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Seth Danner
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

5 ABY (age 32)

Physical Description





6’1” / 186 cm


189 lbs / 86 kgs





Personal Information





Custom Blaster Pistol x 2, Vibroblade

Fighting Style(s):

Corellian Kickboxing

Chronology & Political Information

Smuggler (former), Gambler (former)


Member of the Knights of Allusis


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era





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"Nonsense, I have not yet begun to defile myself!"
―Seth Danner six hours into a drinking binge.

Born and raised on Chandrilla Seth is the son of a farmer who ran away from home at a young age hoping to join the Rebellion. Instead he found himself aboard a smugglers vessel where the captain took a liking to the precocious young man, offering him a job on his ship. Like a sponge the young man absorbed as much knowledge as he could before striking out on his own. Many years and more than a few misadventures later he would find working with Clan Odan-Urr as a member of the Wildcards.

Character History

From Humble Beginnings (5 ABY - 23 ABY)

The youngest of three boys Seth was born on Chandrila to Keer and Nya Danner. Like most people on Chandrila Keer was a farmer growing crops that helped feed a good portion of the Core Worlds population. Seth was a precocious child growing up often following his father and older brothers into the fields mimicking them as they worked much to their amusement. He would, as most children tended to do, attend a local school where he was a bit of a prankster often playing practical jokes on his fellow students and teachers and more than one teacher would comment on his wasted potential.

The years dragged by slowly on the farm, one day often blurring into another as the year round task of planting and harvesting took up most of the families time. Seth chaffed to be doing something more exciting with his life, a sentiment shared by his older brothers Avin and Rhan. Things came to a head when Seth was thirteen. One afternoon while he was doing some homework he could hear shouting coming from the front of the house. His father and oldest brother Avin were in a heated argument about Avin leaving to join the New Republic military. And while he had no love for the Empire, or what was left of it, Keer forbade his son from leaving insisting his place was there on the farm. A farm that would one day be his to run.

But Avin wouldn’t hear it and so packing his few meagre possessions, and with the threat of never being welcomed in the house again, the eldest Danner boy left home to fight the good fight. When Avin left Seth’s father buried himself in work and refused to even talk about his oldest son until three years later when a message arrived that the whole family had been dreading. Avin, now a sergeant in the one hundred and twelfth infantry division, had been killed in action while fighting Imperial hold outs on an Outer Rim world called Gada. The family were heartbroken but Seth most of all, his brother had been his hero for as long as he could remember. As the pain of his loss turned to anger towards the Empire he decided he too would leave Chandrila and sign up to fight for the New Republic.

So at the age of sixteen years and seven months he packed a small bag and snuck out through his window as quietly as he could in the dead of night. It was at least a day's walk to the nearest spaceport but lucky for him his brother Rhan had an old swoop bike that Seth rode on occasion, without his brothers permission of course. He pushed the swoop up the long driveway until he was far enough from the house before he kicked it over and climbed aboard. Gunning the throttle he sped off into the night hoping he could con or cajole his way onto a transport that would take him to the New Republic.

Ten dusty hours later Seth arrived at the Mon Mothma spaceport where, after selling his brothers swoop for half of what it was worth, he began the arduous task of securing passage off world. Being the naive young man that he was he assumed it would be easy to get off the planet but he couldn’t have been more wrong. Nobody seemed willing to give the boy a ride, at least not for the amount of credits he had in his pocket. He was getting desperate now, there was no way he was returning home especially without Rhan’s swoop. Desperate times called for desperate measures and so, spotting an aging light transport that seemed to be unattended, he made a break for the boarding ramp and did his best to hide amongst the cargo.

Some time later the silence was broken by a pair of voices, one speaking basic the other not, and the sound of the ship's engines whining to life. The hull shuddered as the repulsorlift engines struggled to get the ship off the ground but gravity finally lost the tug of war and the ship took off for space. It was clear going for a day and a half until, becoming hungry, Seth left his hiding spot and headed out to look for food. The ship wasn’t that large and eventually he found what passed for a mess on board and after some searching found a handful of freeze dried food bars and a few bottles of water. As he made his way back to his hiding spot however he ran into something that made him drop his bounty and scream in terror.

The creature before him was tall, easily twice the young man's height, with dark green skin and a pair of large blood red eyes no nose and a wide lipless mouth. The thing in front of Seth looked as shocked to see the teenager as Seth was terrified to see it. Faster than he thought possible the things hand shot out and wrapped long thin fingers around Seth’s upper arm and began to drag him to the front of the ship. As the pair entered the cockpit the creature spoke in a strange language to the ship's only other occupant.

