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Dox Romanae


The Pyramid on Yridia III

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32 ABY


33 ABY

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"No women and chilldren!"
― Dox Romanae to his men before the hunt

Zurhidon was an elite combat-oriented battle team within House Reinthaler of Tarentum. It was established in 32 ABY by Obelisk Prelate Dox Romanae. The team served as the main combat unit for the house, warriors and hunters of Reinthaler that worked to crushed everything in their path. After fighting honorably on Yridia IV but suffering multiple casualties during an attempted coup on the Yridia system, Zurhidon was closed after the clan was downsized to a house.


Zurhidon, in contrast to Black Phoenix, was the main source of pure, brute combat for House Reinthaler. Their main purpose was to use melee and long-range battle tactics to defeat opposing military and enemy forces. The Zurhidon were cunning warriors or hunters, and they had to prove themselves in one of these aspects to gain a certain amount of prestige in the house.