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"Only after great pain, do you see life as a whole."
―Revak Kur

Revak V. Kur is a Zabrak male from the planet Dromund Kaas. Believing it was his "destiny," he traveled to New Tython at the age of 24 and was quickly accepted into House Odan-Urr. It was there he began to study a short time under a Hapan female, Guinevere Deschain, and ascended the ranks. Having grown up around warriors and smugglers, Revak found the Sentinel Jedi path fitting as he learned to use negotiating and guile as his ally. After a long time serving on the front lines as a Guardian and with the settlement of the Jedi's new home in the Kiast System, he had stepped back to observe the workings of Kaist as a Watchman. It was during this time he opened a cantina on the Kiast moon of Kaerls, named The Tipsy Tusken. He has served as Battleteam Leader of Strike-Team Ooroo, as Aedile of House Hoth, as Quaestor of House Sunrider and Consul of Odan-Urr.

Revak Kur
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Dromund Kaas

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Order of Mórrigna

Lightsaber Color(s):

Purple and White

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Known masters:

Guinevere Deschain (breifly)

Known apprentices:

Talis DeMorte, Bexa Nalrella



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Physical Appearance

Revak has a short and stocky build. His muscles are well-defined due to his physical training and well-managed diet. His reddish-beige skin is covered with intricate tattoos and atop his head protrudes 13 horns. He has no head or facial hair. His eyes are mostly green with only a thin band of red at the edges due to his strong dark side influences during his youth.

Generally, Revak favors the Raiden robes both for their simplicity and comfort. His robes have been adjusted to minimize the sounds produced through everyday movement in comparison to other robes. As a result, he has sacrificed the standard protection in favor of stealth. He also adorns an All-Temperature Cloak to protect him from the elements when on Kiast. They show great signs of wear and give him the appearance of being from the lower castes of society.

While often working to prevent conflict, Revak still maintains a set of Jedi Armor in the instance that it's unavoidable. His Jedi Armor has been fitted with a body glove near the skin that moves moisture away from the skin and keeps him dry, helping to keep him more comfortable. Additionally, there is more aggressive traction and metal to the footwear. This gives him better traction with the ground, but steps are much noisier and rougher with the ground they come in contact with.


Revak has seen darkness and has vowed to fight it at all costs. He has studied the Force in its entirety; seeing it not in terms of Light and Dark but as a universal force to control and manipulate in order to achieve his vision of a peaceful and prosperous future. With rigid morals, he detests the self-serving and morally corrupt depths of a being’s psychology. Empathetic and compassionate in nature; his drive is to better those around him by protecting them from injustice and from those who wish to cause harm. This also means that he has an absolute disdain for criminals and other unfavorable beings. In his sometimes necessary dealings with them, he can come off as arrogant and stubborn to their ideas despite their plans being the proper course of action. Revak will often offer anyone redemption, as he believes nobody is pure evil, but when his offer is rejected he can attack without mercy as it is a means to a better end.

Revak is determined, capable, and strives for perfection in everything that he does. Whether it's formulating large-scale battle plans or folding his shirts, everything he does is thoroughly planned before being executed. This extends to those around him as well but instead of just demanding success, he helps others achieve it, teaching them that failure is a learning experience. Though after repeated failures, the self-reliant Zabrak will lose patience and finish the task himself. When faced with insurmountable odds, Revak will struggle with backing down, as he sees this as failure even though logically or tactically it may be better to do so.

Revak likes to keep things lighthearted and humorous in order to help him and those around him handle stress. Using his irresistible charm and charisma, he often is able to draw out a smile from even the most miserable. Though his humor can be very dark at times, he only seeks to make light of the terrible things in the world. The downside to this is that sometimes he can easily offend and come off as callous to those who are more sensitive. Intense situations, it's not uncommon for Revak to insert a quip or outright mock an opponent. In his dealings with his superiors, he often resorts to teasing and toying with them in order to get a rise from them, more often when he is bored. Instead of reprimanding him, they have gotten used to this and even, at times, seem to enjoy his antics. This causes many around him to love him while a small few can't stand him at all.

