Atrum Vorago

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Atrum Vorago
Production information

Sienar Fleet Systems


Vindicator-class heavy cruiser


Heavy Cruiser

Technical specifications

600 meters

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 2.0

  • Light turbolasers (25)
  • Light quad turbolasers (20)
  • Point-defense laser cannons (10)
  • Light point-defense ion cannons (20)
  • Tractor beam projectors (3)

Fighter Squadrons (3)




400 troops

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The Atrum Vorago is one of the three new ships commissioned to serve the Shadow Academy after the Ninth Great Jedi War, along with the Paladin and the Pyralis. The primary function of the Atrum Vorago is to bolster the strength of the Shadow Academy, providing a wealth of firepower from the ship itself and its contingent of fighters.

The ship, and its commander, Lirri Orono, are under the direct command of the Headmaster and his Praetor. However, with appropriate evidence of permission only acceptable from the Headmaster, a Magistrate may make temporary use of the ship for the well being of the Brotherhood as a whole, in any conflict in which the Brotherhood finds itself united against a common foe. Enhancements and modifications were equipped to the ship almost immediately after being acquired. Due to the primary purpose of the ship being combat support, the modifications were entirely combat orientated, featuring enhanced shields and an enlarged hangar to allow for the quicker deployment of the starfighter contingency held within the ship.