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Arian Crass
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Character History

Early life

Arian was born to Israth and Damia Crass in the year 12 ABY on the planet of Bastion. There was much unrest throughout Arian's childhood, living on the seat of the Imperial Remnant. Arian was brought up well educated, studying at the Imperial schools on the planet. His father was a low ranking official in the Remnant government and provided a stable childhood. Arian found himself most absorbed in the studies of the history of the Empire. He was fascinated with all the tales of the early years under Palpatine. Most fascinating was Darth Vader, the emperor's right hand. Vader had nearly single handedly wiped out the Jedi in years past, and Arian often wondered how the galaxy would be if he had succeeded. Always bearing a grudge against the New Republic for taking down the Empire and reducing it to the Remnant, Arian often dreamed of being a new Vader, hunting down the New Republic Jedi and returning the Empire to its former glory. Soon enough, these dreams fell from his mind, when a more imminent threat emerged; the Yuuzhan Vong had invaded the galaxy.

Yuuzhan Vong War

Arian was only thirteen when the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion of the galaxy. For a while the Vong seemed to ignore the Remnant, and Arian could care less what happened to the New Republic. As the war drug on, it became obvious that the Remnant would be drawn into the conflict. Arian's dreams of becoming the next Darth Vader soon turned into dreams of crushing the Yuuzhan Vong and retaking the galaxy for the Empire. Using his knowledge of the system from studying at Imperial schools, Arian forged documents and lied about his age, joining the Imperial Navy. It was during his time at the Naval Academy that he first discovered what he would later learn was his connection to the Force. Despite having no previous piloting experience, Arian quickly excelled. Exercises that his classmates strugged with, Arian found instinctive. His flight times were faster, his reflexes sharper, and his tactics better. He graduated top of his class from the Academy, and immediately joined a combat unit and shipped off.

Arian was deployed to a squadron of TIE Interceptors based off an older Star Destroyer. Despite only being deployed to minor skirmishes, Arian quickly drew notice, racking up several kills and displaying a clear mind for tactics and leadership. Within several months, the commander of his squadron had been transferred and Arian found himself promoted to command. Serving with distinction, Arian continued to draw the notice of his superiors, and soon got his squadron transferred to a ship that would see more than minor battles. This new position took him away from Bastion, and he was not present for the battle that took place for the planet. He soon received word that his parents had been killed in the battle, and Arian instantly became a different person. He turned in on himself, spending less time with his comrades and more time training. Every free moment he spent in the flight simulators, constantly pushing himself to become a better pilot. His descent into his own mind showed no signs of slowing, and soon Arian was relieved of his command. He spent the rest of the war mostly locked inside of flight simulators, never flying another combat mission.

Post War Era

When the war ended, Arian was disgusted with the Empire joining the Galactic Alliance. He resigned from the military and spent some months wandering, discovering more about his ability in the Force. After run ins with several Jedi who commented on his potential, Arian seriously considered seeking out the Jedi for training. Eventually he decided against it, still not able to let go the prejudices from his childhood. Using what little material he could get his hands on, he focused on honing his connection with the Force. He sound found himself frustrated at his lack of progress. He had quickly picked up piloting, using what he now understood was the Force to stand out from his classmates. If tapping into it to become a good pilot had been so easy, why was expanding his control of it so difficult? This ineffective self training continued until 33ABY, when he was contacted by a secretive man whom he later learned was a Dark Jedi. Realize this as his chance to further his training away from the Alliance and the Jedi Order, he accepted the man's request to come train with a group calling themselves the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. No longer having any family, Arian collected the few possessions he still had, and found the unmarked shuttle the man had spoke of. He boarded, along with a group of others, and set off for an unknown location.

Time at the Brotherhood

The shuttle took him to the Shadow Academy, where the Brotherhood trained its members. Arian excelled at his initial tests and was accepted to train at the Academy. Learning this whole world, previously unknown to him, Arian found himself gravitating to the Order of the Obelisk. Ever since the death of his parents, Arian had constantly pushed himself to improve his abilities, and that mentality fit in perfectly with the Obelisk. Soon after starting his training at the Academy, Arian met a man not much older than himself, Locke Sonjie. Though both were introverted, they found they got along well. Although only a year older than Arian, Locke was a Dark Jedi Knight, and it was soon decided that Arian would be his apprentice. Arian poured hours into his studies, reading materials and taking courses at the Academy. His effort paid off, as he found himself advancing quickly, eventually rising to the rank of Acolyte. Continuing his training, Arian applied for acceptance to the Antei Combat Center being accepted as a candidate. His ceaseless work ethic never relenting, Arian continued pouring hours upon hours into the Shadow Academy, as well as participating in any Brotherhood activity that he could. The hard work payed off yet again, and Arian currently finds himself at the rank of Protector. After a leave of absence from the Brotherhood, Arian has put himself head on back into his studies, never losing the drive to improve. Arian finds himself bound to Clan Naga Sadow, following the footsteps of his master, Locke.

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Arian has taken to his training well and is quickly rising in the ranks of the Brotherhood.