Revak is often confused and heavily saddened by the amount of idiocy that constantly surrounds him. It is often much easier for him to cope with people by ensuring he stays inebriated and dulls his senses. When unable to find alcohol for an extended period of time, he will devolve into a ravenous, hate-filled monster that is nigh impossible to be around. In other words, he is an addict. While a connoisseur of only the finest wines, but always has a flask of Whyren's Reserve on him and sips it regularly.

Revak looks at any situation he comes across as a learning experience and chooses to solve a problem or accept a situation over complaining about it. His ability to see the bigger picture while analyzing a person or situation prevents him from allowing his emotions to drive his actions or cloud his judgment; as he feels emotions are sometimes unreliable and more trouble than they’re worth. This projects outwardly as cold, unemotional, and occasionally arrogant, while in fact his understanding of his emotions allows him to sympathize, empathize and deeply care for the wellbeing of others. It is his desire for inner harmony that tends to make his lifestyle appear boring, as study, training, and meditation are central to his daily routine. When he does join others, he can become the life of the party but still much prefers the tranquility that being in nature or the Praxeum can provide.

Through careful study and dedication to isolated martial combat, Revak Kur has turned the act of dueling into an art form. A keen eye and attention to detail allow him the ability to learn their opponent's idiosyncrasies while fighting. Revak Kur then uses his own skills to capitalize on the opponent's weakness. Because of this calculated approach to isolated duels, Revak Kur has a harder time taking on multiple opponents at once at higher skill levels.


The Brutal Couple

The story begins with Lou Kur and Aris Itoth on the battlefields of the Galaxy. Lou was a Zabrak male, born on the planet Dathomir, who served as a member of the Emperor's Inquisitorius during the dying years of the Galactic Empire. He was ruthless and ambitious and often preferred a stealthy approach to hunting Jedi. Using a combination of mind-tricks, illusions, and concealing both his physical self and his alignment, Lou always found his targets.

Aris was a powerful Sorceress born on Dathomir. Born into the Nightsisters, she favored the use of either Mind Tricks or lightning to unleash brutal attacks on her enemies.

It was this brutality that drew Lou and Aris together. Upon the death of the Emperor in 4 ABY, Lou returned to Dathomir. Aris was looking for a mate and had heard of Lou's ferocity on the battlefield. With a strong desire for adventure and never having been off-world, Aris left with Lou to the terrestrial world of Dromund Kaas. It was in Kaas city that they birthed and raised their first and only child, Revak Kur.

The Early Years (5 ABY – 23 ABY)

Revak had a childhood much like any other born to Sith parents. He would wake up, eat then train. From the moment he could walk, Lou began training him in the art of lightsaber dueling. Choosing Makashi as his preferred style due to its elegant and energy-conserving nature, Lou would spend many hours with Revak teaching him about how to make his movements fluid and clearing his mind to better take down a foe. He taught Revak how to use his small stature to his advantage and how to better jockey for any advantage he could. Through his training, Revak began to build his resolve. His father was much larger and stronger than he was and through independent study began to study the more defensive style of Shien. Having a more aggressive defense gave him the confidence needed to not back down to a more powerful opponent. Being small allowed him to quickly dodge and perry his father's attacks. When Lou was away from home, Revak enjoyed the company of soldiers under his father's command. He'd ask them on multiple occasions to repeatedly fire blasters at him from multiple angles to hone his skills at bolt deflection and redirection. He vowed that one day he would become a great warrior like his father.

Another aspect of Lou’s training was to not use the Force until Revak's combat skills were proficient enough for him to hold his own. As it is common to amplify your physical abilities with the Force, Lou thought it better to be in top physical condition during battle and to use what Force energy you had for other things. Revak’s physical training consisted of cardiovascular conditioning and heavyweight training. Although, as ruthless and brutal as Lou had been in battle, he had a side most thought rather odd; his eating habits. Lou believed that nutrition had a direct relationship with how strong someone was with the Force.

“The better the food: the better the body. The better the body: the better the Force.”

