Dacian Corsair

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Dacian Corsair
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20 ABY

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House Plagueis, Aabsdu

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Commando in Battleteam Ajunta Pall




Dark Jedi Brotherhood, House Plagueis

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Aabsdu Dupar



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Dacian Corsair was born on Hapes in the capital city, Ta'a Chume'Dan. His mother was a well respected orator within the Consortium, so when it was found that the man who fathered her child was a criminal, she was born much shame. With Elena Corsair's reputation in shambles, she struggled to make ends meet to raise her newborn. Guilt ridden and struggling to provide for herself, let alone even her son, it should have been no surprise that when given the offer to sell her son to a former colleague from a more lucrative phase of her career, she soberly accepted. Thus began the tragic tale of Dacian Corsair, a boy whose story is a myriad of pain and suffering.

Character History

From Rags to Riches

20 ABY - 29 ABY

Living in a home that resembled a palace, filled with devoted servants and wanting for nothing, Dacian Corsair was still unhappy. The woman who had took him on as her foster constantly belittled him for being a male. One that was born to an unscrupulous couple, a father who had stolen taxes from the government, and a mother who consorted with a man in secret. To Dacian's foster mother, a woman of regality, the boy was an abomination. Being that he never really knew his parents other than from what Lady Pe'tco told him, he became quite bitter towards them himself. In fact, so bitter, he even despised himself in the way that Lady Pe'tco did.

Riddled with guilt for merely existing and self-loathing, Dacian was truly a piece of work of a child. He isolated himself in school and when people attempted to interact with him, he would explode in fits of anger. When he was nine, one of the teachers caught him in one such act with his hands on one of his peer's chests, pushing him up against the wall. She was a nice teacher, and knew that boys loved to horseplay but when she saw Dacian frothing at his mouth, her maternal instincts flared and she called for help. He was expelled from Hapes most prestigious juvenile academy less than two hours later.

Dacian was terrified, of himself, of the people in the office with him, but most of all, of what Lady Pe'tco would do when it was just the two of them later. When the two of them left the school together, instead of stepping into one of the doors his foster mother's chauffeur had opened, he ran the opposite direction -- and he ran, and ran, and ran.

The Little Run-Away

29 ABY - 35 ABY

"He's a little brat. He scavenges on our turf, picks from our dumpsters, and doesn't even bother to kriffin' say anyting to us! Who is he anyway?"
― Gang leader of the alley way kids who resented Dacian for his distant disposition towards them
Gangs like this one always had to start something with Dacian
Adolescence, a time of broken hearts, awkward emotions and plenty of changes. Everyone goes through it, and for some it's harder than others. This was especially so for Dacian, who decided to spend the rest of his days living off the streets of the capital, fending himself from the other unruly boys who stalked the same streets after school let out. While some worried about their first kiss, Dacian concerned himself with just finding his first meal of the day. He learned to adapt though, finding that fishing was a great and easy way to get food. Thus he spent his early mornings fishing, and on the hottest days he would go the creeks within the forest that bordered the west side of the capital and hunt the living creatures that were trying to find reprieve from the hot midday sun.

Adolescence, a time where the strong and the weak are defined, and those who are different are shunned. The implicit nature of social discourse was a lost subject to the young Dacian who lacked any communication with another human being, and instead stole away his time merely trying to survive on the streets of a city or in the forests surrounding it. This is why he had no clue what problem the neighborhood trouble makers had with him. He just knew that when the biggest one decided to fight him, he could not simply stand idly by.

"Come on, fight me you coward!"

The boy swung, connected with Dacian's face and he landed hard on the ground. With only red in his eyes though he quickly stood up and pulled out his knife. With all of his strength he stabbed it right into the nape of the boy's neck, just as he would with one of the wounded animals he had shot with his crossbow. And once more, he ran.

Baptism by Fire

35 ABY - 37 ABY

A 15 year old boy with no money running around a spaceport is a recipe for disaster. If the port authorities didn't manage to apprehend him then the predators looking for a vulnerable child for their devious needs most certainly would. When two such members of a criminal organization were approached by him, breathing heavily and begging for passage with them off planet they reluctantly agreed. Armed only with the knowledge they were heading somewhere called the Outer Rim, Dacian followed them aboard the ship. Leaving 15 years of pain and hardship behind on Hapes was fine with him. A galaxy this big surely had something better in store for him.

The two men were intrigued by the boy. They asked him many questions during the journey, curious about his desire to leave the planet and confused by his vagrancy. Perhaps it was the years of solitude, with no ear ready to be lent to his worries. Whatever it was, Dacian spilled the beans to the two smugglers without any restraint. The two men were impressed by his resolve and sheer will to survive on the streets by himself and decided to take him on as their apprentice within the Black Bha'lir.

Dacian's life made a complete turn around with the devout order of smugglers. They were very accommodating to him and welcomed him with outstretched arms. For the first time ever, he felt at home with a real family. Being small, the Master Smuggler who took Dacian on always had him on the streets, something he was not unfamiliar with. He listening for information, asked questions, but never too many of the same type in the same place. When someone noticed him, he disappeared in the crowd a second later, not resurfacing until he was a just a fleeting thought. He became very good at this with him, and his master was impressed by his ability to know what to look for, how to get it, and going the extra steps.

Dacian shaped himself into a masterful blender of the crowd, an excellent eavesdropper, and a true information broker for an organization that thrived on the exchange of it. However, one day he was eavesdropping on the wrong person. He saw the weapon on the man's belt immediately, recognizing it as a lightsaber. He knew from what he heard that this man had to be a Jedi of some sort, and that they were very power and could be just as dangerous. When he began to escape using his superb skill of disappearing, he felt a large hand wrap around his bicep. He turned to see the very same man with a look of curiosity in his eyes. Laden with fear, Dacian began to fight the grasp of the much larger Jedi but to no avail.

However, Aabsdu Dupar held no ill will for the young boy, but instead sensed the force in him. With promises of much greater things, the two of them returned to the Jusadih System, where Dacian's true story was just about to begin.

The Path to Plagueis

37 ABY

The newest Dark Jedi excelled in his classes at the Shadow Academy, completing all of his studies at a rapid rate and proving his potential to be a great asset to House Plagueis. With the guidance of his Master, Aabsdu, and by the discretion of the Headmaster Solari and finally by the approval of the Plagueis summit, Dacian left Eros via shuttle and once more returned to Jusadih, but this time as a true Dark Jedi, ready to begin his training for real under the tutelage of one of the Houses' finest.

DJB Facts

  • Dacian Corsair has completed the whole Journeyman Hall!

Positions Held

Dacian serves as a commando within Battleteam Ajunta Pall.

Outstanding Achievements

Dacian managed to gain Aabsdu Dupar as his master!