Aarush Solaar

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Aarush Solaar
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:

4 ABY (34 years old)

Physical Description

Hapan Off-shoot




1.9 m (6 feet 3 inches)


93 kg (205 lbs)


Blonde - Medium Length



Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Conversion Hilt Lightsaber

  • Shimmer (White Blade)
  • Twilight (Gold Blade)
Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information
  • Count of Gothengromer
Personal Ship:

Luminous Spear

Known masters:

Ktulu Mizheray Xyler



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"Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness."
―Quiet reflections of a troubled mind

A Human from a unique desert world, Helios Prime, of the Unknown Regions. Aarush Solaar appears to be genetically superior in every way. A Force Disciple and Sorceror he adheres to the rites and rituals of what was once the Krath Order and constantly seeks to perfect his command of the Force. A master manipulator resides at the core of his seemingly flawless appearance, traits which make it extremely easy for him to get what he wants when he wants. Power hungry, he has placed himself on a pedestal so high that he constantly looks down on those he feels are inferior. Crossing the Galaxy, he has made his home on Zsoldos where he desires to utilize Mandalorian strength for elevating himself, to insert himself into the internal power struggles of the Brotherhood with an army of warriors supporting him.

Character History


Helios Prime.

Life in the Aurnia Province was tough for a male child. Born to a warrior mother and a father who was little more than breeding stock, Aarush was always belittled and viewed as a lesser being by his mother and three sisters. While they were skilled at everything they set their minds to, Aarush was always able to best them. His skills were far superior, however, growing up in a Matriarchal society meant that he was never going to be seen as their equal. The women were gorgeous creatures, stubborn and blinded by the laws of Sha'la. This is why, centuries ago, a group of men known as the 'Barrens' fled the Aurnia province in search of forging their own paths. They would develop a society and culture of their own. While seemingly more primitive and barbaric, the men were free. Aarush, along with two of his cousins whom were treated just as poorly as he was, discovered that life outside of Aurnia was vastly different, enlightened by a prisoner of war. This would start the scheming as the youngsters sought to carve out their own destinies, even if it meant spilling the blood of their rulers.

Shifting Sands

Aarush and his cousins began to plot, not in the Shadows, but in the light of Helios' suns. The eldest and more skillful in combat and tactics, Aarush was the head of the group. They started small, pushing propaganda into the streets in an attempt to reach out to the men who were cut off from everything but subservience to the ruling body of women. He aspired to be King and wanted to free Aurnia from the shackles of inequality. He would try to amass an Army of followers before stirring his coup de tat. The revolution. However, pressure from the Queen created justified round ups and interrogations. Among those captured was one of his cousins who not only spilled everything he knew but pointed the finger at Aarush in order to save his own life. The Queen's Guard had what they needed and killed the traitor even after divulging. Aarush learned of this and not only grieved but began to loathe the powerless men of Aurnia as without backbone ousted him and his cause. Resentment churned in his belly like a fire as he fled, making his way into the vast 'Ring of Fire' the hottest and most desolate place you could find on Helios. But something else stirred within.

Baptized By Fire


The journey to the Ring of Fire was perilous. Traveling for a standard month, on foot. Aarush suffered from severe dehydration, hunger, and fatigue. This dangerous combination not only triggered a survivor's mentality but a ladent Force affinity through Celestial visitation in the form of visions. In fact, he accredited this dormant power as his 'saving grace' and was able to stave off his bodily needs with spiritual awakening and a newfound knowledge of divine will. By the time he reached his destination, he had a restored purpose. No one that he had ever known on Helios shared this unknown power. In truth, he didn't even know what it was. In haste, he was not only eager to find out, but eager to use it for revenge; to stake his claim.


Returning to the Barrens, Aarush was a changed man. In fact, he didn't think of himself as a man any longer. In his mind, he was supernatural and had risen to new heights. He was returning as a savior, a conqueror, a self-proclaimed God. When the Celestials revealed visions of divine will, purpose, and rebirth, Aarush in all of his arrogance blasphemed the Helosian deity Solaar by claiming to be his incarnate form. With unlocked Force potential, Aarush would beguile the faction of men and ultimately persuade them into conquest. Seeking revenge on the Queen of their world, to claim his kingdom.


With an army of followers, Aarush, now calling himself Aarush Solaar, returned to the Aurnia Province. His campaign to destroy the Capital and the Queen's guard, even with his awakened, albeit untrained powers, ultimately ended in failure as he was overwhelmed and captured. His arrogance had been his downfall. While many were slain and Aarush gained vast amounts of experience in the raid, he was left without his spoils or a kingdom to call his own. His men, who worshipped him as if he were a God, turned on him in defeat, realizing that he was a fraud. Filled with anger and disbelief, the same men who followed him, along with the Queen's armada, worked together to banish him from Helios. Placing him aboard a derelict (type of ship) with no provisions, they would jettison him into the void of space.

Call Of Ktulu

A visitor.

Close to losing his sanity, with nothing but a ship and untrained powers. Aarush used his floating prison cell as a playground. Tapping into his gift in unique ways. To one trained in the Force, the sheer amount of activity aboard the vessel would leave his scent and like a Kath Hound, a man by the name of Ktulu Mizheray Xyler would pick up on the trail. Visions of the Architects still plagued his mind. He learned how to reform and rebuild. How to evolve and shape. But he also learned how to destroy. For months he floated through the darkness of space, learning to rekindle the light of his home through the Force. To brighten the darkness, even if temporary. He learned how to charge and channel his energy into electrical currents. To move things with his mind. To sustain and nourish himself. It was a pivotal turning point in his life as he was forced to wrestle with his mind and with his abilities. Then, a new voice was heard. The voice spoke of an order known as the Krath and a Brotherhood of like-minded individuals. Some extremely powerful while others were still learning to harness their potential. The voice grew louder as time went by until it stopped with the breaching of his ship. Onboard was a new breed of man unlike anything Aarush had ever seen before. He called himself Ktulu Mizheray Xyler and he would soon become, not only Aarush's savior, but his mentor.

A Whole New World

Dance With The Devil

Consuming Darkness




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