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Production information

Civilization of the Basilisk


Antique Basilisk War Droid


Droid Mount

Technical specifications
Max speed (atmosphere):

1,400 km/h

Hyperdrive rating:

Class NA


laser cannons (2), seismic charges (2), Boarding Harpoon Launcher (1)


Pilot (1)

Cargo capacity:

10 kilograms


1 day



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The Tracyn is Sashar's Basilisk War Mount.

Basilisk War Droid

The Basilisk War Droids were once the feared steeds and companions of the Mandalorians as they tore a bloody swathe through the outer rim during the Mandalorian Wars, nearly 4000 years ago – They were brutal, they were powerful, they were agile, and they were unique.

Taken from the Basilisk civilization, a race conquered early-on by the Mandalorians, the semi-sentient droids were barely more intelligent than beasts, however they formed an emphatic relationship with their Mandalorian warrior riders to such an extent that the riders were able to fly the war droids as if they were extensions of their own bodies, vastly improving their performance in combat.

At the conclusion of the Mandalorian wars, after Revan claimed victory at Malachor V, he had all of the surviving Basilisk War Droids dismantled while the Mandalorians watched, forever removing the hordes of war mounts from the galaxy and with them, taking away any potential for the Mandalorians to ever hold the entire galaxy trembling in their grasp.

Naturally, a few Basilisk War Droids escaped the initial cull and lived out their years being stored in many disparate supply caches, ready for the time when the Mandalorians rise again, and one such cache was on the jungle moon of Dxun. The Kodiak Clan was able to get two of the Basilisk War Droids working, and Sashar took it upon himself to quietly modify them so that they’d be more than antiques.


The first of the two droids he dubbed the ‘Tracyn’, meaning ‘fire’ in Mando'a. For the most part, he left the droid as he’d found it, apart from thoroughly checking the inertial dampener and upgrading the exotic engines a little to coax some more speed from them. The main upgrades were the new weapons. Sashar stripped the old armament from the war droid, and instead gave it a pair of Blaster cannons taken from an AT-ST, as well as a Seismic Charge deployer and a new, relatively unheard-of piece of technology; a boarding harpoon launcher.

The blaster cannons, while not as strong as laser cannons, were perfect for the Basilisk, as it didn’t put too much power drain on the already antique power source. The seismic charges were virtually unused, but a personal favorite of the Mandalorians, if for nothing else than their pure destructive potential. The two charges were kept in compartments just behind the pilot’s saddle, ready to be deployed if pursuit became too hectic. Lastly, the Boarding Harpoon was a newly developed weapon that had yet to see widespread use. Essentially, it was fired at close range into the hulls of target star-ships, upon which point the contents of the boarding harpoon – usually coma gas, or some other nerve agent into the interior of the target ship, rendering the living crew unconscious or worse.