Petitor Umbrarum

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Petitor Umbrarum
Organizational information

Angelo Dante

Led by:

aprox. 450

  • PU Space Systems Yard (Caina)
  • Big Daddy's I (Carrida II)
  • Big Daddy's II (Carrida II)
  • Big Daddy's III (Coronado)
  • Big Daddy's IV (Judecca)
  • Big Daddy's V (Caina)
  • Big Daddy's VI (Aurora Prime)
  • Big Daddy's VII (Bastion)
  • Big Daddy's VIII (Isle of Dleacht
Major products:
  • Zulu Class Assault Shuttles
  • Low Altitude Assault Transport/Special Operations Capable (LAAT/SOC)
  • Gentlemen's Clubs
Chronological and political information

18 ABY

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The Petitor Umbrarum Corporation was founded by Angelo Dante while a member of the General Staff of the Hammer's Fist.

Starting at first in the entertainment industry with a single gentlemen's club on Carrida II, Petitor Umbrarum has spread out into numerous fields ranging from entertainment to the manufacturing of shuttle craft.

Locations of the various subcorporations exist on planets within Emperor's Hammer territory, the Imperial Remnant, the New Republic, and Dark Brotherhood territory.

Big Daddy's

While an enlisted stormtrooper with the Hammer's Fist Legion on Carrida II, Dante and his squadmates were always on the lookout for any gentlemen's clubs that they could find. Even though it was the premier training planet for stormtroopers in the Emperor's Hammer, there just wasn't a very good club on the planet. As Dante progressed in rank and became an officer, he finally was able to start putting away some money and ended up buying his first bar. In honor of his favorite club of all time, Dante named his club "Big Daddy's." After a couple of years and a few promotions, Dante was able to start two more locations before his decision to take his Shadowstalkers out into the mercenary trade full-time.

Almost as soon as he landed on Judecca, Dante started up his fourth location of Big Daddy's, and then branched out both Caina and a new location on Aurora Prime. Following the opening of House Imperium, the company opened up a new location on the Isle of Dleacht, the new headquarters for Imperium.

Big Daddy's now has eight locations throughout the known galaxy:

  • Carrida II (ABY 18)
  • Carrida II (ABY 19)
  • Coronado (ABY 19)
  • Judecca - Ohm City (ABY 25)
  • Caina (ABY 26)
  • Aurora Prime (ABY 30)
  • Bastion (ABY 30)
  • Judecca - Isle of Dleacht (ABY 39)

Petitor Umbrarum Space Systems Yard

Located on Caina, PUSSY is busy in the research, development, and production of the Zulu IV class shuttle craft as well as the LAAT/SOC.

Zulu IV Class Assault Shuttle

The Zulu Class of shuttles has been a longtime production line for the Petitor Umbrarum Corporation. With the first prototype being built at the small scale production facility on Carrida II, the Shadow Works, the Zulu was always a success. The first three version all are hyperdrive capable, but in response to the intra-system needs of the Legions, the Zulu IV was developed.


With the galactic military concerns following the Vong Incursion, a need was developed for a way to get large numbers of troopers from the fleet down to the surface of a planet. Military infantry also needed something that could provide fire support as well without compromising troop mobility. To fill this gap in the hardware owned by some naval forces, the development and production of a new series of gunships based on the proven LAAT/I design was undertaken. What was developed was something that met all of their requirements and more.