Tiberius Serpentium

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Tiberius Serpentium
Biographical Information

Kamino Star System (Caminon Primodulus)

Date of Birth:

Unknown (3rd Year of the 295th Solar Cycle of Kamino Prime)

Physical Description











Blood Red (Implant), Natural: Blue

Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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""To die in glorious battle is a fool's dream, when manipulation will guarantee victory.""
―Tiberius Serpentium

Brief Dark Jedi Brotherhood Biography

Tiberius currently holds the title of "Longest Standing Tetrarch of Battle Team Hex" (Former), and ruled the battleteam for close to 15 months.

K'hamar'an Home World

The planet K’hamar’an, a lone dead planet located in a desolate star system, far from the central hub of galactic affairs. Orbiting the twin stars of Solarium and Proximal Centarie, the K’hamar’anian homeworld is a barren wasteland; massive craters that once housed large oceans now spot the landscape. A thin atmosphere comprised of methane and hydrogen now pollutes the upper layers of the hydrosphere; the result of orbital bombardment of the plants surface with ion disrupters and pulse mass drivers. The remnants of ancient cities and monuments are all that remain of a once proud and accomplished space faring specie. Surface radiation is extremely lethal to Humanoid life. Protective radiation suits are required for any expedition to the surface of the dead planet. Underground catacombs are shielded from harmful radiation due to heavy deuterium deposits. Although rich with deuterium the planet cannot be mined as the atmosphere reacts with the mineral and spontaneously combusts due to inner fusion.

Layout of the Inner Sanctum

The inner structure of the compound is composed of solid deuterium; designed to block any radiation from seeping into the inner halls. The complex is Hexagonal is shape. It was designed with that layout so as to generate a focus point within the central sphere of the compound. The area darkened with ruby red is the main audience chamber; designed specifically for the purpose of viewing the ceremony as it was conducted in the central square. The purple grid designates the size of the entire compound; in which each square represents over twenty feet. The green pedestal within the central focusing chamber is designed to hold a spherical object no more that thirty centimeters in diameter. The spherical artifact is designed to channel the energy that flows from the adjacent labyrinths to the central pedestal. The pedestal is powered by an unknown power source; all attempts to locate the source of the energy have proven to be disastrous. The inner dimensions of the outer courtyard are detailed in the gray image below the structural layout of the complex. The courtyard is divided into numerous quartered shapes, ranging from four inner squares to four “L” geometric shapes surrounding the inner squares. The grounded shapes are illuminated with photosensitive fungi; the sole remaining vegetation left on the planet. The courtyard will serve as a rotunda to channel energy to the central dais in the main audience chamber.

The Central Focusing Crystal

This blue spherical crystal is the essence of what drew the Krath lords to the planet. The gem is very heavy; weighing four times as much as any other object of relative size and dimension. A mysterious energy field surrounds the crystal, permitting only those most powerful in the force from handling the burble gem. Encrusted in the center of the crystal is what appears to be the exoskeleton remains of an insectoid species; unknown to the imperial achieves on any major Krath world. The gem will act as the primary conduit for channeling the energy that will be focused by the outer chambers of the complex. The energy field radiates light as it comes into contact with the pedestal; energy coursing through its structure. The ceremonial ritual would soon follow.

Overview of the Caminon Colonists

The Caminon People (former Human Colonists during the time of the Great Purge) are distinguished with two variations of skin type, pale white skin and dark-brownish skin (each respective of caste and location on the planet); this is a result of permanent darkness on the Caminon home world. The paler Caminon’s occupy the lower regions of the planet, whereas the darker ones inhabit the northern sectors. Caminon prime (satellite world) is located on the far side of Caminon, shadowed by the planet from the Kamino star. The Humanoid species that developed on Caminon prime are nocturnal in nature, and as such possessive of deep red/crimson eyes. The shades of eye pigments are designed for night hunting, capable of observing the ultra violet spectrum along with possible heat signature from primitive animals. The facial structure of the Caminon is adapted to serve the purpose of hunting and tracking. A hawked shaped nose is primal for scent detection, as numerous life forms of Caminon prime have signature scent patterns. The ears of the Caminon are point tipped, designed for the purpose of sensitive movement. The Caminon is possessive of two Vampiric fangs, designed for the purpose of blood drinking. The Caminon race are carrion drinkers, sustained by the blood of their pray, an adaptation to suit the prevalent darkness of the planet.

Originally a hunter gatherer society, based on subdivision of caste and rank. The original Caminon Human colonists, over the centuries, was breed into three castes; the first dedicated to stealth, the second to brute strength, and the third to pure intellect. Division between the castes formed a primitive hierarchy, and lead to a feudal system of rank based privileges. Centuries later the Caminon developed in to an imperial dynasty, adopting space travel in the conquest of new worlds within their sphere of influence. A revolution sparked on one of the colonial worlds, for home rule, and was brutally suppressed by the dynasty. This led to revolutionary ideologies spreading to other dominions within the empire. With the assistance of the Chiss Imperium the revolutionary planets over threw the Dynasty and established a democratic republic. The Imperial fleet was driven to the far corners of the region, and the imperial family executed. The Chiss Imperium then assassinated the key leaders of the Republic and claimed the Caminon worlds as Chiss territory. The sole surviving Caminon overlords from the Imperial family fled to the region known as the Galactic Empire, and established formal contact with Emperor Palpatine. The Caminon’s were given permission to incorporate their fleet into the outbound flight project, which was eventually destroyed by Thrawn. The remaining Caminon dignitaries were granted the title ”exiled government of the Caminon people” within the Imperial senate before its dissolution. The remnants of the Caminon overlords were dispersed through out the galaxy, seeking for new avenues of service and conquest.

The greatest weakness of the Caminon people is that of Sunlight, an absolute intolerance of light generated from a star. As nocturnal creatures (over the centuries of evolution and adaptation), their skin and eye pigmentation is extremely sensitive to the effects of sun light. The Caminon’s are also affected by heat; a great amount of heat can cause massive blemished, which is tempered to remain in a climate of humid darkness. The Caminon’s have only one natural defensive mechanism, their fangs, which had developed due to the lack of agrarain horticulture on Caminon Thus forcing the inhabitants to feed primarily on fruits and animal products. These fangs are designed to penetrate the thickest of animal hides, so as to get to the life blood of the beast. The fangs inject a natural poison into the intended victim, this was not designed to kill the animal, but rather incapacitate in for a few hours. This would keep the animal alive, while the Caminon feasts on its blood; a dead animal’s blood is less nutrition than a live ones; according to Caminon cuisine preparations. This is the only natural strength possessed by all three castes of the Caminon hierarchy.

The High Caste Caminon’s are calculating killers, using their intelligence to overwhelm their intended target; highly aggressive and passionate. The Seeker Caste Caminon’s are swifter on their feet, capable of covering large distances with stealth and accuracy. The lowest Caste is highly dependent on strength and versatility, breed for the purpose of hunting and fighting. Exceptionally strong and muscular, a sharp contrast from their paler intellectual Caminon masters. Movement amongst the Classes are frequent, based on ability and merit, the last ruler of the Caminon dynasty and father of Prince Tiberius was born a member of the third caste. Married a member from one of the high caste families and expanded the Caminon Imperium to the greatest extent. Efficient killers, with a keen intellect and characteristic of numerous traits; especially for the half breeds.