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This article is about the real life person behind Solari (previously Windos Helkin Tarentae) and DJB Windos on the Wookieepedia.

This user operates the bot, Vexxtal.


Primary School

Though not born in the area, Joshua's family moved to Te Awamutu soon before he turned five (and required to commence primary education.) During his early years at school, he also attended Keas, the junior division of Scouting New Zealand.

Joshua's father, the leader of the Scouts troop, often took him on camping trips not intended for Keas; allowing him to see a large portion of the North Island.

Before his eight birthday his family moved back to their home town of Ashhurst where he completed his primary education.

High School

When time came to attend High School, Josh decided to enroll at the smallest one in Palmerston North. The school advertised a promising accelerated learning program which he thought would cater to his aptitude for Mathematics and Science.

Joshua had an easy time during his first year, completing a large portion of the next year's material at the same time including the end of year exams. His teachers recommended that he skip a year in his two strongest classes. This, however, would have placed him in the group going through the first level of NCEA for the first time and the school refused to allow the acceleration.

For the rest of his time at the school (from which he graduated in 2005) he made a point of doing as little work as possible while still remaining at the top of his class.

RNZAF & Other Employment

Joshua enlisted in the Royal New Zealand Air Force straight out of high school and within three months he was aboard a C-130H Hercules on his was to commence basic training at RNZAF Base Woodbourne.

Two weeks from completion of basic, Joshua decided that military life was not for him and returned home to Palmerston North. His father acquired him a job at the local saw mill where he completed a number of trade certifications.

The certifications made it incredibly easy for Josh to find employment when he and his soon-to-be fiance (who is the person behind Shardara Bellamorae) decided to move to Napier.

Tertiary Education

Not satisfied with a life in manual labour, Joshua decided to leave his job and enroll in a Diploma in Information and Communication Technology at the Eastern Institute of Technology, which he completed in July of 2009. He then went onto a Diploma in Programming which he is currently completing.

Origins of the Name

The name Windos was stumbled upon when Joshua was roughly 10 years old and tried entering his nickname as "Windows" on a Friend.Link. Seven letters, apparently, was too many for the device and the W was replaced by the S.

Since then Windos was been used as his user name across the internet.

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