Rex Silverthorn

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Rex Silverthorn
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70 kg




Luminescent Red



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Arconans and his Master


Anyone against Arcona

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Training Saber

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Broken Gate

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Jedi Hunter





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Rian Aslar

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Rex Silverthorn or Draco as he used to be known is a Jedi Hunter and currently serves Clan Arcona in the Soulfire Strike Team of House Galeres.

Character History

"Do not give them a blade of grass nor a drop of water."

The Zabrak society is fragmented into many distinctive clans all of whom continuously vie for land, resource and power. Sure, they will unite to fend off a common enemy by when living by themselves, Zabraks will fall back to killing each other. Draco's parents, Karak Sazress and Sugi were leaders of one clan of the Zabraks, most of whom where of pure-white skin. Their clan had one of the most fertile of lands, and with its resources their Clan lived a life of plenty. However, this was one of the reasons that the other Clans nearby eyed them with envy and hate and boded their time.

Karak Sazress-Draco's father
Sugi-Draco's mother

Draco was not even six months old that the combined might of two of their hated enemy Clans descended on them. Karak Sazress was a great leader. He urged his Clan to rise and throw back the invaders! He extorted them,"Do not give them a blade of grass nor a drop of water." Their Clan fought with the ferocity of beasts. The enemy were beaten back after a bloody and long-drawn conflict. Both sides suffered a lot during the battles and lost much of their manpower. Unfortunately, their own Clan stood alone throughout, and although victorious, their loss of manpower hit them hard. While the enemies had obviously more resources and manpower left. Coupled with the fact that a few other minor Zabrak tribes allied with the enemies to get their share in the glory. And yet the enemy leaders knew that another battle will most likely result in stalemate. They decided to decapitate the "beast" and end the war.

Karak and Sugi were both invited by the enemy leaders to a cease-fire meeting. It was agreed that the place would be neutral and no hostile action would befall either party. But that was just the theory. Karak Sazress and Sugi were both poisoned at the meeting. It was all pre-planned. Their bodies were taken outside and burned. With the Clan leaders out of the way, the enemies took attacked again and this time overtook all the land. One of the victorious enemy Clan leaders Eith Kast, took the baby Draco, son of Karak and Sugi, more as a symbol of victory and as a trophy than anything else. He decided in that moment of fervor, to raise the baby of his enemy. Not as his son, but as his family slave for life: the ultimate revenge any sentient can make on another.

Early Life - "You are worthless!"

Draco grew up in the household of a man that killed his parents and sold his Clan into slavery. In the household of the Warlord Eith Kast, from the time when he was a little boy, Draco was treated like a slave of the house, specially by Eith and his wife. However, the fact that never reached his ears that he was living in the house of the man who brutally killed his parents. He was merely told that Eith Kast is his father. And yet he was treated with scorn most of the time, like a common slave. The hardest, the lowly and humiliating tasks were given to little Draco. By the elder people of the Kast family, he was treated with deliberate disdain. By the youngsters, like mere dirt. Other kids of his age did want to play with him since they knew his past from their own parents, but were forbidden to divulge. The little Zabrak couldn't find out why everyone was so hateful towards him. He was confused. They said he was part of the "family" but was't treated like one. He tried to do everything correctly, and as far as his knowledge did so. But still those were not enough for the family. Every good thing of him was scoffed at openly, while his mistakes earned him severe beatings and humiliation. Eith Kast, whom he knew as his father, took sadistic delight in humiliating, beating the little boy and in breaking his Will.

"You are worthless! A mere waste of flesh and blood!" Eith told him one day. These words were echoed by the rest of the family on various occasions, until the boy started believing them.

His growing years were dark and lonely. With very few to confide in, he turned to himself. He could love nor trust no one. With no place for love and care in his heart, Hate and Sadness took their place in his heart's throne. And yet, somehow he managed to keep his feelings buried.

Adolscence "You reap what you sow."

It was not till he was 15 that he came across the truth of his past. He overheard his "father" talking with a group of his friends at his house. Full of alcohol that day, Eith Kast boasted and congratulated himself, not only of gaining a great share of his old enemy Karak Sazress's lands, enslaving his people, but of breaking the Willpower of Karak's only child Draco forever.

He did not know that Draco heard every word from a distance. Draco seethed inside, anger and hate boiling inside him. He wanted to storm in and kill Eith. But he boded his time. Killing him would be too easy. No. Draco would give him a more fitting death. Sure enough he got a chance, some days later. This was the easy part. The hard part was keeping his expressions neutral all throughout that time. When his chance came, Draco poisoned the whole family one evening. Strangely on that evening, the sky was alight with violent thunder and furious lightning. When all of them were dying around him, Draco advanced on Eith Kast. The old Zabrak was now begging pitifully for his life. But Draco said coldly,"You reap what you sow." He dragged Eith Kast outside, tied him up against a post and burned him alive. A fitting and swift vengeance.

"Embrace your rage. That is your strength!"