Nutrition and strict dieting were introduced from a very early age. Each meal was carefully planned and rationed. Meals usually consisted of high-quality meat and vegetables. Things like fruit, bread, and cakes were to be consumed sparingly. When Revak was 12, he would go out on his own and hunt the various beasts of the planet.

Aris on the other hand worked more with the Force and the ancient teachings of the Nightsisters. She taught him from an early age how to manipulate the world around him and then advanced to manipulating others.

Revak was a quick learner when it came to using the Force. He was very capable of channeling his emotions into devastating attacks, but that was not all his mother taught him. Aris had a strong mind.

For telekinesis, Aris would draw three different boxes on the ground. Each box had a corresponding block. Revak had to pick up a block and drop place it in the box, lining it up perfectly. Revak quickly mastered the initial stages but as his skill increased, so did the difficulty. The blocks would be placed further away and eventually, with much practice, Revak could finely manipulate even smaller and smaller objects.

The training he received on mind tricks was much more brutal. Only a small portion of his training was about how to manipulate others. Mostly she focused on how he can protect himself. Aris would unleash horrible mind attacks on her son. She would infect his mind with bad thoughts, fear, and sorrow. She would put images into his head from things that she had seen in her battles. She would even convince him that everyone he knew was dead and that he was next. The effects of this training kept him awake all night as his mind tried to organize and rationalized the images. When he did sleep, the images would terrify him, waking him up immediately. In time, his mind would begin to fight off the attacks. As his resolve developed, the images that once scared him he learned to drive back to their source. As his proficiency increased the more he could withstand.

In addition to combating mental attacks, Aris would unleash devastating bolts of Force lightning. Not allowing him to use his lightsaber, he had to learn to channel his Force energy into a protective barrier. Her unrelenting attacks further honed his skills. Soon he would be able to protect himself and counter with a lightning attack of his own.

Leaving Home (23 ABY)

"... go anyplace but here."
―Aris Kur

Around Ravak’s 18th birthday, the tension between Loa and Aris was far too great. Lou wanted Revak to follow his path by joining the Inquisitors of the New Order and serving what was left of the Imperial military. Aris on the other hand thought Revak would be better to return to Dathomir to continue the bloodline. Much of the hostility of both his headstrong parents was taken out on him as they both wanted very different things for their son's future. He chose to do neither of those things. He wanted to take what he had learned and pursue his own destiny. He would eventually sneak away to find work with various smugglers on the planet, loading and unloading their ships. Eventually, he saved up enough money to leave the planet and his parents behind.

Revak and Di'an (23 ABY - 26 ABY)

"It's your life. Live it the way YOU want to. Don't let anyone tell you how to live YOUR life."
Di'an wielding her lightsaber

Revak eventually found himself on Dantooine with money running low. He entered the nearest cantina and ordered a drink. As he sipped, he cleared his mind. It was in places like these that he would "feel" the environment to get a general sense of the atmosphere. Then something caught his attention. He felt the presence of another Force user. He made out that it was a Human female with wavy brown hair and smooth light skin. He felt her mood shift and focus on him. He felt her approach from his right side. Dropping his hand to his side, he casually placed his hand on his lightsaber. She sat on the bench next to him and introduced herself as Di'an, a smuggler looking for someone to accompany her on her next run. They started talking.

Ravak and Di'an would grow to because close friends. She was a traditionally trained Jedi Guardian who survived the Purge. She ran and hid far from the reaches of the Empire. Needing credits, she became a smuggler, transporting goods mainly between the Outer Rim worlds. She generally concealed her Force affinity to keep herself alive but that day, she let her guard down. Di'an would later go on to teach Revak many things. She taught him the Jedi Code and although she had to break him from his Dark side upbringing, she found he had an insatiable love of learning the workings of the galaxy and other cultures. Later on, he would learn to pilot her YT-2000 light freighter, the "Mystic" and how to evade New Order blockades and inspection Officers. This put him in contact with many undesirable people and organizations. Though he had an aversion for such beings and was hesitant to form alliances, Di'an insisted that such was needed but not to get too involved in their personal dealings. They still had a job to do and that's as far as those relationships needed to go. Even so, their reputation was well known and they became highly sought after.

