IRC Channel DB's OP Access Policy

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Real World Perspective.

Standardization of Operator Status within #DB


After the Exodus, the operator status in #DB was modified to remove the previously haphazard patchwork of access levels existing for the primary clan channel. The system created gave operator status to all members in advisor, Dark Summit, and Dark Council positions – trusting them with the authority and responsibility to moderate #DB. However since the implementation of this policy, we have seen that very few members take their operator responsibilities seriously, with many members ignoring the channel completely – which leaves members feeling unprotected. Changes must be made to instill a sense of safety within #DB at all times, starting with the channel operators.

The Standards

A diverse group holds access within #DB, including special advisors, the Dark Summit, and former Grand Masters. It has been decided that members of the Dark Summit do not have the fully independent standing necessary to appropriately moderate #DB, so they have been removed from the operator list. Only those members belonging to one of the categories below will maintain access in #DB at the levels stated below.

  • Left/Right Hand of Justice: 150 Access
  • Consuls: 150 Access
  • Member of the Dark Council: 300 Access
  • Former Grand Masters**: 400 Access
  • Deputy Grand Master: 400 Access
  • Justicar: 450 Access
  • Current Grand Master: 499 Access

*The Grand Master may, at any time, increase the access levels of someone on this list, though this will be done very rarely.

** Except in the case of channel ownership


The new access levels of #DB shall be instituted immediately to fit within the new model described above. The modifications to this proposal eliminate the multiple layers of access in #DB, creating one standardized, efficient system of committed and fair operators to moderate the main clan channel.