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Ragnar Rothblood
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Ragnar Rothblood is a male Obelisk within the House Plagueis.

Character History

Early Life

Ragnar was born to Corellian parents, in 3 BBY, aboard the freighter ship Corellia. When Ragnar was 3 years old, he, his parents, and the ship’s crew where on the planet Tatooine delivering a shipment for Jaba the Hutt, Imperial Storm Troopers believing his parents ship and all aboard were affiliated with the Rebel Alliance, boarded the Corellia. Once aboard the ship, a blaster fight ensued, killing most of the Corellia’s crew including Ragnar’s parents.

The Commanding Officer of the Storm Troopers ordered the survivors executed for treason and to sell Ragnar to a merchant. Ragnar was sold to a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter named Magnus Farre. Magnus left Ragnar with a merchant’s child barren slave woman, who raised him till he was 15 years old. Growing up Ragnar knew he was different; he could make his friends, and others, do what he wanted them to do just by thinking about them doing it.

Magnus Farre would stop in and check on Ragnar from time to time. Magnus would visit Ragnar and tell him of his adventures and ordeals in which he had done since the last time he visited. Magnus promised Ragnar once he was older and proved himself he would take Ragnar along with him and teach him how to be a bounty hunter.

When Ragnar was 15 years old, he took the next step in his ability to use the force, when he, instead of making his friends do silly things, he started to make his friends attack who Ragnar conceived to be his enemies. Ragnar sat back and watched his friends battle hand to hand with his enemies to the death, Ragnar was invigorated by watching these bloody battles. Once the last of his enemies were killed, Ragnar turned his friends on each other.

Later that night his step mother questioned him as to what had happen earlier that day with his friends, how he and only he was able to survive the bloody fight. Ragnar confessed to her about how he was the one that controlled everyone and made them fight and how he turned his friends against each other. Ragnar’s step mom was mortified by what she had heard.

When Magnus Farre returned to visit a few days later, Ragnar’s step mother told Magnus of what Ragnar had done. Magnus confronted Ragnar and Ragnar told him about what had happen, how he controlled it. How he learned at an early age he had these powers. Ragnar told Magnus that as he grew older he wanted more; making his friends do silly things wasn’t enough. So he used his powers to make them kill each other, and he loved the power he had, he wanted to become more he wanted to learn more about what this power was and how to strengthen it, harness it, to perfect it. Magnus told Ragnar it was time to go with him and learn to be a bounty hunter. Magnus told Ragnar that he had to do one more thing to prove himself; he had to kill his step mother for she knew the truth of what happened to his friends and Ragnar could not trust her to be quiet.

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Outstanding Achievements

Ragnar earned a Crescent with Amethyst Star in his first competition he entered.