Paths of the Brotherhood

From Wikipedia of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, an online Star Wars Club
Exodus era.

Paths in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood define the side of the Force an individual is called to, or the side of the Force they use most often. Even those individuals that don’t tap into the Force appear drawn towards one side or the other. A scarce few are even able to walk the delicate balance between light and dark. Paths are not alignment, because an individual may be attempting to do good, but is constantly drawn to the dark side. Paths are a cornerstone of the Brotherhood, with both units and members declaring Paths.



The Dark Path is driven by emotion and self interest. Those who walk the Dark Path are drawn to the dark side of the Force, and harness emotion to gain power. A unifying factor amongst those who follow the Dark Path is a dedication to a course of action that will benefit them or fulfill their objectives, even if that plan will bring harm to others. The seduction of power will often times draw those from the Light and Gray paths down into the Dark as it is one of the most alluring paths to walk.

Members of the Dark Path may be Mercenaries, Loyalists, Dark Jedi, or Sith.

Examples of members of the Dark Path:


The Gray Path is the hardest of the three to walk. Following the Gray path means not straying too far into the paths of either emotion or serenity, not devoted either to selfishness or the selfless act. The Gray Path will lead to knowledge of both dark and light, but does not offer the depths of power or knowledge that strict adherence to either promises. Striving for balance between order and chaos, a follower of the Gray Path often approaches a situation more pragmatically and with fewer preconceived notions of what is the best course of action to follow.

Members of the Gray Path may be Mercenaries, Loyalists, or Gray Jedi.

Examples of members of the Gray Path:


The Light Path is characterized by serenity and devotion to others, and its adherents are drawn to the light side of the Force. Walking this path is for those who value compassion, those who are willing to make sacrifices for what they think is the greater good. There are many different ways to walk this path, as a guardian of order or a good natured rogue, but the uniting quality of the Light is a care for more than just themselves.

Members of the Light Path may be Mercenaries, Loyalists, Gray Jedi, or Jedi.

Examples of members of the Light Path:

Unit Paths

Just as members are drawn to one side of the Force or another, those within the unit itself are generally drawn towards one side of the Force. Unit Paths guide a unit’s story and identity, and a unit can generally only have members from the Paths they have declared.

Declaring Paths

Once every six months, units may declare a Path change. Prior to this, the Dark Council will solicit Path change proposals. Path declarations must be substantiated with fictional direction and unit history and are subject to approval by the Dark Council.

Violating a Unit’s Path

Under rare circumstances, members may join a unit or switch to a Path that violates that unit’s path given strong fictional rationale, but they must first get approval from the unit’s summit and the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, and Voice.