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Welcome to the Center for Interclub Relations, foreign policy, and alliance agreements within the Dark Brotherhood. The foreign policy of the Brotherhood is carried out by the Deputy Grand Master. Here members of the Brotherhood and other clubs can find the information the Dark Brotherhood uses to guide its decisions in foreign policy, as well as a list of current alliances.

Foreign Policy

  1. The Dark Brotherhood is a club established for the fun and enjoyment of its members. Therefore, all internal and external policies must reflect this. It is for this reason that the Dark Brotherhood shall strive to uphold a policy of honesty and integrity in its foreign relations, while always seeking to add to the enjoyment of the Dark Brotherhood and its allies.
  2. The Dark Brotherhood expressly forbids members from taking part in any actions to non-fictionally harm any individual or club. This is to be enforced through the Disreputable Behavior clause in the Dark Covenant.
  3. The Dark Brotherhood shall work with its allies to promote the best possible experienced between the groups, including the sharing of talents (such as, but not limited to, graphics, banners, and website building) as well as gaming and other activities.
  4. The Dark Brotherhood's foreign policy shall be carried out by the Grand Master and his/her appointed representative(s). The Grand Master may alter the foreign policy of the Dark Brotherhood at any time, though all allies of the Dark Brotherhood will be contacted about any changes made to foreign policy prior to the changes becoming official.
  5. In accordance with Policy Item Two, the Dark Brotherhood shall never declare an official or non-fictional enemy under any condition.

Alliance Policy

  1. Any organization wishing to ally with the Dark Brotherhood is requested to review our club regulations and foreign policy and respect the policy presented by the Dark Council.
  2. Any alliance proposal must be formally presented to the Grand Master and agreed upon in its full terms.
  3. The Dark Brotherhood will in no way give up its sovereign right to choose with whom it allies, regardless of the conditions of relations between separate organizations.
  4. The Dark Brotherhood and its allies shall always strive to enhance the online experience of both its members and its allies members through the mutual and equal sharing of, but not limited to, graphics, banners, website building and gaming, in accordance with Dark Brotherhood foreign policy.
  5. The Dark Brotherhood's allies shall agree to never engage in any actions that are specifically designed to harm another organization of individual.
  6. The Dark Brotherhood reserves the right to request changes in the alliance structure or to terminate the alliance at any time, with prior notice to the allied parties if an ally is found to be in violation of this agreement.

Current Alliances

Rebel Squadron


Official Website : The Rebel Squadrons (RS) is an online club centered on the Star Wars universe and dedicated first and foremost to providing a rewarding and fun experience for all of its members. The Rebel Squadrons also strives to cultivate creativity, excellence, and leadership amongst its members, in a manner consistent with the ideals of the Star Wars Republic it is pledged to defend.

Force Elite Soldiers

Fes banner.jpg

Official Website : The Force Elite Soldiers is an online gaming organization, dedicated to providing a rewarding and fun experience for all of its members. For the sake of its original roots and for fan fiction of Star Wars, our club is centered on the Imperial side of the timeline with a complete military rank structure that all its members are apart of. We have a strong member base from all over the globe, from Japan to Italy, Germany to the United States, Australia to China, Canada to Russia, and so on with many of its members between the age of 13 to 38+.

The largest part of the Force Elite Soldiers is our gaming. We play many Star Wars games such as Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, Jedi Knight series, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, the massive multiplayer game of Galaxies, as well as Rebel Commando and Battlefront and its soon sequel; both online and offline. Besides Star Wars we also enjoy other games that have nothing to do with the Star Wars genre. This includes Command & Conquer Renegade, Red Faction, Planetside, Counterstrike, Halo and Call of Duty. As well for the future we will be including new massive multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft and Imperator Online. In addition to gaming, members also contribute to fan fiction stories, skin, model and level making, desktop themes and winamp skin creation, site design, club-based politics, news reporting and much more.

Galactic Empire

Empirereborn banner.jpg

Official Website : The Galactic Empire... Founded on 1998-01-10, we are an online Imperial gaming and role-playing organization dedicated to re-creating the Empire of the Star Wars universe.

The "GE" bases itself on many Star Wars game platforms, primarily from LucasArts but recently encompassing more, namely TIE Fighter (TIE), X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (XvT), X-Wing Alliance (XWA), Jedi Knight (JK), Mysteries of the Sith (MotS), Jedi Outcast (JO), Jedi Academy (JA), StarWars Galaxies (SWG), Galactic Battlegrounds (GB), Force Commander (FC), Battlefront (BF), and most recently the addition of Free Worlds (FW) as the total conversion of Freelancer. Our operations also extend to many other areas of Star Wars Imperial fandom.

Contact Information

Any questions relating to the Dark Brotherhood's policies, or if you wish to form an alliance with the Dark Brotherhood, are to be emailed to the Deputy Grand Master. Questions or comments relating to the ICGE may be answered by the Fist of the Brotherhood.