Renegade (MC80 cruiser)

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Production information

MC80 Star Cruiser

Technical specifications

1,400 Meters

Max acceleration:

1,550 g

Max speed (space):


Engine unit(s):
  • 4 M8.0 StarDrive engines
  • 6 M4.5 StarDrive maneuvering engines
Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 9

Serride SEAL Shielding System


Reinforced durasteel armor

  • 48 Turbolaser batteries
  • 20 Ion cannons
  • 6 Tractor beam projectors
  • 650 Officers
  • 4,800 Enlisted
  • 60 Officers
  • 500 Enlisted


Cargo capacity:

15,000 Metric Tons


2 years

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The MC80 Renegade was the original flagship of the Emperor's Hammer Subgroup known as the "Infiltrator Wing." She would serve as the sole ship of the squadron, before being joined by the Nebulon-B Frigate Kr'Tal. She would later be replaced by the MC90 Warspite (later renamed Bismarck, and again redesignated Warspite), but continued to serve as the center piece of the second combat battle group of the Infiltrator Wing.

After being lost in action, the Renegade returned, controlled by spirits, becoming a trophy for Clan Tarentum. It was destroyed in 32 ABY when it was used as a suicide weapon during an attack on the Yridia system, taking the Aegis Platform with it.


The MC80 Renegade
Like all other Mon Cal built vessels, the Renegade was uniquely designed and outfitted. Carrying 4 squadrons of Rebel alphabet fighters, she was refitted to act as a cruiser in a main battle line, but had fighter support adequate enough to claim air superiority against Imperial-class Star Destroyers in single engagement.

Also like all other early Mon Cal built vessels, the Renegade suffered the same maintenance nightmares. While most of the original Mon Cal systems had been ripped out to accommodate other physiologies, the Renegade's lack of geometric or modular shaping made firing solutions and arcs bulky, cumbersome and from some quadrants non-existent.

Fighter Compliment

The Renegade had four (4) fighter squadrons:

  • Eagle - 9 X-Wings. Strike and Space Superiority Squadron.
  • Condor - 9 E-Wings. Interceptor Squadron.
  • Raven - 9 A-Wings. Space Superiority and Reconnaissance.
  • Vulture - 9 B-Wings. Heavy Assault and Bombing

Each squadron was designed to deploy either in flights or as a full unit depending on the situation. A flight consisted of three (3) starfighters, with three (3) flights per squadron. Standard procedure once the ship dropped out of hyperspace on routine patrol to launch the first and second flights of Raven squadron, with the first flights of Eagle, Condor and Vulture standing by in the event of trouble. On combat jumps, Raven and Eagle would launch immediately, quickly followed by Vulture and Condor. Eagle squadron would stay close to Renegade and attack enemy fighters or bombers that closed close to her, while Raven squadron quickly intercepted and disrupted the fighter screen of enemy fighters. Raven would handle bombers at the mid range, as well as provide cover for Vulture squadron to begin assault runs on enemy capital ships.


Rebel Service

Nothing is known about the Rebel service aboard the ship, or if it had one at all.

Imperial Remanant Service

Under the Emperor's Hammer the Infiltrator Wing was commissioned to sow discord and distrust against the nascent New Republic throughout the Outer and Mid Rim. Imperial Command deemed the best way to do so was to have ships that looked like Alliance ships attack commerce shipping and the outposts of sovereign systems.

After 3 years service, Renegade was decommissioned, in favor of more specialized and newer ships that did not suffer the drawbacks of the original MC80 production line. She would return to active service several months later to provide support for the beginnings of the Minos Campaign. She was lost in action with all hands on board.


In 29 ABY, the Renegade suddenly appeared in front of a ship belonging to Clan Tarentum. When Tarenti inspected the ship, they were attacked by spirits, whose presence had brought the otherwise decrepit ship back to stable conditions. It appeared that one of the Keepers resided on the ship and was yet to be awakened, while the spirits of seven |Dark Jedi were manipulating the ghost crew to rebel against the clan.

After the spirits were defeated, the ship began to return to its unusable form. While never a true naval possession of Tarentum, it was refitted and remodeled to serve as a bulky line of defense. However, in late 31 ABY, it disappeared from Yridian space, swiped by the last of the surviving Dark Jedi spirits. A being known as a Hunter, as created and controlled by the Keepers, then used the ship in an attack against the platform on the edge of the system, taking it out but sacrificing the ship to do so.