Slowly, and with no small amount of creaking, the pilot's chair turned to reveal the fattest man Seth had ever seen in his life his girth barely contained within the chair’s overworked armrests. His round head was shaved bald but his face was covered in a thick white beard that hid half his features. His eyes were a dark brown and sat above a bulbous nose that looked like it had been broken on more than one occasion. Looking up at the red eyed thing the fat man asked who Seth was, the creature replying in a string of gibberish the fat man could apparently understand. The fat man asked Seth his name and what he was doing on the ship to which the young man recounted the events that had led up to their meeting.

The fat man introduced himself as Vasto Hentz before introducing his first mate, who Seth discovered was a Duros, as Lophen Jokar. They were, as Vasto put it, independent businessmen providing a valuable service to people who were looking to avoid the prying eyes of the various customs offices throughout the galaxy. Which was a complicated way of saying they were smugglers. After introductions and explanations Vasto told the youth that he’d take him as far as Corellia but after that he was on his own. Thanking the fat captain Seth disappeared into the bowels of the ship to find something to eat. The trip to Corellia wasn’t a long one but in that time Seth made himself useful to Vasto and his Duros crew mate, performing odd jobs around the ship and generally aiding the pair in whatever they needed.

By the time they reached Corellia the two smugglers had taken a liking to the young man and offered him a job aboard their ship, the Solar Jewel. Realising his plan of joining the New Republic to fight the Imperial holdouts had more than a few flaws and with few other options beyond trying to return home Seth gratefully accepted. Once his future had been decided he felt it was time to contact his parents. Sending them a holo message he told them he was safe and he’d be in touch again but he wouldn’t be coming home and they shouldn’t try to find him. For the next few years he soaked up every bit of knowledge the pair of smugglers would impart like a sponge. Everything from the best hyperspace routes to avoid detection to the best, and worst people, to trust when it came to accepting jobs he even learned how to speak bocce, one of the many galactic trade languages. But the thing Seth learned the quickest was sabaac. After only a few lessons he was regularly beating both Vasto and Lophen when they would play to pass the time between systems.

The Rise and Fall of a Smuggler (23 ABY - 33 ABY)

By his twenty fourth birthday Seth was now an old hand at the smuggling game but he was beginning to get restless working for someone else. For years he had been frequenting every gambling den and dive bar he could find on every world the Solar Jewel visited putting aside his winnings so that one day he could afford a ship of his own. When he finally had a good stash of credits put aside he went to Vasto and told him of his plans to leave and strike out on his own. The old smuggler was disappointed but he understood and even recommended a second hand ship dealer by the name of Doomi Tana on Nar Shaddaa. So, once their current job was finished, Vasto set a course for the smuggler’s moon.

As the ship touched down Seth said his goodbyes to Vasto and Lophen scooped up his belongings and headed for Doomi Tana’s dealership. After a brief walk through the crowded streets around the spaceport Seth entered a small office that looked like a converted cargo container and was greeted by a sleazy looking Rodian who introduced himself as Doomi Tana. After introducing himself Seth mentioned Vasto had recommended the Rodian to him as someone who would deal with him fairly. At the mention of the old smugglers name Doomi’s entire demeanor changed. Gone was the sleazy used ship dealer, instantly replaced by a much more agreeable persona. It turned out that Doomi had once been a smuggler himself until three years in a Kessel spice mine convinced him to put aside that life for a more “legitimate” occupation.

As Seth scanned through the list of ships Doomi currently had in stock one jumped out at him. An old Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1250 freighter that was only just within his price range. According to Doomi the ship had had a few previous owners, one of whom was a smuggler, who had outfitted the ship with a range of upgrades including several shielded compartments and a faster hyperdrive. After a short round of haggling on the price the pair came to a deal and Seth left to kill some time while Doomi arranged delivery of his new ship. With a few thousand credits left in his pocket Seth headed for a bar he frequented whenever he was on Nar Shaddaa hoping to turn his few thousand credits into something a little more substantial.

As he entered the smoky dimly lit bar he sidled up to the bar and ordered himself a drink as he began to scan the room looking for a game of sabaac. Seeing a game going on in the back corner of the bar he walked over, placed his stack of credits on the table and asked if he could join. Every pair of eyes at the table glanced at his money before nodding their heads in agreement. For the next five hours Seth slowly tripled his stack of credits until only he and a Bothan remained at the table. As he was about to deal another hand his comm unit chirped as Doomi contacted him about his ship being delivered. Scooping up his now considerably larger pile of credits he began to head for the door when he noticed a particularly attractive Zeltron woman being harassed by a pair of drunk men.

