Dreith Droheden

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Dreith Droheden
Biographical Information

Dromund Kaas

Date of Birth:

15 ABY

Physical Description





1.8 meters


190 Kilograms


Gnarled dreads



Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Gray Jedi




Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Odan-Urr



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"I do not follow the Elders of old. I forge my own ground."

Dreith is a wild Zabrak and warband leader of hardened riffraff.

Physical Description

Predominately mesomorph though born a hunchback, his self inflicted alchemical adaptions are augmented by a tough dark hide and monstrous form; likened to a primordial beastly structure. Thick gnarled dreads and broken horns grow from the back of his head; the former black and purple tinted. Deep set, narrow eyes rest beneath vestigial bone ridges rimming the cheekbones. Marred with a distinctive scar across shoulder, forehead and right eye, vision is hindered. Harsh, scarified burns integrated over warrior tattoos and prominent spinal protrusions give a more disfigured appearance. His gruff voice is slow, deep and heavy; often guttural and inaudible. An intermediary, biomech limb acts as a refined development for the missing counterpart. An affixed, grotesque snarl is overlapped by an overgrown tooth.

Clothed in non-restrictive leggings and metal-aged harness with an embedded amulet, he wears a cult inherited helm blood-dried in triangular variants. Before battle, he will adorn bone plated armor carved from hunted prey to take on a frightening appearance and wields an assortment of weaponry: larang, war sword variant and casks of poison.



Thrown into a sinkhole over a sarlacc pit by an elder brother, Dreith was forsaken at childhood on Dromund Kaas and would have been eaten had he not been caught by a local wrangler's net. Due to an attunement to the force, he managed to survive in an underground cavern most of his childhood. He was then retrieved by a dark prophet whom took him in as an apprentice.


Due to the harsh terrain and isolation, Dreith grew wild therefor unable to dwell in a civilized environment and often referred to by Kro Var warlocks as the Black primality or Fanged God daemon. During a fit of rage, he took advantage and lay waste to his master's sanctuary which effected surrounding territory. Due to this Dreith had a debt to pay and was again forsaken, by the adopted cult. Before departure, Gohoron, the prophet, gave instruction to learn patience and self control.

Primal Pact

He became adept at beast mastery and later formed a horde of desert monstrosities through alchemy.


Gladiator of the Night-brethren, forced to fight his monstrosities to prove strength and regain balance between the mystical Fanged God and Winged Goddess. He was allowed to store one spirit into a totem, which he often summoned as an animal mount and eventually likened in appearance through alchemical adaption.


  • Due to moral belief, he never visited the grave of his father.
  • Trusts in the power of the Force to a default.