On Revak's 21st birthday, Di’an burst into the crew bay of the Mystic, holding a decorative box. She placed the box on his lap. Revak removed the decorative paper covering the box. He opened it, revealing an Early-Republic-style battle helmet. She explained that she had acquired it from an organization they ran supplies for many times, the Cuy'var Dar, a clan of Mandalorian warriors on the Outer Rim. Di'an told him that if anything was to happen to her, he must seek them out in the dessert world Tatooine and show them the mask. She made him promise that he would. When he questioned her about the helmet, she said it was an offering from their Chief to join them. She had kept it hidden until Revak was of age and ready to take on the new challenge.

The Death of a Jedi

"Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed, that is."
―Jedi Master Yoda

It was on Kashyyyk, around 26 ABY, that his life would change forever. While Revak was refueling the Mystic, Di’an walked down to a lower platform full of food and clothing merchants to restock their rations. As she paid for the items, a loud explosion was heard overhead. A large cruiser had clipped one of the tall trees and came crashing through the thick forest canopy. Large tree branches engulfed in flames, rained down on the landing platform. Revak was hit and knocked back by the falling debris. The impact knocked the wind out of him and sent him to the ground. He jumped to his feet. His head bled from the impact but amongst the screaming and chaos, he heard a familiar voice scream. Revak ran to the edge of the platform and looked down to see Di'an dodging falling debris. He looked up to see a large chunk of the ship heading toward the platform. He reached out with the Force and slowed the flaming twisted metal in the air. Channeling his fear, he pushed the debris safely out of the way but didn't see a large tree branch also falling. It hit the platform with enough force to tear it off of the tree that helps it in place. He couldn't react in time. He felt her fear suddenly vanish. Large red-hot embers slowly drifted through the air in a sort of serene peacefulness. A stark contrast to the chaos that had just ensued. Revak collapsed as grief replaced fear.

Aerial view of the crash

Revak sat near the edge and leaned over. A faint orange glow quickly burned out into the blackness. Time seemed to stop. Revak sat numb to all the noise and commotion around him. He placed his hand on the platform to push himself up. Knowing nothing could be done and that he had to move on, he walked to the Mystic and left the planet.

As he walked through the empty ship, he thought back to all the time they spent laughing, joking, and training together. He felt lost now. Her guidance he knew he would never receive again. He walked to her quarters and looked in. It still smelt like her. He walked to his and lay on the bed. Emotions began to rush over him. He slammed his fist against the bunk, knocking a box to the floor. Out rolled the helmet she had given him. He picked it up and pressed it against his forehead. Once again channeling his emotions into strength, he stood up and made his way to the cockpit. He input the coordinates to Tatooine. After a few moments of calculations, the Mystic made the jump to hyperspace. When the engines revved down, a bright yellow planet shined in the distance.

Mórrigna Ranov'la Adate

The Mórrigna Ranov'la Adate is an organization of Force-sensitive warriors who came together roughly around the beginning of the Republic. Members are often distinguished by an intricate design depicting a dragon.

This group had extensive reach throughout the galaxy but found a home on Dagobah due to its isolating terrain and strength in the Dark Side. Most prospects found the Mórrigna through invitation. Having encountered a Mórrigna who saw promise in you, they would give you the location of the nearest temple. Then through rigorous schooling and "trials", they would weed out the weak. Those who weren't strong died. Those who survived would be granted the ceremonial armor of the Mórrigna Ranov'la Adate. Their purpose was to eliminate those they felt weakened the Dark Side of the Force by succumbing to it completely and not harnessing it as a tool. Often those who fell to the Mórrigna were those who would only use the Dark Side to hurt or injure others for sadistic enjoyment. It was with them Revak learned many of the tactics deployed by Darksiders and how to go unnoticed amongst them.

