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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

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Rakatan Prime

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1 ft


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"I am born of light yet i am raised in darkness. Though i am in balance, i will never fear to walk on either side if suits my purpose."

Serynh, called Sery (Se as in Seth, and ry as in ree) by his own choice after realizing how many people tend to mistake his name for something else.

Character History

Beginings. The summary

Sah'Or Mara'i was born in the year 2 ABY on Rakatan Prime from a Jedi Master father that didn't know of him until he became a teenager and a force sensitive mother that died at birth. Being considered an orphan, the rakata took pity on him and raised him as one of their own. Since his very early years he was taught the way of the Force, how to hone his affinity to the Force and use it in combat (mostly against the wildlife of Rakatan Prime). Even though his race is one of peace and unity, being raised by the rakatas near a Star Forge, he has known nothing but hate and combat, only feeling and learning the dark side of the Force. Since childhood, he has learned how to use the skill Mind Trick, at first just to use against animals or in his combat training. But as time passed, strangers came to the rakatan tribe, seeking their knowledge. Some of them were gentle but most would mistake him for a house pet beacause of his appearance. So he learned to use this skill to wake up within his targets their worst nightmares. Before he left Rakatan Prime, it said that his mastery of it reached so far that he could even frighten some of the most experience Jedi, if caught off their guard.

The Awakening

During his entire childhood he had always felt something was off about him, the way he acts and what his choices are. Even though growing under the dark influence of the Star Forge, parts of his genetic make-up would still reminded him of what his true nature should be. At first, he ignored them. Until one day came, when a strange voice shouted in his mind "STOP!" just as he was about to slice open the neck of an off-worlder that tried to kick him for not wanting to move from the village entrance. At first, he as confused as to where the voice came from, thinking the off-worlder was a jedi that was trying to play tricks on him. But even after he was dead, the voice was still in his mind, begging him to stop acting that way. It took him several months to realize that the voice was actually a remnant DNA inheritance from his race, that which made them innately good and sociable to begin with. He would spend days, even weeks at a time, trying to silence the voice, yet never managed to. Until one day, when life pod landed on the beach, not far from his village. He quickly went to see if there was anything he could salvage from the wreck and found a baby in the hands of her half dead mother. The rakatan have always taught him "Kill all survivors, take what you can as your first plunder, then call the tribe to take the rest. That is our way with uninvited outsiders." yet for some reason, he could not harm the cathar child. It wasn't just the voice inside, it was more than that. It was like something inside him was locking up all of his muscles, not letting him move. As he went away from the child, he observed that the voice in him went silent. Even though confused at first, he soon understood why so he decided then and there: do everything the way he's used to but from time to time, listen to that inner voice as well, to keep it silent. When he was done taking his prize, as he went out of the ship, he saw the baby crying as her mother's body went cold and she stopped singing. His first thought was "Damn! That's loud! Why did i have to be born with such sensitive hearing? That screaming hurts like hell!" yet he went near the baby, well, her mother actually to take her beautiful saphire necklace. As he came near, the baby stopped the "loud noise" and grabbed his right ear, sinking her claws deep in it. As much as he tried to pull off, she wouldn't let go. So he quickly tore a part of her mother's clothes, wrapped them around the neck to make a provisory cradle and put her in, rushing it as much as he could before the other scavengers of his tribe would come and start laughing at him.

