Coronada Station

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Coronada Station
Production information

Space station

Technical specifications
  • Heavy Turbolaser batteries (6)
  • Turbolaser batteries (10)
  • Laser cannons (20)
  • Space station
  • Customs station
  • Command post

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Breakdown

Coronada Station, named for Arcona's ancestral home in the Eos system, is a testament to the independence and determination of the d'Tana family's operations. The Station is a fully functioning space port and market, located in deep space in the Charros IV system. Housing an open air market, luxury hotels and dining establishments, the station is used as an effective front and operations center. Used as either a checkpoint through the stars for traders, or as a growing spot for entertainment with the most likely illegal fight arena within the lower levels, side by side with what are arguably black market merchants, Coronada station has quickly gained a reputation among the less reputable folk of the galaxy.

Laying outside Republic space, Coronada station is not held by its stringent laws, and Republic presence tends to be low. Part of this is due to how discouraged it is for their operatives to be made welcome, the first group of Republic agents exposed on board were promptly tossed out an air-lock and their vessel pressed into service as a patrol craft. As there's anywhere from one to nearly a dozen Dark Jedi aboard the station at any given time, it's been very difficult for the Republic to find out anything about the station. The d'Tana family's Jedi ties have been well buried from the general public, the members of the family appearing as very shrewd business men instead.

The Tana Consortium, while appearing independent, holds no illusions as to where they're overall loyalties lie. Coronada station, while outside of Brotherhood space, is ultimately a Brotherhood ran facility. All members of the d'Tana Family are aware of one ultimate fact on Coronada station, that ties to the Brotherhood can not be exposed. As such, regular security forces are enlisted to patrol and keep the peace. Scrutinizing background checks are made at the space dock facilities before any warm, or cold body enters the station proper. As of yet, no incidents have occurred to suggest that the true status of Coronada Station has been compromised.

OOC Note: This has NOT been approved by the powers at large, and isn't expected to. The d'Tana Family holds no issue with anyone using it for fictional purposes, but don't be surprised if your work is criticized.


Coronada Station is, for the most part a large sphere, with an engorged equator. Spires extend from the polar 'north' and 'south', extending from blisters atop and below the spherical surfaces. Aside from the two blisters, the station consists of three primary levels. The upper level has a sub level as well, which will be explained further down.


The spires protruding from the upper and lower levels are covered in high powered sensor arrays, able to monitor the majority of the Charros IV system. At the base of each spire, just above the Command blisters are secondary deflector shield generators that cover the command blisters should the primary shields fail.

Command Blisters

The Command blisters, located at the polar extremes of the Station, are able to independently control the upper and lower hemispheres of the facility. Either control center can take complete control of the station should it be required, though this requires either special access codes or the shutdown of one of the command blisters. Generally speaking the access codes are held by the Consortium Lord, Barons, and Head of Security, as well as the Station Commander.

The control centers have total control of station systems, including but not limited to: life support, artificial gravity, weapon and shields.

Top Level, Primary

The Primary upper level consists of various lodging facilities, some ran by station personnel, some by private firms that have rented out space. Dining facilities, ranging from spacer grease spooners to upscale restaurants for the wealthier clients of the Consortium. Various entertainment facilities, from the cheap and quick to the expensive and refined also occupy this level. Below is the hangar level, and directly above is the upper sub-level, or Family quarters.

Top Level, Secondary

The Secondary upper level is secure access only. Family facilities and housing are located on this level, and except for invited or privileged personnel, the only people with entry are d'Tana Family members.

Things concerning this area will be expanded over time as Family members add their own touches.

Hangar Level

Filling out the engorged equator of the station, is the space dock facilities. Split into several areas, including a public hangar bay, private and family controlled bays. In the center, ringing the central superstructure of the station, is an open air market. Surrounding this are security checkpoints at the entry point of each of the three hangar bays. The open air market is simply that, multiple vendor stalls that are rented out for a small monthly fee. This allows an area for open, legitimate trade of general supplies.

Lower Level

The lower level is divided into three primary areas. The first and most notable, is the Arena area, consisting of training and lodging facilities, as well as a large battle arena. This stadium like structure is a large open area, surrounded by seating areas for spectators and bettors. The open area, being the battle field for various styles of fights, is surrounded by force fields to prevent harm to the crowd. It has been tested up to the point of concussion missiles without breaching, so unless sabotage, the crowds are perfectly safe. The arena is frequented by all goers that land on Coronada, with special box seats and such for high rollers.

Maintenance makes up about a third of the area, with a security checkpoint leading into it. Any of the primary systems for the Station are located in this area. The final area, which is quite possibly the busiest portion of the entire Coronada Station. Considered the 'closed' market, most of the trade in this area is NOT legitimate like the open markets on the hangar level. If you want just about anything considered 'illicit' or blatantly illegal, there's a good chance you can find it here.


The Station is well defended, with heavy turbolasers flanking the hangar port entries, standard turbolasers and laser turrets ringing the upper and lower regions. Shield generators are based around the equator, with auxiliaries placed on the hull of both upper and lower regions. Shield generators are military class, and are estimated to be able to stand up to a full bombardment from a Destroyer-class for up to twenty minutes before failing.