Caliburnus Menagerie Complex

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view of the Caliburnus Menagerie Complex

The massive structure housing the Caliburnus Menagerie is located at the southwestern corner of the Serpent's Vanguard on Ptolomea and holds all of the collected species controlled by Caliburnus.

Security in the entire complex is very high due to the dangerous nature of the creatures to people and the environment. All creatures are managed on a controlled breeding program, even the womp rats. All main doors are designed not just to be blaster resistant but also to withstand the charge of some very nasty creatures.

Note that this complex is not designed to house people’s pets or tamed creatures of any kind, it would generally be up to the person with the pet to provide appropriate housing for their ward. The only exception to this rule is the Royal Stable at the front of the complex which is provided to house the high ranking staffs personal steeds.

The complex itself is divided into five sections. At the front we have three arms that branch out from the central arena dome. The central arm is the Stable, to the left is the veterinary studies wing and to the right is the Force studies wing. All regular access to the building is handled through the veterinary studies main foyer. While there are other access points they all require stringent security clearance to gain entry.

Each of these wings have rooms suitable for doing studies and/or procedures on individual creatures, but are not meant to house creature groups except for experimentation purposes.

Veterinary Studies Wing

The Veterinary Studies wing is where regular creature research and studies are carried out, as well as having a small clinic for personal animals. All public access to the facility is handled through the VS foyer which is a large open area where visitors, workers and patients are sorted into their respective directions. Except those who have come to have their pets helped, which happens at on the left end of the foyer, visitors go up the escalator to the main transport area. The escalator itself is a security scanning device that will check the identity of the individual as well as scanning to see if they are carrying anything suspicious. By the time they get to the top of the stairway security will be there to intercept anyone that has been tagged.

Those who are continuing to the arena viewing area just need to take the main walkway which will move them along the core of the building and straight into the arena visitor levels. These levels are completely secured from all other sections of the facility, the only entrance/exit being the way they came.

From the top of the escalator, staff who need to get into the working structures have to go through the secondary security check, and then to the distribution hub which will transport them to any other section.

The rest of the structure, being three floors, is dedicated to various scientific exploration and experimentations with the many subject creatures that are collected through explorations. All of these studies are strictly of scientific nature, such as genetic manipulations and chemical extractions.

Royal Stable

The main branch off of the Arena Dome is the Royal Stable, built to house the various mounts that are owned by the upper echelon of the House Caliburnus. There are 10 different wings in the royal stable, each sealed off from the others to help to eliminate possible creature rivalries. Generally each wing would house several compatible creatures, but sometimes that is not possible. As well as the creatures, their vehicles and raiment are also stored here.

Force Studies Wing

The Force Studies wing is a nest of 8 individual buildings, each geometrically designed and built to help to amplify and augment Dark Force energies being used in experimentations with creatures, while at the same time keeping the energies from escaping out and possibly creating havoc.

Arena Dome

The arena dome itself is 150 meters in diameter with a 100 meter diameter battle arena at its core. The battle arena can be modified to any environ so that any creatures can be accommodated, be it for hunting, sport, or torture. The stadiums around the arena are all secure from the arena space itself, which is only accessed through the menagerie corridor or the Royal Stables. Below the stadiums are various mechanical services as well as the fodder pens where feed animals are kept and bred. For security reasons the only way to access these sections is through the menagerie entrance.

Hall of Environs

Extending off the rear of the arena dome is the hall of environs, a series of chambers of progressing size that can be customized to accommodate any type of creatures. The main corridor extends in a gentle downward slope all the way straight along the building providing staff with quick access to any of the specific environ halls. At the very end of the corridor is the shipping area where deliveries of creatures and supplies are received.

The main corridor is divided into sections with security doors at each that are connected to the facility alarm system so that any escaped creatures will be contained while assistance is summoned.

Each environ hall has two doors onto the main corridor. The primary man-door is designed for regular use by staff and accesses into the control room for that hall. Each control room has its own independent control system, not connected to the base main computer system and independently powered to avoid any possible breakdown from external influences.

The secondary door is a large loading access door through which transport vehicles can deliver or remove creatures contained in the main area of the hall. This door is only controllable from the control room.

The environ rooms themselves are designed to be able to create and sustain very specific climatic and gravitational standards so that kept creatures can remain as comfortable as possible.

List of Animals Currently Held

Note: the numbers of each species may occasionally vary, and are given as approximate populations only.