Teenager and child, raising one another

It was the year of 21 ABY when the two met. The yea he would remember for the rest of his life. At first he hid her and fed her whatever he could scrape. For the first few months, milk seemed to be enough. Soon after though he built a house deep in the forest, where none of his tribe would dare venture to. But before a year passed since they met, her craving for meat started to rise to the point where she would, at times, try to bite off chunks of his ears or hands. Seeing as there was no other way, he would take her with him to hunt and give her raw pieces of meat off the ostrige like creatures that grew abundantly in the lush forests of Rakatan Prime. As she started to grow, they became more and more attached to one another, training together in the secret house he made in the forest for the two of them. During the day, he would train with his fellow tribe warriors and in the evening, he would come back there, go hunting with her and get what training they could before he would fall asleep. For 15 years, this kept going on. Until one day, when he came back and she told him that she has a surprise for him. You see, since she was little, he showed her how he uses the force and he knew that she was a force sensitive but her powers were weak and her affinity to the Force was small at best. That day though, she surprised him. As they went outside, she quickly stretched her hand and pointed it towards a tree trunk nearby. She then quickly raised it up in the air and hurled it at him. He barely had enough time to dodge it but not completely. A left over branch on the trunk managed to scar his left eye. For the rest of the night, she kept appologizing for her deed. "I thought you would dodge it in time, knowing your reflexes are sometimes even better than my own." "Maybe if was rested, i would have but this was a long day for me and i was kinda tired tonight" In all the sorrow and the appologiez that followed after she would keep getting close to him, as if trying to kiss him. He quickly casted away that thought, thinking it's nothing more than his immagination. But as the morning drew closer, she kept growing more and more impatient 'till she couldn't wait any longer and pinned him to the chair and kissed him. that's when he realized why she would keep trying to prove herself with every chance she got.

Departure and belonging

A few months after the telekinesis incident, she followed him one morning back to the village. She never managed to understand why he would hide her and now, that their relationship went beyond the stage of simple friends, teaching and learning from each other, she wanted to see what his during the daytime was like. She thought she could sneak in, by jumping a fence or crawling under one but the rakata villaged aren't like that. The only walls they have are those on their house, if then... As soon as she reached the village, she was spotted, much to Sah'or's surprise. He quickly went to her defense as the village warriors were rushing towards her, to either capture her and use her as a slave (as they have done with many before) or to just kill her for finding their village. In his rush to defend her, Sah'or accidentally killed the chief warrior along with 2 other powerful warriors. This was forbidden within the tribe. The fight stopped as soon as the village head came out. For his deed, the only punishment was death or expulsion if he could survive the Rancor pit. They were both chained and thrown into a pit in the ground that served as village jail, to wait there until the next day when their sentence would be carried out. As the night came and went, his only though was of what he should do so they can escape, both the sentence and planet he calls home. As the sunrise came near, he realized that the only way to achieve both is to trick the guards and then run to their house deep in the forest. From there, they would make their way to the spacedock that was a week aways. When the guards showed up, he used his mind trick to make them think that they had 2 of their own in the pit and release them. As soon as they got out, he quickly knocked out the guards and they ran, without looking back. Everything went according to plan. The only problem that remained was them getting off the planet. Being somewhat strong and able to lift (by the use of the force) heavier things than normal aids, he quickly managed to find work on a cargo ship that went to the Outer Rim. She got a job as a cleaner on the same ship. It wasn't much, but at least they managed to get away, alive and relatively unharmed. The ship dropped them on Tatooine. As soon as they hit ground, they started to search around for work, food and shelter. Somehow they ended up in the middle of a festival and the town was very crowded. With thieves and mercenaries everywhere, he knew that she had to be kept close but somehow, during a brawl between mercenaries he lost sight of her. For a week he searched everywhere until a merchant he "discussed" with told him that she was knocked out and captured by one of the local slave traders and soon sold to a ship trader. No matter how much he roughed up the slave trader, he couldn't get any information on the one who bought her except that the planet he goes to after he's out ships was Nar Shaddaa. He quickly found a job on a ship that went there, rushing down to the planet to try and find her. But he soon found out that the ship traders would never betray one of their own, no matter what you try and do to them. Alone, on a foreign planet, hurt and lost inside, he started to gamble whatever he'd earn during the day. Until the beginning of the year 39 ABY, when a sith master, by the name of Robin Hawk happened to come by. She sensed his feelings and the Force within him so she invited him for a drink to talk. The more they talked, the more she realized that he would be a good addition to her order. When she asked his name, he said "I don't have one. Not anymore". Then he remembered a legend of the tribe that raised him, about the god of a moon, that was in love with sun and always kept chasing after it. The god's name was Serynh. "How does Serynh sound?" "Any name works, as long as i know what to call you besides fuzzball."

DJB Facts

Positions Held

No real position so far. I have yet to prove myself worthy of one.

Outstanding Achievements

  • 5 exams within the first day of joining.
  • Made it to Protector in 1 month and 20 days.