Draco reborn as Rex Silverthorn

There was no time for mulling over the past and of his heritage. Draco knew that after what he had done, the authorities will be looking for him soon. Probably even bounty can be given out on his name. And since Kast was a well-known man, his men would be looking for him too. Draco decided to leave his home planet of Iridonia. He hid himself in a cargo vessel and was smuggled off-planet to somewhere safer. He decided on Karufur. It was nearby and one of the most important trading planets.

What he didn't know that the cargo ship belonged to the Taldryan Clan of the Dark Jedi. Draco was caught as soon as he landed by the officers of the ship and handed over to the military immediately. The very next day he was produced before a tribunal that was to decide his fate. Laws on Karufur are always strict. Heavy punishments are given even for minor offences. Being found as a blind passenger can well warrant a death penalty, banishment, or a lifelong worth of prison-time. At the trial almost all wanted to hand him a dire punishment. Things would have gone ill for him. Suddenly one man came forward. He was garbed in black cloak, and beneath that, armor. The rest of the judges gave way before this new man with a mixture of reverence and fear.

,"This man came here illegally on a Taldryan ship, and has broken our laws. However...I sense that he has growing strength in the Dark Side. And thus, I have decided to take him with me."

No one refused him. Draco himself was intrigued. Who was this man whom everyone was almost afraid of? And why? He did speak of the Dark Side. Then the man must be one of the Dark Jedi. But what could a Dark Jedi want him? While the man motioned Draco to board his personal ship to take him to Antei, Draco asked him who he was, and why did he want to take him to Antei?

,"I am Rian Aslar. A Dark Jedi of the Taldryan House. Back at the trial, I sensed your presence in the Dark Side. I have been seeking a worthy Apprentice. You are strong Draco, but without knowledge you can have no power. And this is where the Dark Jedi Brotherhood can help you. Embrace the Dark Side, and you shall see powers you never knew you had. Embrace your anger. That is your strength!"

It was there at that moment, that Draco took Rian Aslar as his Master.

Adulthood - ""Who am I?""

Dark Crusade - Battle For Rhelg between Clan Taldryan and Clan Arcona, 36 ABY

On the unbelievably cold atmosphere of Rhelg, they trudged through miles of ice, battled the mercenaries of Black Sun, adherents of the One Sith. In the dammed temple, he and many others fell prey to the effects of the great enemy, whose spirit still lived there and brought out the basest qualities in all men and women. Fortunately, the team was able to survive not just the spirit's malice but also the numerous traps. On the way outside though, they ran into trouble as a group of One Sith’s Dark Jedi charged on them. In the din of battle and amidst the sound of blaster bolts and light-sabers, he lost track of where his teammates went.Suddenly, he was faced with an warrior wielding what seemed to be a custom-made saber, while he had just a few rounds of blaster bolts. The warrior charged first, and it was hard to understand his species due to his helmet and breathing apparatus. Draco fired several times, but he just glanced them off with the saber. However, his agility and instincts saved him from the first blow. Thus they battled on the icy slope just outside the temple, both vying for glory. When their swords were broken and gun depleted of rounds they wrestled on the ground. After what seemed like hours of fighting, they backed off a bit and were breathing hard. Draco was the first to speak.

"Whats you name, warrior?" "Rex Silverthorn. And yours?" "Draco Sangria." "Well you do fight well, I’ll give you that." “Likewise…” said Draco warily, although with a small smile on his face.

Thus the two warriors laughed, each praising the other in good spirit. But it was cur short by what seemed like an earthquake. They shaded their eyes and looked as far as their eyes could see which was largely ineffective because their goggles fell off during the fight. However, they heard the clear sounds of aircraft sounds of deafening explosions. It could only mean one thing: a bombing run! Draco could not gather which side was bombing this area, but he knew one thing: if he didn't move fast he’d be dead meat. He started sprinting at break-neck speed, but the bombers were faster and the explosions devastating…

Weeks later he woke up at a medical facility. However, just like his doctors have found out, he had lost his memory due to concussion from the bombing run. But he did remember one thing. For the first few weeks, the injured Dark Jedi would whisper, "Who am I?" However after a few weeks, when his doctors asked him as to who he was, he said,”I am Rex Silverthorn.” It seemed that the last thing he remembered was the valor of his opponent and his name.

Fortunately for him, Clan Arcona accepted him as one of their own. As of now, he serves House Galeres of Clan Arcona.

Physical Description

Rex is a large male Zabrak. Although he is large enough and has the appropriate weight, he sees himself as a Marauder who can wreck devastation on the battlefield. Choosing finesse and power over brute strength, he is a sight to reckon with both on the battlefield and otherwise. Rex is easily noticeable as well due to his pale white skin with thick tattoos covering his face and torso. He proudly sports the cranial horns on his head, the proud heritage of his Zabrak origin. Thankfully, they are still unbroken.

Normally, while going on operations for his Clan, he prefers wearing black cloak and robes along with medium-weight armor to hide his identity until the last moment. On more social occasions, he is seen sporting just light armor and cape.