Dock Alfar

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Exodus era.New Order era.
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Dock Alfar
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

17 BBY

Physical Description





1.87 meters


80 kilograms




Brown and Green

Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

Clan Tarentum, House Tridens



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"The Subtle Tongue, The Sophist Guile, they all fail when the Broadswords Sing'"

Character History

Since Dock Alfar's joining of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, he has been a loyal servant of house Tridens of Tarentum, occupying various positions, and doing as much work as he can in order to further his house and clan.

Early History

As a child, Dock was raised on Corellia by his father, his mother had died of a simple disease that had been left untreated by local doctors when Dock was young. Dock's father had been a member of the CorSec agency, working as an unimportant, but respected, local police officer.

When Dock was 14 years old, his father was killed by a small group of smugglers that were using the local area as a base of operations. When Dock was unable to find a job, he was evicted from his house and forced to scrounge a living in the alleys of the crowded city in which he lived. After three years of this life, Dock was recruited by the local Imperial Army officer and enlisted in the army.

As a soldier in the Imperial army, Dock led a simple life, only having to fight in small skirmishes with the still small rebellion, his only aspiration to one day become one of the elite storm troopers. His dream never came true, as the Empire fell before he was able to achieve it. Left homeless and jobless again, Dock struggled to stay alive, stumbling around the galaxy doing odd jobs wherever he could until he found the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Dark Brotherhood

After joining the DB, Dock flourished with new direction and purpose, quickly gaining a few promotions until he attracted the attention of Spears Tarentae. Spears took Dock Alfar as his apprentice and instructed him further in the dark side. Soon after this, Dock lost his confidence in the Brotherhood and made no advancements at all, his master being preoccupied with other matters to help him. This period in Dock's career with the Dark Brotherhood lasted for a while, but drew to an end as the Force-devoid Alien invasion began. During this war, Dock tasted his first bits of battle with an actual enemy since his days in the army. He once again felt motivated and shared the enthusiasm after the war of preparing for the inevitable war to follow to reclaim Antei.

Between these two wars, Dock had achieved the rank of Dark Jedi Knight after a wait much longer than the average member. With this additional boost to his confidence, Dock anxiously awaited the coming war. As Dock and the rest of the Brotherhood readied themselves for the counterattack against the Aliens, nothing surprised him more than the reports of Jedi fighting where he had expected the invaders to be. Nonetheless, he went to battle alongside his clan mates and even leading a squad of brotherhood troops in an attempt to retake the Triumvirate Library on Antei.