The Shadow Warrior (26 ABY – 29 ABY)

"I survive. Somehow."
―Darth Revan[src]

The Mórrigna Ranov'la Adate, due to their secretive nature, never moved together. Instead, they sent their warriors out on their own to fight the Darksiders. Using what he had learned, Revak went out on his own into the galaxy. In his quest to root out evil, he would do various odd jobs, often for a heft sum of credits such as defending farmers from bandits or protecting small villages from a heard of Rancor. Nothing at all was glorious or glamourous about the profession, but it paid.

Odan-Urr (29 ABY – Present)

Taken shortly after the Fall of New Tython

[More To Come]

"Knights of Urr, you stand with me today before this vile plague that has made its way to our door. This is what we've seen on Dandoran. You've fought these beasts. You've claimed victory, but you will not be judged if you wish to flee and save yourselves from these great horrors. Should you choose to stay and fight, you fight for the people of Kiast. You fight for the Vatali. The Quorahi. The Harakoans. You fight for your brothers and sisters of the Clan. You fight for your families. The people of Kiast will die if the ground is lost here today, so our bravery must not falter. We hold the line. This is our home, and we will not let it be destroyed again!"
―Consul Revak K'Urr during the CoM attack on the Praxeum

Positions Held

  • Battleteam Leader of Strike Team Ooroo: Sep 18, 2013 - Mar 3, 2015
  • Aedile of House Hoth: Mar 3, 2015 - Dec 3, 2015
  • Quaestor of House Sunrider: Sep 17, 2019 - Nov 12, 2020
  • Appeals Panelist: Feb 26, 2020 - Feb 25, 2021
  • Proconsul of Clan Odan-Urr: Nov 11, 2020 - May 14, 2021
  • Consul of Clan Odan-Urr: May 14, 2021 - Dec 20, 2023




The Sage is modified S-161 "Stinger" XL. The 40-meter-long Shuttle is designed as a personal luxury transport. It features a long and slender body, with a large rotating stabilizer wing situated in front of the engines towards the rear of the ship. It features several luxurious amenities, including a terrarium. Hyperdrive equipped, this vessel has exceptional maneuverability and great speed, with light armor and average shielding. Sage has had its interior converted to provide the epitome of luxury and comfort, befitting Revak's preferences and its hull has been coated in a thin layer of chromium, giving it a reflective mirror-like finish. Additionally, it has been outfitted with an analytical MU/TH/UR droid brain nicknamed *"Alice"*, Reinforced Hull, and a basic Deflector shield upgrade.

  • 2 laser cannons
  • 1 Anti-Pursuit Laser Turret
  • 1 pilot for full effectiveness
  • 1 co-pilot
  • 3 passengers
  • 20 metric tons of cargo


The Sanctifier is modified VT-49 Decimator. The 38-meter-long Assault Ship was designed by the Galactic Empire as a heavily armed Imperial Transport. Hyperdrive capable, this vessel has great maneuverability and speed, with average armor and heavy shielding. The Sanctifier is free of any paint covering, having only a protective coating over the natural gray color of its steel covering. Additionally, it has had its interior completely reworked to better suit Revak's living style. The increase of creature comforts and luxury has severely reduced the cargo and passenger capacity of the Sanctifier, as Revak prefers the amenities to carry capacity.

  • 2 quad laser turrets (1 on top and 1 on the bottom of the ship)
  • 2 missile launchers

The Sanctifier has replaced two of its current warhead launchers with ion charge missile launchers. They carry eight missiles in total, which are comparable in speed and maneuverability to a concussion missile, but it does ion damage versus destructive damage. They are ideal for disabling vessels.

  • 2 crew and 2 gunners for full effectiveness
  • 80 metric tons of cargo
  • 6 passengers/troops
  • "MU/TH/UR" Droid Brain
  • Multi-Lock Missiles
  • Heavy Duty Tractor Beam
  • Basic Deflector Shield Upgrade
  • Reinforced Hull

Buirk'alor-class Airspeeder

The Buirk'alor-class Airspeeder is a 10.2-meter long airspeeder, designed for Mandalorian law enforcement by MandalMotors. The airspeeder had a powerful set of engines, allowing for great speed. Revak has painstakingly cared for this his speeder, and even upon close examination, it appears as though it was fresh off the manufacturing line. Absent any scratches, dents, or even the slightest imperfections, the only thing missing is the new vehicle smell. It has also been outfitted with a Repulsor Shock System, allowing for a much smoother ride.

