Silent Scream (CR90 corvette)

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Silent Scream
Production information

CF90 Corvette

Technical specifications

150 Meters

Max speed (space):

22 mglt

Max speed (atmosphere):

950 kph

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 2


400 SBD


188 RU

  • 6 Dual Turbolaser Cannons

46-165 depending on skill of crew

Minimum crew:


Cargo capacity:
  • 3,000 Metric Tons

Jusadih Naval Command

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The CR90 Corvette Sapphire Remedy was originally produced in 8 ABY for an independent cargo service operating out of Velmor. The company merged with another as the children of their Alderaanian survivor owners married. Sapphire Remedy was used for many years thereafter, being let go not for its outdated design but for philosophical reasons. At this point, Clan Plagueis was also sorting through the aftermath of its own disastrous encounter during the Eighth Great Jedi War. Fearing the imminent, apocalyptic return of the aliens, and still weeks away from receiving its influx of new craft, the Dark Jedi took matters into their own hands. The corvette Hell's Iris, damaged but repairable, was selected for replacement. It was agreed that the expense and security concerns of corporate involvement, compounded by the decimation of Sistros Acquisitions and Holdings, should be avoided. The non-profit source was discovered, leading to a simple yet controversial trade; a damaged but more powerful corvette for a working but less durable one. The Sapphire Remedy was refitted for war, including the installation of weapons removed from the Hell's Iris before its delivery to SELCORE. Along with this overhaul the ship also received a name more appropriate to its new owners, Silent Scream.

The corvette was eventually destroyed during the Horizons crisis in 30 ABY. Her crew was forced to abandon ship after being attacked by the Starweird summoned by the enemy, and the ship was destroyed by enemy bombers soon after.