Gryffon De'Urtha Cantor

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Gryffon De'Urtha Cantor
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2 BBY (age 45)

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1.83 meters


106.6 kg





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Gryffon's Claw

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"If someone were to ask me what I wanted most, I would tell them that answer is simple; I want everything"
―Gryffon De'Urtha Cantor

Summary of character.


Life prior to the Brotherhood ( 2 BBY - 14 ABY)

Gryffon was born on the fortress world of Anaxes, the 10th generation of a proud line of Naval officers. His father, a starfigher pilot, had flown in the Battle of Anaxes under the command of Jan Dodonna. His skill and loyalty secured him a place in the Emperor's new order, even while many other families were cast aside. He rose through the ranks, becoming a well regarded officer of the Imperial Navy. His mother, met his father during this period of time. They loved each other, and Gryffon was born just prior to the outbreak of the Rebellion. His father served loyally with the Empire against the Rebellion, tragically dying in the Battle of Endor when Gryffon was six years old.

His mother left Anaxes with him after his father's death, finding a new home with other Imperial refugees. Gryffon grew up proud of his father and his legacy. He aspired to join the Imperial Navy, like his father before him. This posed a bit of a problem, as the Empire was largely comprised of remnants now.

As Gryffon came of age, he learned of a remnant fleet of Imperials called the Emperor's Hammer. He left his mother behind, joining the Emperor's Hammer at the age of sixteen. He was excited at the opportunity to finally fly a TIE Interceptor, something he had dreamed of for a long time. However, he would find his dedication to the Navy soon wavering, as he discovered the Dark Brotherhood. Gryffon had never thought much about the Force. The most he'd heard, was stories of a corrupt Jedi Order, who the Emperor had abolished in order to secure peace for the Galaxy. So he was amazed at the things he saw within the Dark Brotherhood. His awe soon became excitement, as voluntary aptitude testing revealed he was a Force sensitive. He took a leave from the TIE Corps, and began he studies at the Shadow Academy.

Satal Keto (14 ABY - 17 ABY)

After graduating the Shadow Academy, Gryffon was placed within the house, Satal Keto.

Out of Town (18 ABY)

Spent some time free-lancing for the EH as FringeCOMM.

Satal Keto II (19 ABY)

He was part of Satal Keto.

Combat Master (20 ABY - 21 ABY)

What a mistake.

Tarentum (27 ABY - 31 ABY)

He was part of Tarentum.

Absence (32 ABY - 37 ABY)

He was gone.

Look who's back (37 ABY)

He returned.

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