Scylla (corvette)

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Production information


Technical specifications
Max speed (space):


Hyperdrive rating:

Class 2

  • Dual Turbolaser Cannons
  • Quad Laser Cannons
  • Concussion Missile Tubes
Cargo capacity:

300 Metric Tons


Plagueis Vessel

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Scylla, originally Malevolent, shared much the same origin and operational role as the Hell’s Iris, with the exception of the Imperial middleman. Clan Satal Keto purchased it newly built from a corporate stockyard under the guise of an independent security firm. Before Independence and the appropriation of the cruiser Vengeance it served as the flagship of a much weaker Ketoan fleet.

With the annexation of Jusadih it was made part of the planetary defenses of Shintera. Here it would serve for several years, until the arrival of the threat posed by the force devoid alien force that attacked the brotherhood. The ship mounted a spirited defense against the invaders, but was rapidly overwhelmed. When enemy boarders had finished rounding up the few token Jedi present, the remaining crewmen were summarily executed for their defiance. The nearest warship then focused its tractor beams on the derelict, forcing it into a rapidly decaying orbit. The corvette plummeted into the Shinteran capital, acting as an ancillary to the enemy bombardment, killing hundreds.