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Production information


Technical specifications
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser (downscaled)



Ascendant Fleet

Current Status:



34 ABY

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The Harrower was one of two cruisers within the Ascendant Fleet, and served as part of Command Force Aurek. It was destroyed along with the rest of the Ascendant Fleet during an attack in 34 ABY.


The Harrower served alongside the Clan flagship Transcendent. Its firepower was considerable, but it was also quite versatile; this was bolstered by the added weaponry and equipment.


Bridge ‘Level’

The Bridge Level contains the Bridge, Quaestor’s Suite, Aedile’s Quarters, Rollmaster’s Quarters, Commander’s Suite, Lieutenant Commander’s Suite, the Communications Centre, War Room, Pilot Ready-Room, Medical Bay and Officers Quarters.

  • Bridge: The Bridge is a large area where the Captain that had long been the highest commander on the ship once held the reins. Now, however, Captain Grant, a cold female Hapan can be seen still walking the higher area, though her orders are only a repeat of what her Dark Jedi masters command, specifically the Commander. Unlike smaller vessels, the navicomputer is manned by three of these naval soldiers. Dozens of information consoles line either side, as well as a communications area for when dealing with approaching ships and planet-side landings.
  • Quaestor’s Suite: For it was expected of Plagueis’ leader to visit at times, the Quaestor had the most lavishly decorated apartment in the entire ship, containing standard sleeping chambers with elegant furnishings, a large sonic-shower, a reception area and a dark, hardwood desk with the sigil of Plagueis fire-etched into the wood and lined with silver, making it stand in stark contrast to the grain of the piece. Currently behind the desk is the personal warbanner of Tra’an Reith. The apartment also connects to the Aedile and Rollmaster’s Quarters, only connected to the Exarch’s genetic signature. When the Summit visits the Harrower, five of the SD-10 Battle Droids are assigned as their Honour Guard.
  • Aedile/Rollmaster Quarters: Though not as lavish nor as large as the Quaestor’s Suite, the Aedile’s Quarters contain decorations of a casual elegance with the sigil of Plagueis throughout the room itself. As the Aedile and Rollmaster would spend a lot of time around their Quaestor if they were to visit, it makes sense that they have only sleeping quarters and not the ostentatious apartment of his/her direct superior. The Quarters of the Rollmaster are nearly identical to that of the Aedile, the only difference being their personal Warbanners.
  • Commander’s Suite: Unlike those of the Quaestor, the Commander's Suite was a simple, yet elegantly furnished living area. Since taking the room for himself, Executive Officer Arturis Schulen made a number of upgrades including built in sections where the room became two separate floors, due to his short stature. He does not have much with him at the moment, except an assortment of crates filled with Corellian Carrots.
  • Lieutenant Commander’s Suite: Currently vacant, the office is has a theme of silver and dark blue hues, with standard sleeping quarters.
  • Communications Centre: The Communications Centre is a room full of panels, screens, varied terminals and a multitude of electronic equipment that’s EMP shielded. Lieutenant Xathia Edraven Erinos can often be found in this room with her team of experts, though the Krath herself freely admits to being mostly skilled as a Hacker.
  • War Room: The War Room is the area where the highest Leaders operate from when not in the Bridge. It contains a large table where a holograph of the battle arena can be pulled up and shows the real-time action, where the commanders of every unit not in the field can remotely order their forces to a certain, exact area. As this area can be sealed off from any attempts at listening in, it is perfect for Classified discussions, including meetings held with the Plagueian Summit, where holograms of the members will appear if they cannot travel to the ‘’Harrower’’ for whatever reason.
  • Medical Bay: The Medical Bay area contains state-of-the-art equipment needed to heal all forces contained within BAC Harrower, including a small section dedicated to cybernetic replacements for lost limbs. Bacta tanks, sick beds and an entire cordoned off wall where a droid (Z8-D4) retrieves the medication needed for their forces. The Force Users are rarely seen in this area, due to their ability to heal themselves. Only the worst cases end up here, as Force Users cannot heal lost limbs or severe wounds.

Training ‘Level’

The Second (Training) Level contains four separate training areas: one for Lightsaber Combat, one for Ranged Training, one for Melee Training and a final one meant for Hand-To-Hand Training. Beyond the training facilities, it also hosts the areas where the varied military assets can hone their tactical and strategic skills, the GT (Ground Troop) Ready-Room, as well as the General Quarters for the rest of the Crew.

  • Training Facilities: There are four training facilities, separated for a certain style of combat: Lightsaber training, Ranged training (Firing Range), Melee training and Hand-To-Hand training. They are separate so that a specific thing can be taught in those areas and for safety issues. The only time a mundane (Non-Force User) will be seen in the lightsaber training area is if he or she is searching for one of the Dark Jedi.
  • GT Ready-Room: Similar in concept to the Pilot Ready-Room, the Ground Troop (GT) Ready Room is a large briefing area for the leaders and sub-leaders of each individual military unit of the Ground Forces. Numerous boards, maps and generally everything needed to give the units the information needed for any mission litters this large room.

Battle ‘Level’

The Third (Battle) Level is restricted to the crew trained for Space Combat, which contains a large portion of the ammunition and supplies. For every operational turret and cannon, there is a two-person team operating the terminals to control it.

Maintenance ‘Level’

The Fourth (Maintenance) Level contains the Engine Room, some crew Quarters for those who kept the vessel in top-notch condition and the Armory, which required a message from both the Commander and Lieutenant Commander to get certain equipment unless it was an emergency situation.

  • Armory: Located in the aft section of the Harrower, the Master-at-Arms stands behind a shielded enclosure. In order to procure arms, one must have pre-sent approval from both the Commander and Executive Officer to the Master-at-Arms in the form of holo-communications. The actual armory proper is behind the high security door behind the Master-at-Arms,who then fetches the equipment. The role for the moment is performed by a male Snivvian named Kritch who is also known for procuring all sorts of unique items and erotic entertainment.

Hangar ‘Level’

The Fifth (Hangar) Level is a short corridor leading to the large Hangar Bay, containing what few personal ships remained from those who had joined the Commander and the Assassin on their journey to new territories. Aside from that, it held the two Squadrons of X and Y-Wings, Rapier and Voulge respectively, as well as two Squadrons of HLAF-500s, called Harpoon and Javelin, always primed and ready for their pilots.

  • Pilot Ready-Room: The Pilot Ready-Room is an averaged sized assembly area with interactive, holographic maps, dozens of boards and the information that both squadrons of fighters need to accomplish their missions. Unlike the Ground Troop Ready Room, the Pilot Ready Room can hold all of the members of all four (Harpoon, Javelin, Voulge and Rapier) squadrons of fighter pilots, due to the significantly less number of people than the regular Ground Forces.