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  • Lifeguard
  • Swim Instructor
  • Diver
  • Diving
  • Karate
  • Star Wars
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Fremoc Pepoi


Enter the Sandbox

About Me

What's there to say? I'm going to college, so automatically I drink quite a bit. I play a lot of video games. I like to write, which is odd considering I am a history major where I have to read 7 books a week. I was originally brought into the Dark Jedi Brotherhood by Ekeia, who I had met through Star Wars Galaxies, and we wanted to hang out a bit more considering I was trying to move away from the game. My character originally came from the random name generator on SWG, and have been going by that name ever since in various other places. I created Fremoc as an outward person of myself, but with him doing things that I can not in real life. For example, he has had shoulder surgery, whereas I haven't yet but in a few years I probably will have to. Fremoc has gone off to become a commando in the military and also be a Jedi, I can not become either of those things.

DJB Projects Worked On

  • Rites of Combat:
    • As magistrate Fremoc worked with the then Fist Ma`ar and several other members to bring the RoC up to date. This is constantly going through updates as Fremoc finds flaws and other loopholes in the RoC that haven't been accounted for before.
    • Created the Retired Rites of Combat after a suggestion made by Halc, to remove old games and to shorten the actual RoC page
    • goes over the RoC after every vendetta to make sure there are no loopholes
  • CF Table Update:
    • Another Project while Fremoc was a Magistrate to the Fist, he and Ma`ar balanced out the CF Tables.
    • A major update to the CF Table, was done during Project Blackburn, the creation of the Non-Star Wars Games CF grid was added
    • Is over seeing revisions to balance TOR, Diablo 3, and Regular gaming
  • Brotherhood Gaming Expansion Pack 1
    • The following games were added after Fremoc first became fist
      • The Halo Series
      • Starcraft 2
      • Killzone 3
      • Resistance 2
      • Alien versus Predator
  • Servers
    • JO
    • RC
    • JA
    • Halo PC (shut down)
    • Modern Warfare (shut down)
    • TS3 server
  • TOR Guild:
    • A major project for Fremoc while he was Fist along with Araxis.
    • Creation of the two guilds for the Brotherhood
    • Creation of the ToR society and the ranks
    • Purchasing the DJB Ventrilo Server
    • Helped with the creation of the new ToR join process, and created the ToR guild join email.
    • Approves applications for members to join
    • Created TOR wiki for members to see everything about the tor guild
  • Free for all/matchmaking update:
    • Something that was not thought about during other Tribunes, and gaming members, Fremoc and Cethgus created a set of Rites of Combat rules for the events, as well as their own amount of Clusters awarded for those matches.
  • Inter Club Gaming Event:
    • Originally the ICTE, Fremoc and Dante brought the event back and added more clubs after talks with the EH and RS. Such clubs including the TRA, TFA, and other clubs from the DJO. The Rebel Squadrons decided to pull out, and also because Fremoc saw it becoming just a DJB gaming night because only the DJB members would show up to it.
  • Grind Path courses/SA Courses.
    • Re-wrote the GMRG exam for more basic use
    • Wrote the General Warfare Exam
    • Wrote ToR Basics with Araxis
    • Wrote ToR Advanced
    • Created the Dark Sage Gaming and was the first to earn it
  • Project Blackburn aka Brotherhood Gaming Expansion pack 2
    • Essentially is the DJB Gaming Expansion pack 2 where all non-Star Wars games earn slightly less CF's than those that are actually Star Wars related.
    • Games Include:
      • Battlefield 3
      • Call of Duty
      • Gratuitous Space Battles
      • Team Fortress 2
      • Soul Calibur 4
      • Gears of War 3
  • GMRG
    • Gorefest:
      • Gorefest is an event that is replacing the ICGE. At the end of every month members of the GMRG compete to become the Gladiator of Gorefest.
    • Juggernaut:
      • A competition to determine who is the best GMRG member and earns the right to protect the Fist of the Brotherhood
  • General
    • Proposed the addition of a link to the promotion requirements in the promotion automated emails
    • Created the gaming information page for the new website
    • Created the google form for the gaming portal that was an in between before James Entar could code the in house form
    • Created the Dark Council template on the wiki
    • Helped Grade GJWX, Horizons
    • With Kalia and Korras, created alternative promotion requirements for TOR gamers


Short Term

  • ICGE All Star
  • Have a GMRG Only Event - Created two

Long Term