Clan Scholae Palatinae Traditions

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Clan Scholae Palatinae is filled with plenty of traditions that date back from its inception. These traditions are ever evolving and have an important place in the history of the Clan. Some traditions die because they are meant to fall away and make way for new traditions that better serve and preserve the community that is Clan Scholae Palatinae.

Historical Connections to Animals

In the history of Clan Scholae Palatinae, one of the strangest and connected traditions was a connection to animals. Animals were frequently used by the house for many activities, such as for labor, or for a family pet, or even as spies. This association with animals started post Exodus, when the natives of the Cocytus System started hunting many animals to extinction. The Clan leadership decided to intervene and prevent certain extinction of much of the animal populace. In return, many animals showed an nutured honor towards those with Force sensitivity. One of the supposed techniques for finding Force sensitives in the months post-Exodus in the Cocytus system were to see if specific animals would approach Force sensitive students or younglings.

Nowadays, although animals are still taken care of, their deep connection with the Clan has lessened over time. They are still used in many instances for agriculture and labor, but the friendly connection they once had with Clan members has been saturated to the point where it has become a tradition over an overt and outward love for these creatures.

Promotional Alcoholism

A Dark Jedi had once attempted to play a prank on his friend who had gained a promotion. He doused his friend in a strong alcohol and lit him on fire. The wounds were severe, but so was the intention of the prank itself. This Dark Jedi was a part of Scholae Palatinae. Soon enough it became a test of mettle, where as each promotion occurred would incur a dousing in alcohol and a lighting of said person on fire. No one has yet to die on such an occasion, seeing as how the Force users afterwards use healing techniques to heal the wounds of said burnt person. This tradition has been carried on for many years by the hands of Clan members. It was from a darker age and a reminder of the past of what was a darker Clan.

Trial by Combat

Empires of old held trials to the death. Whether it was Darth Vader attempting to convince Luke to the join him or die, when Emperor Palpatine ordered Darth Vader to duel Luke Skywalker on the Second Death Star, or when Mace Windu and a team of Jedi Council members fought Darth Sidious in combat, these trials were essentially by combat. When it was decided by Emperor Xen that Clan Scholae Palatinae would remake itself in the image of the old Galactic Empire, it was also decided that Trial by Combat would resurface. Members of Clan Scholae Palatinae and the Cocytus system could use the newly instated Trial by Combat in order to resolve differences. It has rarely been used. It also is not applied to the Brotherhood as a whole, since those members are held to the standards of the Chamber of Justice.


Throughout the year, Clan Scholae Palatinae holds different major holidays in high regard. These holidays are centered around great victories and the celebration of the government.

Emperor Day (day to celebrate the Emperor)

When the first Emperor ascended to the throne, he established Emperor Day. On this Day, people all over the Cocytus system would feast and enjoy each other's company. They would spend time with family and speak well of the Emperor. In the days following, there are usually greater numbers of recruitment to the military and the fleet. The Emperor also makes a system wide speech on this day along with the Grand Marshal and the System Moff on the wellness of the Empire.

Dawn of Imperial Resurgence

When it was decided that the Empire would rise again in Clan Scholae Palatinae, the Emperor had said in a system wide speech something celebrating the "Dawn of Imperial Resurgence". This phrase became the holiday in which massive military parades occurred and people from all over the system would send good wishes to the Empire and its military.

Election Day

Every few years the Cocytus system holds elections for the Imperial Congress, a citizen led government that has very little power within the system. Election Day is a holiday made to be important to create the idea that people in this system do have power and do have the ability to make change even though they do not. It aids in the destruction of any rebellion and causes some to rethink any plans of attempting to fight the Clan from the inside or outside.

Tournament of the Fox

The Tournament of the Fox is a holiday held every year on the day the Brotherhood separated from the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet on the Day of the Fox. The tradition is most famous for its annual dueling tournament between members of the clan. To Clan Scholae Palatinae, this tournament is done to honor the split and the victor gains a lump sum of in system credits, to be used to somehow benefit the Empire in some way.