Making his way through the crowd he tapped one of the men on the shoulder and told them the lady clearly wasn’t interested in what they were offering and perhaps they should go elsewhere to look for some companionship. Despite his best intentions things got out of hand fast as one of the men took a wild drunken swing which Seth managed to avoid. Losing his balance the drunk man fell over and cracked his jaw on the floor knocking himself out in the process. At the sound of his friend striking the floor the second drunk spun on unsteady feet looked at his friend then back up a Seth, a look of anger crossing his face.

Before he could explain what happened the drunk pulled a knife from within his coat and brandished it menacingly at Seth. But before he could strike a loud crash of breaking glass echoed throughout the bar and he dropped to the floor beside his friend. Seth looked down at the now unconscious pair then up at the Zeltron woman, a broken bottle of Devaronian gin clutched in her fist. She too looked down at the pair then up at Seth before dropping the remains of the bottle grabbing his hand in hers and racing for the door. As they raced through the streets she asked if he had somewhere to hide so he told her about his new ship. Demanding to know where it was Seth told her before she took off again with him still in tow.

Less than ten frantic minutes later the pair stormed up the boarding ramp and into the cockpit, the Zeltron leaping into the pilot’s chair pushing buttons and pulling levers until the ship's engines whined to life. With deft movements she quickly took off and headed for space punching a series of commands into the nav computer. As the ship left the atmosphere of the smuggler’s moon she pulled back on the hyperdrive control and as the stars exploded into the swirling blue tunnel of hyperspace she finally seemed to relax. To break the silence between the two Seth introduced himself and asked what all of that was about.

She introduced herself as Elesa and for the first time he could see how truly beautiful she was. She explained that the pair in the bar worked for a Hutt by the name of Borva to whom she owed a pretty substantial amount of credits and they were there to collect. When he pressed her on it however she changed the subject and asked him about the ship. He told her his story, how he ran away from home and stowed away aboard the Solar Jewel. How Vasto took a liking to him and offered him a job on his ship and how he managed to scrape together enough credits to buy it and his plans for the future. Seth mentioned how well she seemed to know her way around the controls and how it was an awful lot of ship for just one person before he offered her a job. She was reluctant at first until he mumbled something about heading back to Nar Shaddaa when she agreed.

And so their partnership began, and a true partnership it was. He’d learned more than just hyperspace routes and who to bribe from Vasto, every credit he made was split with Elesa fifty fifty. For the next ten years the pair traveled the galaxy smuggling everything from spice to weapons to people to droids and everything in between. They even had a few legitimate jobs here and there, mostly just ferrying passengers from one system to another but it seemed to help keep them off the authorities radar. And despite every not so subtle hint or advance he made Elesa only seemed interested in keeping their relationship a business one, much to Seth’s chagrin.

But the partnership wasn’t meant to last. During a stop over on Corellia Seth walked into a small gambling house he’d frequented on occasion and began to look for a game of sabaac. Finding a quiet game in the corner he sat down and began playing, losing a lot more than he was winning. Several hours later and with barely a credit to his name he had the hand of a lifetime, he had pure sabacc. With no credits left he put the only thing he still had of value on the table, the ownership papers to his ship. As he slapped the cards down on the table he began to drag his winnings towards him confident in his victory. Fate however had different ideas as his opponent merely laughed while revealing the idiot’s array.

With a look of pure shock Seth’s head dropped to the table as the winner kept on chuckling as he scooped up what was left of Seth’s credits and the ownership of his freighter. The only thing going through his head was how was he going to tell Elesa. He wandered the streets of Coronet City for hours in a daze until he decided waiting to tell Elesa what had happened was only going to make it worse so he set off to find her. Some time later he found her and, needless to say, she was far from impressed when he told her the news. So much so that she swung at him cracking him on the jaw and dropping him to the ground. Despite all his pleading and promises Elesa would hear none of it, she said she never wanted to see him again before she turned on her heel and stormed off into the night. It was the last time he would ever see her.

With no money and no home Seth did the only thing he could think of, he turned to an old friend for help. He reached out to Vasto to see if the old smuggler could help him out and despite his disappointment the old man agreed. He sent Seth a few hundred credits to get him started which he used to rent himself a small one room apartment. His next task was to find a job as the credits Vasto sent wouldn’t last long. Paying a visit to a casual acquaintance who ran a bar he managed to cajole his way into a job as a bartender and bouncer. The pay was terrible but it was better than nothing. For the next year he worked at the bar saving his credits for passage off world but the gambling bug was always nipping at his heels until the day he could hold out no longer and entered the same gambling den where his life fell apart a year prior.

