Davin Olar

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Davin Olar
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY

Date of Death:


Physical Description





5' 8"


175 lbs





Personal Information

Ashia Kagan Keibatsu, Malisane de Ath,Grand Master,Sapphire Squadron, Robert Daragon

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Makashi
  • Soresu
Chronology & Political Information



Disciple of Sadow


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dark Brotherhood, House Ludo Kressh, Clan Naga Sadow

Personal Ship:

Olar's Rage and Kyataru



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Davin Olar is currently a Dark Jedi Knight.

Character History

Entering the Darkness

Davin Olar was born 10 ABY on the planet Dantooine. He was a bright child and was instantly known as being force-sensitive . His father had taught him basic Force powers between the ages 8 and 10 years. By 11 years of age, his parents were killed by his brother Rav who believed they were going to destroy the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV. He had no one to turn to. A mysterious rogue took the boy to a location unknown to Davin where he taught him about the Force. His true training would begin on Yavin Iv. This was the location of dark side energy and unbeknownst to him, a Jedi and his apprentice were following him. When the duo were camping out, Davin met the padawan and fought her. He realized he couldn't hurt her and began to fall for her. The two masters found each other the next day and a battle ensued, resulting in the death of the master by decapitation and the apprentice by being thown to a wall and slowly dying. For his arrogance, the rogue grazed his face with a mark of shame. During the night, the "master" gave him Sith tattoos along his torso. When the master slept Davin pulled out a dagger and slit his throat. He gave the Jedi master a funeral as well as the apprentice. He kissed the girl's forehead and left for his master's ship. He took it to Coruscant where he worked as a small time assassin but had many talents. He would then meet a shadowy figure. He told him to find the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, a dark side organization where he could learn Sith teachings. So, Davin, then 16, went on a transport ship for Antei.

Davin disguised as a Bpfasshi Dark Jedi

Fighting With the Dark

He had reached Antei and fought his way to the main temple where he met the Grand Master during that time, Jac Cotelin. He was assigned to a house within a clan. This would be House Ludo Kressh of Clan Naga Sadow. He would study in the Shadow Academy and would not stop studying. He would stay reclusive and realize that he has truly reached the dark side. One day, he was assigned to a master who would train him to knighthood. His master would be Malisane de Ath. Master de Ath had trained him in many combat styles and so he believed his master would take over as a father figure. His time with de Ath would come to an end when Davin was reassigned to Ashia Kagan Keibatsu.

Along the Path of the Sith

During his time in the Brotherhood, he met Robert Daragon, then commander of Sapphire Squadron. Daragon asked Davin if he wanted to join the squadron. He agreed and would soon become the flight leader. Daragon had eventually left the position and Davin had also dropped back down to a simple member of the squadron. Eventually a new commander would come in and give Davin his flight leader position. But this time, he took over as the Commander during his time as a Protector. He would eventually leave his post and just stick as a Disciple of Sadow. Time would pass and then Davin, now a Jedi Hunter, would take control of Jade Serpents, the training squadron of House Ludo Kressh.

Mandalorian Family

Davin would eventually take trips to planets that would seem strange to go to for any random reasons. This wasn't one of them. Davin had been shot at and flew through hyperspace and crash landed on the planet Mandalore. Davin left the crash site and began runnign through the forest to find civilization. He had cut through flora and fauna sustaining injuries from these as well. A family, the Odai would find and eventually tend to his wounds. Davin asked what they wanted and they wanted an explaination. He told them everything that had happened. Fo some reason, they wanted him to join their family. He told them that he couldn't stay with them and they said he could come back whenever. His foster father would give him a set of red Mandalorian armor.

Life and Death Situation

Many things have happened. Davin became a Dark Jedi Knight. He had a new family. He thought he could be happy. The only thing in his way was his brother. He fought with him on numerous occasions, usually either side retreated. One duel came all the way to Mandalore. Davin could've died but a woman kicked Rav and deactivated his lightsaber. She saved his life. Her name was Christine. Eventually he would learn about her and they had gotten to close, giving Davin a weakness that he wouldn't want to cause the same thing that happened to his parents. He had asked her to marry him and she accepted. The two moved to an apartment near the Marakith Skyhook, home of House Ludo Kressh. Davin would live in either place but had continued to stay at Marakith. Davin and Christine now have a child after almost a year of marriage and they named there son Trayn Ralon Olar.

Davin & Christine

Physical Appearance

Davin is a young man of 19. He is of medium build with tattoos across his body. He has brown hair and eyes and usually wears casual clothing, sometimes even defying rules with the Summit. He wears armor with his robes when battle is upon the clan and/or house. His usual choice of clothing is black shirts and pants or wearing blue jeans, boots, and a white tank top.

