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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

81 BBY

Physical Description





6 ft.


205 lbs.





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Light Blue

Lightsaber Form(s):
  • N/A
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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"I care for no one, therefore I fear nothing."


Not much is known about Wraith or his early life, but he was born 81 years prior to the Battle of Yavin. No one even knows his real name. The name Wraith was given to him by former Padawans mainly do to his wearing the large hood and cloak to conceal his decomposing body. It gave him a more menacing and terrifying appearance as well.

Wraith without his cloak embracing his pain and hate, the fuel that keeps him alive past death

Wraith is a unique individual, his power to stay alive past death is astonishing as well as frighting.

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First Death

The man known as Wraith was already in his adulthood when he met his demise. Wraith was sent out to confront a group of mercenaries who had failed their mission and was to be disposed of. Knowing a powerful Dark Jedi was coming for them, hired an equally powerful rouge sith in hopes to ambush Wraith as he arrived. Wraith managed to kills 3 of the mercs before 2 lightsaber blades from a rogue Sith Marauder found their way through Wraiths midsection, nearly cutting Wraith in two.

The rogue made a mistake not making sure his victim was dead, but why would he need to? Wraiths body was so mangled, shot up and nearly severed in two, the Marauder left the scene. The Force was strong with Wraith, Just before he was to lose consciousness, was able to use his pain and anger to fuel the force to cheat death and keep himself alive long enough to get to help and a med bay.

As the years went on, and he got older, he could not control his pain to keep his body together as well as he used to. Using what technology that was available at the time, He was able to get his body outfitted with a belt and a chest piece that had tubes running down his arms, legs and back filled with bacta. The Bacta helped ease pain from his deteriorating and rotting body. as muscle and tissue rots away, Wraith stays in excruciating pain all the time, The bacta helps keeps him up and moving.

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The Revenge

Since Wraiths death, he traveled from planet to planet terrorizing all inhabitants. When he arrived to Coruscant, he came across a rogue Dark Jedi, much like the one who killed him many years ago. He sensed much hate in him and could also sense that this young man had a special ability. Feeling threatened, Wraith stalked the young Dark Jedi, following him, using his dark side powers of manipulation to help conceal his presence from the young man. Feeling that he is in a secluded enough area, Wraith attacked. Before the rogue dark Jedi could react, Wraith has already impaled him with his saber. Before the Jedi died, Wraith shows his face so that it may be the last thing they see before they die. The face of death.

Before leaving the scene, Wraith noticed some marking on the mans clothing. Brotherhood symbols, Clan Plagueis and a large red triangular symbol on his back. The mark of the Kogarasu family. "Kuro Kogarasu huh, No one will miss you"

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Life After Death

Wraith still has much to learn and power to attain in order to rely solely on the force alone, He must constantly repair and replace his body with parts off of his fallen prey. Bacta can only do so much to a rotting corpse.

Because he is constantly concentrating on his pain and anger to save his life, any distractions would surly cause his final demise, as as such, he does not dare get close to anyone.

The Brotherhood

Rare time Wraith is seen without his cloak. Burning down a Jedi Temple

Wanting to continue his reign of terror, he found himself among other Dark Jedi who share his point of view on death. Plagueis will be Wraiths new home, for now.