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Character Pages

After discussion with the Grand Master, the Deputy Grand Master, the Wiki Tribune and his staff it has been clearly decided that the character articles are not a replacement for member's dossier files on Rather, it is a replacement for your Character History on your dossier.

Therefore, it is not necessary for images of your Warbanner or your Lightsaber on the Character article since it is already available on your dossier. If you choose to display these images, they must have a paragraph devoted to each, and placed in relative proximity to those paragraphs.

Alternate Characters & Owned NPCs

Alternate characters can be identified via the character template with the various order designations (Sith, Jedi, Loyalist, Mercenary, Gray). They can also, at the discretion of the member, be categorized in unit member categories (where appropriate) or Rogues instead of as NPCs. All owned NPCs that are not classified as alternate characters must be marked as NPCs on their character template and assigned to the relevant NPC category.


  • A brief summary at the beginning of the article is required. This summary should not be more than a medium sized paragraph. The bulk of the article should be under subsequent headings that follow the summary.


  • Assume good faith. The DJBWiki has worked remarkably well so far based on a policy of near-complete editing freedom. People come here to collaborate and write good articles.
    • If you have not registered yourself, do not construct a signature that might make it appear that you have. That is dishonest (and could get you in serious trouble with the Justicar).
  • Avoid reverts and deletions whenever possible, and explain reversions in the edit summary box.
    • Amend, edit, discuss.


  • Treat others as you would have them treat you. Everyone was a n00b once...
  • Keep in mind that raw text is ambiguous, emotionless and often seems more offensive than the same words coming from a person standing in front of you. Irony isn't always obvious - text comes without facial expressions, vocal inflection or body language. Be careful of the words you choose. Intentions might not be what others perceive, and what you read might not be what the author intended.
  • Give praise when due. Everybody likes to feel appreciated, especially in an environment that often requires compromise. Drop a friendly note on users' talk pages.
  • Try to remain civil or mature.


DJB members may help mediate disagreements between others, but incidents should be reported to the DJBWiki Staff.

If you are in a disagreement, please try to remember these important items:

  • Remind yourself that these are just other people you're dealing with.
  • Try to allow dignity to others.
  • Work toward agreement.
  • Argue facts, not personalities or opinions.
  • Don't ignore questions.
  • If another disagrees with your edit, provide good reasons why you think it's appropriate.
  • Concede a point, when you have no response to it or admit when you disagree based on intuition or taste.
  • Although it's understandably difficult in a heated argument, if the other party is not acting as civil as you'd like them to be, make sure to be more civil than them, not less. Report problems to the DJBWiki Staff.
  • Be prepared to apologize. Forgive and forget.
  • Recognize your own biases and keep them in check.
  • Remove or summarize resolved disputes that you initiated.