Silvia Tanos

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Silvia Tanos
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Date of Death:

36 ABY

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5' 2


110 lbs





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Mauro Wynter

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Naval Officer


Liaison Officer


Tython Squadron

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Major Silvia Tanos was a military liaison officer with the OEF assigned to the Remembrance of Seher. A female Zabrak born on Dathomir, she was enslaved as a child and spent her adolescence within the Imperial Remnant. Freed in her late teens, she eventually found herself on the colonies of New Tython and enlisted with the planet's military defense force. Rising rapidly within the ranks, she became a highly skilled pilot and tactician. With the advent of Tython Squadron, she was assigned as the military liaison between the unit and the OEF. She died heroically in the line of duty.

Early Life

Tanos was born on Dathomir to an impoverished and downtrodden clan of Zabrak. Before her fourth birthday she was sold into slavery by her people. She spent time being traded from criminal organization to criminal organization before being sold inside of the Imperial Remnant. Due to this traumatic upbringing she developed an icy, untrusting disposition and cold mannerisms.

By the time she was ten she was owned by a member of the Council of Moffs. Despite her improved conditions as a domestic servant of a high ranking official, she was still subject of daily abuse and social stigma. She developed a deep hatred of the Empire and of her own people for being sold into slavery. Her master died and she found herself as the property of a mid-level officer, Tamith Rhent. Rhent was a sadistic and cruel human who beat her for the smallest slights.

Luckily, during one battle the ship she was on was captured by a group of pirates that took pity on her and allowed her to join their ranks. The pirates came to respect her determination and anger and trained her as a pilot and a warrior. By the time she was twenty she had left the group and struck out on her own, and traveled across the galaxy before making it to New Tython and settling down as a short-haul pilot.

OEF Career

During the times of trouble on New Tython she quickly came under the view of the nascent Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force and enrolled as a fighter-pilot. Her combat experience allowed her to rise within the enlisted ranks and earned her a commission. With the destruction of New Tython and the flight of the Odanite forces she became a highly sought after junior officer and trained many pilots in the way of war. When the Clan's military forces made their way to the Kiast System she was transferred to the OEF's Remembrance of Seher as the ship's Intelligence Officer.

Tython Squadron

When Tython Squadron was formed, Silvia Tanos was hand picked as the liaison officer and assisted Mauro Wynter in recruiting the initial batch of pilots. She was instrumental in organizing the force and training the veteran but undisciplined pilots into a well oiled machine. Her intensive training methods and direct attitude allowed the unit to rapidly reach flight certification and saw the team commission in record timing.

Tragically, during the events of The Shadow of the Kesaret she was killed in action on the streets of Daleem. As several Tython Squadron investigation teams were making a hasty retreat from a Maelstrom Corsairs ambush, an agent of the Inquisitorious attacked Mauro Wynter, Korroth, Junazee, and Tanos. The Sith Xaro Nym used unbridled Force rage to push the members of the party backwards, moving in for the kill as Tanos gallantly and defiantly strode forward and shot multiple blaster bolt rounds. While her heroic and selfless actions saved the life of her allies, Major Silvia Tanos was struck down by a lightsaber blow from sternum to pelvis.