Scars You Don't See

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New Order era.
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Scars You Don't See
Date: 39 ABY
Location: Kiast, Kaerls

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Scars You Don't See was an event that took place in 39 ABY and dealt with the aftermath of Vatali Unsettled. With the Quorahi uprising quelled and a new government installed, House Sunrider was left free to explore and examine a number of potential risks that the conflict had exposed. Chief among them related to the late Commodore Terrin Arcturus, a Vauzem Dominion that had displayed both Force sensativity and skill with a legends. Believing that a threat existed within their holdings, the House's members began investigating how Arcturus had come to possess a Lightsaber crystal and how he had been trained.

Event Details

Part 1: Coming in from the Cold

In the wake of the United Quorahi Tribes' attack on the Voraskel Palace, Empress Kaltani Anasaye spoke with Quaestor Alethia Archenksova over a number of questions left by the war. As her daughter was being led away to be trained in the use of the Force, she spoke in detail of the significant oversight by all involved. Despite the Royal Guard's awareness of Arcturus, the intelligence on Dominion holdouts, and forewarning of the Quorahi attack, no one had realised the threat the Commodore posed. Until he had drawn a lightsaber, no one had realized that he was Force-sensative or that he had been trained so expertly in combat. What's more, the strength of his particular Dominion remnant had been woefully underestimated. Believing that the Dominion still retained sympathizers and supporters that could pose a serious threat in the future, House Sunrider was tasked with rooting them out before they could attack again.

Gathering their members on the Star Destroyer Sunrider, both Archenksova and Raziel spoke in detail of their findings and objectives. Although Arcturus' flagship, the Storm, had been captured intact, its internal computer systems had been wiped. This left no clue as to his previous movements or even where the ship had originally come from. This left only one obvious starting point: Kaerls. Clan Odan-Urr's allies, the Okami Mandalorians, had been given the duty of guarding a source of kyber crystals on the moon. Believing that they might be a source of witnesses, they were given the role of interrogating those willing to speak. Each member of the House was secretly, and individually, given a message to watch their members for signs of possible treachery.

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