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Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

Date of Birth:

13 ABY (age 31)

Physical Description












Personal Information

His own father

Chronology & Political Information

Electrician, welder, engine repairman


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Odan-Urr



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"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

Rangel is a Padawan of the Consular order. He is a member of Strike-Team Ooroo and House Satele Shan of Clan Odan-Urr

Character History

Early Years

Born in Narr Shaddaa, Rangel was raised by his father Doc. His mother was murdered by his father at the age of 3, it was accidentally, his father did not know that he had the force with in him. He had used force lightning on her in an argument.

So over the years his father was becoming stronger and stronger with the force and started to study the art of science. Not having his father around much Rangel had much time with space craft and learning about its engines.

At the age of 9 his father had become obsessed with the combination of science and the force, that he had started to drink and got crazy with his work. His plan was to multiply Rangel. So Rangel was used as a dummy, taking many blood samples.

Rangel's Homeworld of Nar Shaddaa

Teenage Years

So at age 16, Rangel had experienced his first Force encounter. He was running an errand for his father when he got attacked by some muggs. These muggs had weapons pointed at him. Without thinking Rangel force pushed them all out of the loading dock where he was being mugged. He didn't tell his father, instead he took half his days learning how to pick things up using the force. Amazed with his new powers he ran away from home.

Struggling to Survive

Over the next five years he learned how to survive on his own by stealing when necessary, and using the force. Until he came across one Dark Jedi Exile. At the moment he was in Tattooine. He tried stealing his rings on his hands thinking he was a regular person. The exile quickly, using the force stop Rangel. Rangel was in shocked of what had happen. The exile picked Rangel up and threw him out into the desert. In a deep old voice he told Rangel to get up. Rangel got up and tried fighting him back with all he could. All the exile did was force lightning Rangel till he was barely breathing.

When he woke up, he was in the exile ship. Not knowing what was going on he ask what was going on. The exile laughed and told him about the force. " the force is a gift and you are using it the wrong way, I'm going to teach you and in return you are going to work for me or die." So with no choice he began his training. His job was simple, where he went, Rangel would go get the exile credits or die. So the exile was like a collector. As his power grew more mature, so did the dark side and then the drinking began.

A Father's Debt

Rangel would try to focus on how many beers he drank and how much liquor he could handle while using the Force. The exile send Rangel to Narr Shadda for a debt to pick up for him. What he didn't know was that he was going to meet his father again. Soon after landing in the moon, he made his way to the cantina first for a few drinks. He did a little of pazzak and went of his business. The location was in the cantina where there was an elevator to get to the building behind the cantina.

As he went to the top floor he could sense something wrong. So he prepared himself for battle. As the doors opened he could not believe who he saw. His father was sitting in a big office, very luxurious, very expensive place. His father had cleaned himself very well, he walked towards Rangel and hugged him. Asking where and why did he run away so long ago. Rangel angrily just asked for the debt that he owed to the exile. The father with angry words told Rangel "would you like to know how your mother died". Rangel quickly stuck his father in his face, his father force pushed Rangel to the wall. As he got up his father spoke " I too have been training my self , now get up and fight me I can feel your anger growing." His father threw him a sword as he pulled the other of the wall. Both men struck each other's sword on and on all you could hear in the room was the air getting cut by the blades. Throwing each other against the walls of the office in minutes the alarms went off signaling the security. Rangel had to finish him fast. But with the strength of his father overwhelming his own Rangel knew he could not rely on strength, but the force. His father had kicked him and used force lightning on him. As Rangel was yelling at the top of his lungs his father told him that he sounded like his mother when she died. Rangel quickly returned the lightning back. His father jumped back up after that return. One last sword fight. As he picked up the sword Rangel quickly picked up his sword and threw it to his father using the force. The intensity of the force pushed him out the window. As he fell of the top of the floor of a 100 floor building he landed in the middle of the cantina. Rangel reached into his desk and grabbed the bags of credits that were in there. He made his way down the elevator thinking to himself how could he kill his own father. When the doors opened troopers where out there waiting for him. The troopers arrested Rangel for the murder of his father Dr. Rangel Doc.

Drunken Dark Death

Rangel was taken into custody for the murder of his father and for stealing. The feelings of hate were running threw his mind not replying to any questions the troop had to say. Sitting in his cell he grew more angry, till it finally hit him. He trhew all his frustration out on three guards that were rite outside the cell. The gate broke open from the force of the push, the bar of the cell went threw the guards killing them. Rangel grabbed a blaster and made his way to the front doors of the facility. He successfully got out alive and out of sight. With no ship and no money it looked like he was on his own again.

A few days had went by and the exile was going mad for not having his credits, so the exile went to Narr Shadda. Rangel had been in hiding since his escape, not knowing what would happen next he began to drink away. The dizziness and his thoughts did not make a good combination. Walking drunk in Narr Shadda, he started pushing people of ledges, killing others with lightning force. Without noticing he felt a hard hit in his face and lights were out. When he woke, he saw he was in a room, thinking what happen. Still drunk, he notice his the exile sleeping in not to far where he was at. He could feel the darkness consuming his heart. Sweating alcohol out, barely able to walk he saw the exiles lightsaber. Rangel grabbed the lightsaber, knowing what he wanted to do. So he did it, he turned on the velvet red colored lightsaber and cut the exiles head off.

Rangel realized that he was in an apartment, so he started to set the place on fire and took off with the exiles ship. Leaving Narr Shadda knowing he was wanted for the death of; Dr. Rangel Doc, 3 troopers, 3 innocent people, beaking out of jail, arsenal on the apartment building, and the death of an unidentified person.


The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Seeing The Light

The Light Side

Knowing the he had a bounty on his head he headed out into deep, deep space. He was out of no ones direction. He turned of the ships power making it powerless. Rangel was in a panic stage that he put himself into deep meditation. With everything turned off there was nothing but silence. The only thing he could hear was his heart beat. He searched for answers then reached a point were he saw darkness and pain. He opened his eyes he saw a glow of a woman, a beautiful woman. He felt the presence of love and light. She spoke out "son". Shocked of what he saw, he listened. She spoke of him to stop being hateful and to follow the light. For it was his destiny to be what ever he chooses to be. "Follow the coordinates listed on the ship there you will find the answers" as she spoke those words she faded away. Rangel snapped out of it and as he walked to the cockpit he heard, "I love you son".

He started the ship and followed the mysterious coordination that were listed on the navigation system. Soon enough he landed in Antei, feeling the dark side power strong in this planet. He followed the force to a building where he saw a line of different kind of species signing up for something. At first he didn't why he was here but he took a chance at it and signed up. When signing up, he had finally realized what his destiny was.

He was sent to the House of Odan-Urr. There he his new master Raiju. Raiju trained Rangel to get out of the Dark side and little by little Rangel was seeing the light.

Khar Delba

In Rangel's first battle in the Dark Crusades, he almost killed himself. They had landed in Khar Delba, being nervous he dranked the night before trying to calm his nerves. By morning he was still drunk. When he got on the ship to leave to Khar Delba, the crew knew he was drunk. The smell was discussing. On the planet Rangel and Sight Nortorshin where headed towards some behemoth with cannon on its back. Rangel trying to focus on his Sight, was shot and lost his left leg against a Behemoth. After the battle on the planet, Rangel went on and made himself a new bionic leg.

Physical Description

Tall semi muscular, working on his physical form. He has a mustache going from one sideburn to the other. Also has a mechanical left leg.