Powecus Blire

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This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Powecus Blire
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

19 ABY

Physical Description

Half Breed (Hapan-Umbaran)




1.9 meters


68 kilograms



  • Left eye: pale blue
  • Right eye: Black, yellow ringed
Personal Information

Clan Arcona


Hapes Consortium, Ruling Council of Kamino

Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information

Former Hapan assassin, Bounty hunter



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Character History

Powecus Blire was created in 19 ABY by the Kaminoan Ruling Council for the Hapes Consortium. Made through genetic manipulation of a Hapan female and an Umbaran male, he possesses the ultraviolet and night vision of the Umbarans as well as the striking beauty of the Hapans. He does not fall prey to the limits of the Umbarans with their weakness to bright light or the Hapans with their inability to see in the dark. The Consortium had much need for these abilities, for he was to be their assassin.

Early Years

Blire was artificially aged to 3 standard years before being taken to Coruscant in 19 ABY and left in the care of an old ex-smuggler, known to him as Terakim. Terakim treated Blire with disgust and could often be heard muttering to himself about "the filthy half-breed". Eventually, Blire grew tired of Terakim's constant beatings and deriding of him and ran away in 23 ABY at the age of 7.

In the Coruscant Underworld

Blire found his way through the undercity of Coruscant until he ran into a gang of other youth calling themselves "The Lost Ones". This gang took him in for a period and taught him how to survive on the streets. However, Blire felt restless around them and soon left to find his own way. Blire became a pickpocket and thief, finding ways to steal from both the lower class of Coruscant and the wealthy bureaucrats, taking enough to live somewhat comfortably on the streets. One day, Blire planned to steal from the visiting royals of Hapes during their visit to the Imperial Palace. What he didn't know was that he was under observation by the Hapans and had been his entire life. Soon after entering the palace, Blire was approached by the Hapan Guards and offered a job working for the Consortium. He accepted. The year was 26 ABY. He was 10 years old.

First Kill

Blire's first mission for the Consortium came before he left Coruscant. He had to hunt down his former guardian Terakim and kill him for his failure to control Blire. Blire accepted with pleasure, glad for an opportunity to have revenge on the man who had made his life hell. He began by visiting one of Terakim's favorite bars. The bartender approached him with the intent of removing him from the bar, until he saw Blire's eyes, and remembered him as being Terakim's boy. When asked for information on Terakim, he informed Blire that Terakim was still living in the same apartment he had with Blire. Blire made his way to Terakim's house, where he introduced himself as a representative of the Hapes Consortium. Terakim quickly ushered him in, asking if he could do anything for him. Blire then pulled a blaster from his pocket, ordering the old man to sit down in a chair. Blire quickly tied the smuggler up and began beating him. As Terakim begged for mercy, Blire grew more and more enraged, until eventually, he screamed at the top of his lungs. Terakim's head shattered. Blire fell unconscious, and when he came to, he quickly grabbed the holo-recorder he had set up and took it back to the Hapans as proof.


For the next 7 years, Blire worked for the Consortium as an assassin. He had a cover as the adopted child of a minor court member, with the name Firuh Sijal. His kills were known for their quick, brutal nature, as well as his tendency to pocket possessions of those he killed for himself. In this way, he gained possession of many weapons, ranging from kyberdarts to force pikes, and even a protosaber. He trained himself to use his abilities in the Force ruthlessly, and had his own moral code, which prohibited the murder of children younger than 10. Once a child reached 10 though, they were fair game. His sense of honor only appealed to him when not on a contract, and he was willing to kill in any manner necessary. However, in 33 ABY he discovered the truth about his creation, and left the Consortium for he knew he could not destroy them all at the time.

Finding his Path to Darkness

For 3 years, Blire drifted through the galaxy, working as a bounty hunter for higher and fighting any who challenged him. However, he felt unfulfilled. His bounties did not help him to get any closer to his vengeance on the Hapans or Kaminoans, and he quickly grew tired of their repetitive nature. Hearing whispers of a place that trained those like him who wanted power and vengeance, he sought out the Shadow Academy. Finding it in the year 36 ABY, he joined and began to ready himself for vengeance, learning the teachings of the Sith and joining the clan Arcona. As he grew as a warrior and a Sith, he began to drift towards the elimination of light as his goal, for he decided that the only true good was in the darkness.


  • Blire is believed to be the only Hapan-Umbaran in existence as the two races cannot breed without genetic manipulation.