Putting every credit he had on the table he played deep into the night, the rush returning as he won hand after hand. As the sun began to peek over the horizon only Seth and one other player remained seated at the table and Seth was looking down at an idiot's array. His opponent, a Rodian from some Outer Rim world he’d never heard of, placed every credit he had into the pot but it wasn’t enough so he threw a piece of paper down as well. Seth asked what it was to which the Rodian replied that it was the deed to his bar and it was his if Seth won. As he slowly placed his cards on the table one by one the Rodian’s face turned ashen as he watched his livelihood disappear right before his eyes. With the hand won Seth scooped up his credits and the deed to his new bar and headed off to book passage to his new home, New Tython.

A Legitimate Businessman (33 ABY - Present)

As the shuttle touched down on New Tython and the boarding ramp dropped a wave of dry warm arm rushed towards him filling his nostrils with the scent of grasslands and livestock. Making his way through this new city, called Tanduran by the locals, he finally found his new bar and walked inside. The smell inside was far less appealing as the stench of stale beer and dried blood mixed with the pungent odour of sweat. Walking over to the barman he introduced himself as the new owner and told him to get everyone to leave. After a few muttered complaints and one not so subtle threat the bar was empty and Seth could finally take it in.

It had potential but it needed a lot of work. His first task was to clean the place as it seemed filthier than a Gamorrean’s backside but one week and a lot of elbow grease later and the place seemed almost habitable. After adding a few gambling tables and some better liquor the place was finally ready for its not so grand reopening. As the doors were thrown opened no one was waiting to enter. For the next few days it was quiet until, in ones and twos, people started showing up again. Business increased steadily over the next few months as word of mouth began to spread and pretty soon “The Drunken King” was one of the hottest bars in town.

Everything was going well for Seth until the fateful day when insurgent forces loyal to Torrek Marth set off an explosive just outside his establishment. The entire face of the building was destroyed in the blast leaving it little more than a shell and no longer suitable for habitation. With his livelihood gone Seth fall into despair until blaster bolts began to fly into the now gaping hole in his bar. Taking up the guns he set aside when he opened the bar he joined a ragtag group of individuals in fighting back against the insurgency. For the better part of a day they fought street to street pushing the enemy back until forces loyal to the Jedi of Odan-Urr arrived to halt the coup d'etat.

With his home and business gone Seth sold off whatever could be salvaged and moved into a small apartment on the edge of the city. He took whatever odd job he could find, scraping together his credits, hoping to buy a way off planet. His stash of credits built slowly at first and he was close to leaving when the Dark Brotherhood arrived intent on wiping out the Jedi and anyone else on the planet. As the Brotherhood TIE Fighters screamed past overhead Seth, along with half the population of Tanduran made a break for the spaceport. It was a mad scramble as people leaped onto whatever space worthy vessel they could and Seth was no different.

He found himself in the cargo hold of a light freighter along with about thirty other people. The crowd of people stood around, some crying quietly, while the roar of twin ion engines screamed overhead. The ground shook as something exploded a short distance away and Seth knew it was time to take matters into his own hands. Pushing his way through the throng he found the cockpit empty. Sliding into the pilot's couch he began pushing buttons until the engines began to whine. As the engines roared to life he lifted the ship off the ground and flew low over the countryside hoping to avoid the notice of the patrolling TIE fighters.

A pair of the fighters honed in on the fleeing transport rocking it with blaster fire eating away at the shields. Seth did his best to avoid the incoming fire sending the rickety old freighter looping and twisting through the air. The shields were nearly gone and just when it seemed like all hope was lost a trio of X-Wings swooped in and destroyed the TIE fighters. Forming up around the battered freighter they escorted it to the fleeing ships of Odan-Urr moments before Darth Sarin ordered the bombardment of the planet. As the surface of New Tython was turned to glass the flotilla entered hyperspace. Eventually they would find a home on the planet Kiast and Seth would find a home with House Hoth.

Personal Information


Seth Danner is a Human male of average height and weight with a fairly well defined physique without being overly large. His dark hair is, when not covered by his wide brimmed hat, usually neatly trimmed and slicked back revealing a faint vertical scar on his forehead. His upper lip is covered in a manicured moustache and their is a small patch of hair below his bottom lip. His eyes are a dull green colour and their is a faint mole just below his left eye. Above his right eye running parallel with his eyebrow is a second more noticeable scar.

The first thing you notice about Seth Danner is the hat. Jet black and wide brimmed there are very few occasions when it is not resting comfortably on his head. Once belonging to his brother it is his most prized possession and one that is never out of his sight for long. The rest of his clothing consists of a loose fitting shirt usually white in colour, a dark vest and a pair of well worn pants tucked into a pair of old leather boots. He also usually has on a long black duster coat that terminates midway between his knees and ankles. Finishing off the ensemble is an worn leather belt with twin holsters that hold his guns.


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