint with the Raiders, Rath was highly paid and successfully completed various missions with the group. During this time he acquired his own personal ship, a refitted Alpha Class XG-1, or commonly known, "Gunboat". He was even promoted to XO of the Brigade, second in command of the Raiders. His force abilities came in handy on numerous occasions.

Around 36 ABY his unit was assigned to infiltrate and destroy a space station near Bothan Space. The station was under the guise of recording and documenting deep space anomalies, they were however producing illegal weapons for an unknown source. Their mission was seemingly simple for their experienced team. Infiltrate and destroy. His brigade however was in for an unexpected surprise. The station also had an unexpected visitor, a Dark Jedi.

In the infiltration their brigade was slaughtered by the Dark Jedi. Rath survived the attack and successfully defended himself against the Dark Jedi. His greatest efforts though weren't sufficient and was rendered unconscious. His force abilities were seen by Dark Jedi's trained eye and he was taken back to the "brotherhood" to be indoctrinated. The news of the brigade's failure reached the rest of the Draconian Raiders. With the mysterious disappearance and survival of Rath they marked him as a traitor and put a large bounty on his head. This, would one day come to haunt Rath.

Journeyman in the Brotherhood

Rath awoke aboard the shuttle of the Dark Jedi, Atra Ventus, who was a member of the Obelisk order. Unable to resist this highly powerful Dark Jedi, Rath could only listen to what he said. Atra didn't speak with words however, he spoke using the force. Rath could feel the words entering his mind like needles as Atra explained who and what he was. It seemed that Atra was acting out of self-defense as the station was also under investigation by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, a powerful shadow organization of mixed dark force users. Atra knew that he would be destroyed along with the station if he didn't eliminate the Raiders. The data he gained would have thus been lost as well. Atra explained thought that Rath could be an asset to their cause. Rath's interest was peaked when the Atra began to explain to him what his force abilities could be developed to become and that the Obelisk Order could train him to become the perfect warrior. This appealed to Rath as his hatred still burned against those that slaughtered his people and his guilt for not being able to save them was his driving force.

Rath began his studies in the Shadow academy honing his abilities. He showed potential as an Obelisk Warrior, passing the CORE tests with high marks. His scores drew the attention of his superiors and he was quickly assigned to the Battle Team "Scepter" of the Marka Ragnos house.

After training in the Shadow academy he was also accepted as a member of the Grand Master's Royal Guard. Atra Ventu at this point offered him to become his full fledged Apprentice. Rath was honored at the request and became Atra's apprentice learning the Obelisk ways even further. His quiet master nearly never spoke to him. But through hours of dueling and force practice there was little that needed to be said.

During a solo scouting mission on the outskirts of one of the forests of Sepros, Rath discovered a priate camp that was grouping. It wasn't clear who they were but they were setting up a listening station using an out-of-date, unused communications base on the planet. The listening station was still connected to the main COM stations setup throughout the rest of different controlled star systems. Rath quickly engaged the pirate group in battle and called for reinforcements from his clan mates. Rath and his teammates from his battle team disposed of the pirate group swiftly. It was later discovered that they were trying to splice into brotherhood's holonet. It would have been a huge security risk that would have left the brotherhood vulnerable and open to future attacks. Rath Draken was awarded a Dark Cross for his discovery and was promoted to the rank of Protector.

Traits and Personality

Physical Traits

Rath is taller than a normal Cathar and has a higher muscle density than most of his species. This gives him a strength advantage to other human opponents his size and weight.His inherent natural abilities allow him to see better in the dark, enhanced smell, and an inherit healing ability. He is able to completely recover from minor wounds (superficial cuts) almost instantly and more severe wounds within a couple of hours or days. He has strong feline characteristics because of being a baseline or pure blood Cathar, not one of the Subspecies of the race. His fur is a golden color with dark hair around his head and on his "mane". He usually keeps his mane at a medium length and has been known to wear it loose or in braids. His eyes are a golden color. Principally due to the Yuuzhan Vong battle he sustained sever bodily damage that left him with many facial and bodily scars. Also, due to being too close to the detonation of a thermal detonator, he was left nearly deaf in his left ear.

Personality Traits

Rath's personality can be described as a "classical" warrior. Rath's belief system is based on many of the codes of the classical Cathar warriors, such as justice and equality. His feral side allows him to cross lines that maybe some warriors consider excessively harsh or brutal, but for Rath are purely natural. Rath however is not dominated by his Feral emotions they are merely tools to push him to his physical limits. Aside from his natural abilities as a warrior Rath also has a quiet, pensive side. Rath weighs his words cautiously and speaks only when needed. Since Rath was raised by always taking into consideration rank he is extremely obedient to those he considers his superiors but considers his inferiors as such, inferior. Rath took special interest in ranged weapons as well as bladed weapons. He also is a lover of history and music.

Views of the Force and Dark Side

Rath adheres closely to the traditional beliefs of the Obelisk order and considers the force as something that augments his already honed physical abilities. He doesn't believe that superiority can be achieved one without the other. The force runs through life as a conduit. Hence, if one is a superior physical specimen then the force must run through that specimen in an enhanced way as well. Physical and Spiritual are both needed equally. Because of the nature of the Force, Rath also doesn't feel that the black and white terms of the "Light" and the "Darkness" are complete definitions. An act that he considers entirely natural, just, and right might be considered by another as a "dark" act. This however would be limiting the Force. He views the Jedi as a self limited group of Force users. Without embracing the Force and the "Dark Side" of it, it is impossible to reach one's perfection as a warrior or individual.

Awards Held

Dark Cross

Positions Held

Battle Member of the Scepter of Ragnos Battle Team.