Mystic (destroyed)

The Mystic was a YT-2000 Freighter that Revak had used for many of his early expeditions. It was destroyed during the destruction of New Tython.



Roach is a domesticated Dalgo of average size, and body mass and has typical coloring and physical appearance for a Dalgo. Dalgos are creatures native to the dense jungles of the planet Onderon. Unlike their smaller herbivore cousins, they were carnivorous predators. Despite this, they are often tamed and used as beasts of burden. Roach has a calm, collected nature and doesn’t like to cause or escalate trouble. When faced with threats or intimidation by other creatures, he will quietly shrug or show indifference without putting up much of a fight.


The Mask of Mórrigna

Mask of the Mórrigna

The mask is one of his most valuable pieces of equipment. The outer shell is composed of Beskar. The designs were all chiseled by hand by the group's master armorer. The eyes are enhanced for low-light viewing as well as high light-shielding and an air filtration system is built into the mouth and nose of the unit. This mask is one of the Ranov'la Adate artifacts Revak still keeps with him and will wear in battle.


Ravak is proficient in Niman. He always carries two lightsabers that are clipped on each side. He will often use them independently or connect them together at the pommel.

Upon being knighted, Revak constructed his first Jedi lightsaber. It closely resembled Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber, in that it had a thin neck, round emitter, and green blade.

The second lightsaber he constructed had a bit more freedom to personalize. He chose a black hilt with a vented emitter and brown leather-wrapped hand grip. It emits a green blade representing his current quest for knowledge. He currently is having the hilt curved for better control and precision.



Revak keeps an E-XD Infiltrator Droid to help him with tasks that he would have to otherwise hire a human for. In addition to normal protocol droid functions, Dexis a proficient bodyguard and is fully capable of eliminating any threat to Revak's life. He found Dex while on a mission for the Cuy'va Dar. Dex had once been programmed to kill any of the remaining members of the secretive clan but Revak, seeing the droid's usefulness, disabled and later reprogrammed the droid. He wiped all of the droid's memory and directives yet kept the corrupted personality programming. This allowed the droid to maintain its somewhat sadistic and misanthropic remarks. Dex's new directives are for service to Revak only and will not respond to directions from others unless agreed upon by its owner. Dex has developed a predatory nature similar to those often associated with assassin droids. As a result, it will often approach a situation with the mindset of a hunter, and convey its findings as such. This can be disconcerting to others who are unaccustomed to assassin droids. It has had its programs rewritten and mechanical systems hard-wired for combat operations. This augmentation gives this E-XD Infiltrator Droid a significant increase in combat efficiency in eliminating targets on behalf of Revak but at the expense of it being used for much else except for combat. Dex has had every external component painted black as night, with attempts to minimize the brightness of external lights and features. This allows this E-XD Infiltrator Droid to more easily blend into the shadows and darkness unseen.


Revak had decided to keep the name "R2" just to make things easier for him. This R2 unit follows him and his Padawan around everywhere they go: aiding them with whatever projects the little droid comes across. R2 has had every external component painted black as night, with attempts to minimize the brightness of external lights and features. This allows this R2-series Astromech Droid to more easily blend into the shadows and darkness unseen. R2 has had most of the factory-installed safety limitations on operation removed, both in the hardware and software, allowing this R2-series Astromech Droid to perform acts at the limits of its physical capabilities. This can make the droid stronger and more resilient than a standard R2-series Astromech Droid but at great risk to the droid itself or others. R2 has developed a quirked personality, granting it an inclination towards heavy doses of sarcasm when engaged in dialogue. As a result, R2 comes across as having issues taking direction and developed a reputation for 'snark'.


Revak likes to sit and think from time to time. This allows him to center himself to focus better on tasks. He'll often take off in the *Sanctifier*, pour himself a drink, and relax to really loud music.