Davin Olar


Davin is a very quick and visual learner. He takes his life very seriously and when it comes to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood he usually has an outburst of rage in many conversations. He always tries to control his rage but he can't help being a dark and wicked person. He rarely talks to people except a certain few. He is one person who is very seclusive and doesn't want to be mess with.


Though Davin thought his family was dead, he had found out he has a brother, Rav Olar. Rav is a member of the Jedi and Davin didn't wish to harm his only brother until he found out his brother had killed his parents with a squad of Jedi. Davin would be hunting his brother till he until 29 ABY in which both Davin and his apprentice overcome the Jedi and kill him.

His father, Turion, really loved his sons and did everything in his power to protect them. Turion was a Jedi General and then Royal Guard for the Emperor, knowing that Vader would hunt after every Jedi. His mother, Helena, was a beautiful woman who had taught Davin about using intelligence secrets to gain information seeing as how her occupation was an intelligence operative. Davin misses his parents everyday and meditates to keep them in his mind and heart forever.

Davin now has two newer family members. His wife Christine is of Mandalorian descent and has mastered in a few forms of hand-to-hand combat as well as many armed combat techniques. His newborn son, Trayn, is both Dantooinian and Mandalorian. Over time, his son would learn of the Sith like his father.

The Assassin Within

Davin still takes on missions as an assassin, even though he spends most of his time with his master. The training he learns in the DJB contributes to how he accomplishes his mssions. Davin wears his black t-shirt with a protective vest and black gloves, a pair of black pants, his boots with blade that can be released by the Force, and a black balaclava with goggles. He carries his lightsber, his father's lightsaber, his locust blades, and a pair of DC-15s side arm blasters.


Davin has recently taken upon himself a persona of Dlarit Police officer under the guise of Zeron Suin, or as the guys at the base call him "Zero." What they don't know is that when Zero is out on a case, he usually ends up finishing it, but he also lurks about the shadows, digging for information to go up the top. His motive as Zero is to take control of a subsidiary of Dlarit as a way of representation as well as total control. With this in mind, he could change the way the force is handled and whether or not order is restored.


Davin has many visions. These can be of himself or of friends and loved ones. One of his known visions is a woman who has a baby, but this child has Davin's eyes. Then, this vision moves through time and he notices this boy's features. He has dirty blonde hair, and he is practicing his lightsaber techniques with a man in the background with a woman. The man has brown hair and eyes, and the woman has blonde hair and silver eyes. The boy is using two lightsabers in his practice, one a silver lightsaber and the other a red one. This would end up being his son Trayn at the time Davin begins to train him in the ways of the Sith.

A destructive vision
Davin as a Dark Jedi Knight in an unknown location

Gear & Equipment

Mandalorian Armor (Any missions)

Blastech Industries A280 Blaster Rifle (Any missions)

DJB Regulated Robes (Consists of overtunic, undertunic, pants, leather shoes or boots, utility belt, and a cloak or robe with hood)

Kashnir Arms KX-80 Repeating Blaster Rifle (Any missions)

Phase II Clone Trooper Body Glove (usually worn under tunic)

Utility Belt (Consists of rations, a holomap, grappling hook, A99 aquata breather, medpac, and other items)

Locust Knives (Assassin missions)

Blastech Industries DC-15s side arm blaster x2 (any missions)

PAC20 visual wrist comlink

Olar's Sword

Davin had created a sword, one that was a replica of a Sith sword. Its weight is about 10 lbs and has a crimson blade. The hilt has a dragon appearance and a large sapphire at the end. Davin carries the sword with him, and with the powers he wields, he can make the sword more powerful. It was tempered with cortosis ore to withstand lightsaber attacks.

Davin's Relic

Davin owns many different objects, mostly lightsabers. He owns his father's former lightsaber, a basic hilt with a silver blade. He also owns two Bpfasshi lightsaber, one with a long hilt and another with a basic hilt. He carries many of his marks' lightsabers from when he was an assassin.

Davin's Masters

Davin has had only two masters in his time with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Malisane de Ath was his master from the beginning. They were inseparable and he was taught many things from him. Malisane was a brilliant master but was beginning to move slow with his apprentice. Davin decided to transfer to a new master.

Ashia Kagan Keibatsu has been his master ever since he was a Guardian. She has helped him so much and has been a mother figure to him. She taught him more acrobatic movements that would help with multiple opponents.

Davin wishes he becomes a great master like the two of them.

Positions Held

Sith Commander of Jade Serpents
Sith Commander of Sapphire Squadron

Asano Hokito Yokuzuna‎ Tetrarch of Jade Serpents
28 ABY
Joseem Maruuch
Corin Nal'kethar Commander of Sapphire Squadron
27 ABY
Aries Taral Kyi Vorak
Anubis Annedu Assistant Envoy of House Ludo Kressh
28 ABY