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(created by the request of the Praetor to the Headmaster)
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==Document updates==
==Document updates==
* The document was first created, under the supervision of the [[User:DStephens|Praetor to the Headmaster]], by [[user:Bentre Stahoes|a Magistrate]] on February 22nd of 2018.
* The document was first created, under the supervision of the [[User:DStephens|Praetor to the Headmaster]], by [[user:Bentre Sadow|a Magistrate]] on February 22nd of 2018.
[[Category: Headmaster Policies]] [[Category: Shadow Academy]]
[[Category: Headmaster Policies]] [[Category: Shadow Academy]]

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There are certain standards which are to be upheld by the Headmaster, the Praetor to the Headmaster, Magistrates to the Headmaster and the whole of the Shadow Academy's staff. This is to help ensure transparency as well as consistency for the good of the Brotherhood membership. This document, like the courses of the Academy itself, will be updated as necessary.

Shadow Academy Course Standards

Expectations of Professor/Docents

"by the will of the Headmaster"
  • Exams are expected to be graded within twenty-four (24) hours of completion. As such, if the Professor/Docent responsible for the course is expecting to be out of contact for longer than 24 hours they must alert the Headmaster's Staff. The repeated failure to comply to this standard will result in grader being removed from their position as the grader of the course(s).
  • In the case of specialized Departments, such as Gaming & Combat and Writing, it is expected that at least one additional grader will be responsible for grading beside the Dark Council member who oversees the Department. The requirement can be fulfilled by either the Praetor or a Magistrate within the corresponding staff. This is to allow for the timely grading of courses in the event the Councillor is away. If over time it proves that the Councillor or their representative cannot perform within the turnaround time, the Headmaster may replace them with a Professor of the Headmaster's choice.
  • All Professors and/or Docents are expected to perform a regular self-audit of the courses under their their purview every 6 months. This is to say, that each Department and each individual course are considered to be "Living Documents". As the Dark Brotherhood and Star Wars canon grows and changes, the information contained within the Shadow Academy will also change over time. Each Department is expected to report to the Headmaster and the Praetor to the Headmaster with their expected changes prior to performing them. In the event that the Professor and/or Docent does not believe the course needs to be updated at that time, they still must inform the Headmaster and his Praetor of this conclusion.
  • If a grader believes that a student has copy/pasted an answer from the course notes or other media they may, at their discretion, mark the answer as incorrect or fail the student's exam all together. In either case, the grader is expected to make a note of it in the comments and remind the student of the consequences of plagiarism. If this happens repeatedly with a student, notify the Headmaster and the Headmaster's Praetor.

Expectations of Praetor/Magistrates

  • As noted above, the Praetor works alongside the Headmaster in many responsibilities.
  • The Praetor to the Headmaster and Magistrates to the Headmaster are expected to grade any exam that goes over the 24 hour mark. This should not become a standard practice.
  • The Praetor to the Headmaster and Magistrates to the Headmaster are prohibited from taking any Shadow Academy courses they have access to answer sheets for. This prohibition extends for 30 days after leaving the position. This policy was added in February of 2018.

Document updates