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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

18 ABY

Physical Description





1.9 meters







Personal Information

Svere, Herne, Jared(deceased), His personal Squad of soldiers, Serenia, Taysar, Orion


Jennara (Deceased),General Ranthe

Lightsaber Color(s):

Green Armory Saber

Fighting Style(s):

Teras Kasi, Stava

Chronology & Political Information

Captian in the Ascendant Legion


Jedi hunter


New Republic, New Jedi Order, DJB



Known masters:

Taranae Rhode



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"He was born for the light but his... father brought him to the dark..."
―Jedi Master Jared

Calvo is a member of the Obelisk order. He currently holds the level of Jedi Hunter. He is a freshman in the Shadow Academy. He is a member of the Disciples of Dreypa.

Character History

Birth (18 ABY) through Childhood

As a child Calvo was taken in by a bothan darkside practitioner by the name of Mak Lya. Mak raised Calvo, training the youth for the Brotherhood. Calvo's earliest memory was Mak trying to teach Calvo the beast control ability. Mak was ruthless in his training of Calvo, and Calvo gladly accepted. On Felucia at the age of five Calvo, an optimistic youth and practitioner of the beast trick, met a Human Jedi master by the name of Jared. Jared tried to take Calvo to the Jedi, but was stopped by Mak, who took control of a Rancor and knocked away the Jedi master. Mak took Calvo far from the core, to the world of Karvoss II. The two trained there, and Calvo learned many ways to fight, and some force abilities. Calvo spent years training hard, but making no serious progress in anything but martial arts.

The Journey to the Dark

At the age of 18, Calvo was once again found by Jared, and Jareds Apprentice, the iktotchi female named Jennara. The two attacked Mak, and Jennara stabbed him in the heart with her saber. Calvo beat Jennara in his rage at Mak's death. jared, trying to save his apprentice, took her and fled. Mak, dying rapidly, told Calvo to go to the world known as Fakir, to meet the Besalisk known as Herne. Calvo did as asked and after spending a year with the besalisk, the two became friends. Herne, after the year with Calvo, sent Calvo off to the Brotherhood. Calvo learned much in the brotherhood, and eventually became a warrior in the 11th great Jedi war.

"I am not the Hero. I am the warrior."

Restoration, War, Shadows, and Love

Serving in the 11th GJW, Calvo lost his optimism and gained a strong ally in the war, a mute kaleesh named, Svere. Calvo served every day of the war, and during the war got revenge for Mak when Svere killed Jennara to save Calvo. Calvo, his main enemy gone, began to doubt both the Darkside and the light, and after learning of Grey Jedi, has adopted their code as his own. Shortly after the Great Jedi War, Calvo joined the Ascendant Legion, and worked hard to gain the rank of Captain. He lead his squad of five soldiers into a near suicide mission to rescue the Dark Jedi Svere, and none of his team died. Now having his own squad of loyal soldiers, he ventures on to whatever battle he comes across next. After Meeting the Wookie Taysar, Tevarias, The failed Ravager Experiment, and The Human Serenia, Calvo faught and attempted to rebuild the Ascendant Legion shorty after escaping the anchorage. He later dueled Zednich Wolfram.... in a duel from which changed everything.

Physical Description

He is tall for an Elomin, but just barely. He has amber eyes and shorter nose tusks. His horns are arranged in a crown like structure. He has a tattoo of six blood drops in the center of his chest. They contrast greatly with his maroon skin tone. His battle armor is painted blue with his tattoo as a symbol painted on the chest piece. It is made from scrap of old stormtrooper armor. It has no helmet, but covers the rest of his body. Since it is made from many different storm trooper outfits, in order to fit the Calvo, it looks mismatched. His training outfit, a cinder style outfit, is kept pristine. His horns and nose tusks are clean to a point were in battle you can see them get dirty.


Calvo carries nothing but a green bladed light saber, and when he feels it is necessary, his battle armor.

Calvo's Soldiers

Helsha, a ryn wraith. She is 1.4 meters tall, and is known for her skill with blasters, and her temper. She wears grey-green armor.

Borden, a zabrak explosives expert. He is of tan skin with no tattoos. He is small, only 1.6 meters tall. He is a long standing member of the ravagers, and is wise beyond his years. His armor is red.

HK-76, a unique sentient droid. He is like all other HK models, but with some minor differences. He has a single red glowing eye. His left arm is a flamethrower, and he carries a blaster pistol in his right hand. He is made of durasteel, painted white.

Rek’lia. She is a trandoshan Ravager enforcer. One of the top soldiers in the Legion, she is loyal, and strong. She does have an independent streak, though she gets along well with Calvo. She has grey scales, and has a scar from her left eye to her jaw. She carries a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle and her armor was pink.

Zensheal. He is a twi’lek soldier, of moderate skill. He was no better a warrior than any other soldier. He does know many languages. He has a grasp of 16 different languages, and is a good strategist. Zensheal has red skin and dark blue eyes, carries a clawdite blaster, and his armor is white.


  • Calvo doubts his own way, and regrets every kill he makes.