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Fiction Tribune (T:F) - The Fiction Tribune was the Tribune responsible for the somewhat nebulous duty overseeing writing activities in the Dark Brotherhood. Most often, this meant organizing writing competitions, including the Monthly Topics.

Since the Fiction Tribune was not in charge of one specific event or platform in the same way as the ICTE Tribune or a specific project such as the Dark Voice Tribune, the position often expanded to fill other roles, including work with the Headmaster to develop Shadow Academy writing courses or the maintenance of a Fiction Archive.

The role of Fiction Tribune was ultimately dissolved, the duties of the position transferred to that of the Voice.


  • Develop, organize and run writing competitions.
  • Promote participation in writing-based competitions throughout the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Work with the Headmaster and other Shadow Academy staff to develop writing courses, when necessary.

Fictional Role

The precise fictional role of the Tribunes is not completely clear. One proposal suggested that the Tribunes work as the personal "troubleshooters" of the Grand Master.

Current Fiction Tribune


Previous Fiction Tribunes

  1. Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama
  2. Ricco Vao