Pacifica (yacht)

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Production information


Technical specifications

50 Meters

Max speed (space):


Max speed (atmosphere):


Hyperdrive rating:

x1 (Backup x15)


1 to 2

Minimum crew:


Cargo capacity:

200 Tons

  • Light Freighter
  • Yacht
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The Pacifica switched hands frequently in its lifetime. Starting as part of a luxury recreation service, it, along with the daughter of a wealthy manufacturer, was seized by pirates. Their location and defenses betrayed by one within their own ranks, a duo of bounty hunters was able to enter, deal with the pirates, and free the girl. A New Republic survey team landed on the unexplored world years later, locating the ruins of the pirate base. The yacht was found to be damaged, but salvageable by the expedition leader, who had it repaired over the course of several months and presented to his son as a gift. The son eventually lost it to a shady character in a game of chance. The ship was then surrendered to Clan Exar Kun as compensation for the smuggler’s outstanding debt at having dumped their cargo to escape a New Republic entanglement. As a result he was allowed to keep his original ship, and the bounty against him was dropped. Under Plagueis the yacht was stationed on Kapsina and put into service as a general transport for all Summits, the now disbanded Council of the Wise, and other dignitaries.

It was later present at the Battle of Antei, having been brought to the awards ceremony as an intership ferry. The alien enemies did not consider it a very worthwhile target despite its intermittent firing at their fighters, and left it alone for the majority of the battle. Its utter destruction came more by accident than design, with the ship straying into a warship’s sights at the last moment and taking two out of three shots of a volley meant for Clan Arcona.