William Darkfire

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William Darkfire
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Date of Death:

31 ABY

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1.86 m


181 lbs




Glowing red

Personal Information

Yuuzhan Vong

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Ex Bounty Hunter


Flight Leader Bravo


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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"True power comes from hatred. If you want to kill me, then you have to hate me more then I hate you..."
―William Darkfire

William Darkfire is a Dark Jedi Knight of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He is currently a member of House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow, and is a Flight Leader for the Night Raptors.

Character History

William Darkfire was born on August 5, 0 BBY. He is currently 23 years old and an active member of the Brotherhood. William had a rough childhood growing up on his homeworld of Csilla; his family had little money to spare, and starvation was always a possibility. When he was only 12 years old, his older brother Lucious (formerly Lex "Deadman" Darkfire) was exiled and banned from Csilla for killing a small group of children. Lucious claims that they were being loud and had kept him up at night, and William speculates that this could have been one of the Deadman's first takeovers. Things began to look up when he turned 14, as his family received a large sum of money from a recently departed relative who had been long thought dead. Two months later, more than half of his tribe was killed during an Imperial raid, including one of his two brothers and his sister. Fearing a second raid, his family decided to move to a different planet, and start over, this time with much more money. However, Lucious would not allow this to happen, as he returned to his home planet and went insane with rage a few weeks before their departure, killing the surviving members of his family, and the rest of the tribe. William, who had always been close to his brother, was let off with only a gash across his left forearm, and an eternity of nightmares. Over the next 3 years, William roamed the planet seeking work as a bounty hunter. During this time, William found himself becoming overly aggressive and hating, despite his previously docile nature. At 18, he finally found out why he had been so hating when his insane, bloodlusting, split personality Archaon took over for the first time. After being controlled for 6 minutes, William finally regained control, surrounded by 14 freshly slaughtered bodies. Archaon finally spoke to William the next day, explaining that he was the spirit of a great warlord, and that he had been passed onto William when he had been cut by the sword his brother killed his family with, a sword that once belonged to Archaon. For the next 3 years, William struggled to suppress his alter ego's takeovers, failing many times, and killing many people in the process. William finally found hope when he stumbled upon the Dark Jedi Brotherhood at 21 years old. He was immediately accepted into the brotherhood due to his connections to the force, connections that William always thought related to Archaon. After 2 years in the Brotherhood, William has learned to suppress Archaon, only relinquishing control during life or death situations. Very recently, he discovered that his brother struggled with a similar problem, he too having an alter ego, nicknamed the Deadman.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

William Darkfire is currently a Sith Flight Member for House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow and a member of the Night Falcons

Outstanding Achievements

Up until his acceptance into the Brotherhood, William had neither had nor done anything to be proud of. Rumor has it that William thought of the new Night Falcons' motto, but it has yet to be confirmed.



Only at the rank of Jedi Hunter, William has yet to pass his trials or receive his training saber. He is currently the apprentice of Derev Niroth, and looks forward to advancing through the ranks. Years of Archaon's presence has tainted William's personality, and he is no longer a caring Human being. His personality is a sane, less extreme version of his alter ego now. His body has been scarred from many battles and training incidents. His torso has numerous scars, most minor, and only two prominent ones: a curved scar on his back delivered by a scythe during a bounty hunt and the scar on his left arm given to him by his brother. For reasons unknown to William and untold by Archaon, his scars take on a reddish glow when Archaon takes over, and his eyes turn pitch black.

Lucious and the Deadman

William's brother Lucious disappeared almost a year and a half ago, and no clues have been left behind as to where or why he fled the Brotherhood. William is certain that he is still alive, and expects him to come back eventually. Archaon recently opened up to William, and explained his relationship with the Deadman, a relationship William was completely unaware of. According to Archaon, he and the Deadman once fought together as comrades, claiming numerous planets. However, Archaon always received higher praise, and the Deadman always felt as though his talents were squandered by the boastful warlord. After one of many confrontations with Archaon, he finally snapped. Driven by jealousy and rage, he plotted to murder Archaon in his sleep and steal his position as warlord. The vey next night, he snuck into the warlord's tent, stole Archaon's sword, and stabbed him in the heart, killing him instantly. His plan would not go perfectly, however, as all fingers pointed to him once the Warlord was found dead. Upon searching his tent, they found Archaon's sword, and he was to be lynched at noon. Fearing the disgrace of such an end to his life, he would take his own life before this could happen, using Archaon's stolen sword. It is still unclear as to how or when the ancient sword was obtained by William's family, and it is currently in Lucious' hands.